Spanish National Television Report on Timeshare

On Sunday night Spanish national Television RTVE aired a report on the world of timeshare, this Spanish version the BBC’s Panorama is a popular program and delves very deeply into the subjects it follows. The program called Repor (Report) focused on the major timeshare operators and interviews many consumers who have purchased what are now illegal products.

Although the report is in Spanish it is not too difficult to follow, especially for those who have been caught up in these contracts.

The presenters of the program also interview two of the lawyers from Canarian Legal Alliance, Eduardo Álamo and Eva Gutiérrez.

We see Eduardo with his clients who purchased with Anfi around 2011, with the couple also explaining their own story. We later see the couple emerge from the courts after their case had been heard where they express some relief at the process now coming to its finale.

Later in the program, there is an interview with Mr Hoyer from Norway, who had a rather long and drawn out case against Anfi. He originally lost in the Court of First Instance, this case was heard before the Supreme Court ruled and set the law in stone. His case then went to the High Court on appeal which he won. Anfi appealed to the Supreme Court and lost with the court confirming the findings of the High Court. (You can read his story in the link below).

Eva Gutiérrez also explains the investigations into all the companies involved and tied up with Silverpoint, she shows the chart which is the company structure all under the umbrella of the Limora Group.

The companies featured in this program are Anfi, Silverpoint, Ona Group and Club la Costa, all were approached for comment yet all declined. That to us at Inside Timeshare is a very telling point, they have nothing to say in their own defence, they all know that they have broken the laws of Spain with their practices and still deny that they have done anything untoward.

As soon as the program has been edited and highlights with subtitles are available Inside Timeshare will publish here, please see the link to the original program and if you can understand Spanish you will be surprised at the depth of the report.

If you have purchased a timeshare in Spain since 5 January 1999 and would like to know if your contract contravenes the law, please use our contact page and we will get back to you with the options available to you.

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