SG Abogados Another Fake Law Firm from Tenerife

Yesterday we published a warning about a new “FAKE” law firm operating out of Tenerife, today we continue with this story and give you the timeshare owner or their “target” more information. We have now managed to identify a further two of the “lawyers” which they have shown on their website, you will be very surprised to learn who one of them really is!

SG Abogados is another incarnation of the family of “FAKE” law firms that we have identified over the past 3 years, Inside Timeshare, has nicknamed them the Litigious Abogados Family after one of the first which was highlighted. The total number of “fake” law firms and Procurators now stands at over 87. (see link below)

All have the same thing in common, the websites have always been almost identical in layout but the text has always been the same, the home page always starts with the exact day and date the “firm” was founded, yet all websites had only recently been registered. They also show images of “their” lawyers which in most cases have been identified as lawyers from as far afield as Australia. Although one of the best finds was the image of Agustin Bigote Pringata who actually turned out to be Azerbaijan Ambassador to Argentina Rashad Aslanov handing his credentials to the President of Argentina who had been cropped from the image used. (See link below)

The website was registered on 19 July 2019, and at first sight, it does look as though it may just be a genuine law firm. It explains their “expertise” in various fields of law from contracts, property criminal to name just a few.

The contact page begins with

“We take your privacy seriously, and will only use personal information that you supply to us in accordance with:- The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).”

Well, that is very reassuring considering this lot are only interested in getting your money and disappearing.

Now on with the photographs they are using on the website to show who their lawyers are.

The first is the founder of the law firm, Ernesto Lamangra Sorpeney, this is the S in the firm’s name, yesterday we identified him as  José Antonio Olaechea who is the managing partner of the law firm Estudio Olaechea of Lima Peru.

The second to be identified is Raul Degelis Grinudos the G in the firm’s name, he is in fact Rafael Caldera, the 39th President of Venezuela who passed away in 2009.

The third to be identified is Emilio Goya Zerramu, he is actually David Pacheco, another lawyer of the law firm Estudio Olaecha of Lima Peru.

The other two lawyers not identified yet are Francisco Daliber Tiontela and Manuel Jalvo Liorenta and then the young lady again not yet identified who is probably your contact person Carlota Rahita Ampalada. As with all the past incarnations, all the names do appear to be made up as they are not really recognisable as Spanish. 

Now on with the scenario of the sting.

If the past incarnations are anything to go by they will be using “FAKE” court documents, “FAKE” Procurators and even more “FAKE” promises. They will be explaining that your timeshare company is due in court within the next few weeks and that as you have a claim you can be part of the case, for a fee off course!

As before they claim it will be on a no win no fee basis, but then you will have to pay the “FAKE” procurator a fee to lodge the case with the court. After a few weeks, you will probably receive a letter from SG Abogados explaining that the “Director” of your timeshare company pleaded guilty and the court has awarded you a substantial sum of money. This will be backed up by a “FAKE” court document (in Spanish).

Now comes the second part of the sting, to get this money released from the court there will be taxes to pay, you will be given an account to transfer the money into, usually in the name of a private individual and not a company. It may very well be the procurator that you paid the fee to.

If the past formula is going to be followed, you will then receive an envelope which will be open, inside will be a letter with details on the attached cheque. Problem is there is no cheque, there is a staple in one corner with a small piece of paper, it looks as though someone has stolen it.

Next part is that another company contacts you and says that the cheque was cashed by a gang of foreign criminals, this company has also been appointed by the court to recover the money, but again to do this a fee needs to be paid. Well we know what will happen next, you will never hear from them again and you have lost a lot of money.

So if you receive a call from SG Abogados telling you the great news that your timeshare company is in court just tell them where to go and hang up, do not under any circumstances pay them any money as you will only lose it.

If you have already been taken in by this gang of despicable criminals contact Inside Timeshare and let us know what happened, it will help us to warn others.

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