Holiday Club Letter to Members

It has just come to our attention that Holiday Club is sending a letter to its members. It informs them about so-called ongoing investigations into companies offering legal services to obtain refunds for their purchases of timeshare.


It states that these companies are using recent Supreme Court judgements which have stated perpetuity contracts are illegal. In this letter Holiday Club states that this is not the case and the contracts in perpetuity schemes are valid.


Having done a lot of research into this, we have found this to be a blatant untruth as the following link shows.


Spanish Supreme Court’s decision declaring Timeshare Contracts in Perpetuity NULL & VOID

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Alberto Garcia steps down as director of Mindtimeshare

Fascinating news has just emerged, Mindtimeshare is no longer an association, it has now been transformed into Mindtimeshare SLU. This now makes it a Spanish Registered Company, or the equivalent of a Limited Company in the UK. This news was posted on the the web site on 7th March 2016.

RDO Logo

Then on 11th March 2016, The RDO (Resorts Development Organisation) which funds Mindtimeshare posted the following.

Alberto Garcia Head of RDO Enforcement and Director of Mindtimeshare had asked to stand down from these positions. Before leaving he set out his proposals for a restructuring of Mindtimeshare. The RDO also reported that Mindtimeshare had been converted into a Limited Company.

The new Director is to be Pedro Picazo Senti, of the law firm Picazo Associados of Valencia. He had been Alberto Garcia´s legal advisor for a number of years and has also represented many RDO members.

The question now arises as to why has Mr Garcia stepped down? Keep Reading

Welcome Back.

Welcome back to Inside Timeshare. It has been a couple of years since we last published, many changes have taken place in the world of timeshare. The Supreme Court in Spain has clarified the EU Timeshare Directives and these regulations are now enshrined in Spanish Law. This is one of the first States in Europe to actually protect you the consumer from unfair practices in the world of holiday ownership.

I hope that the information we provide will be of use to you. We welcome any comments and information that you the reader can provide about this murky world of holiday ownership. It is you that can bring to our attention events and companies you may be unsure about. We will endeavour to find and answer any query that you may have.

Enjoy the posts and we hope that they will bring you a new and fresh insight into the world of Timeshare.