Mrs B and MacDonald Resorts: The Story Continues

On 19 October Inside Timeshare published the continuing saga of Mrs B and her battle with MacDonald Resorts, which has been going on now for almost 5 years. In this article, we reported that MacDonald Resorts have employed a law firm, Shepherd and Wedderburn to take Mrs B and her sister, who are both in their 90’s and virtually housebound to court. Today we report on the latest development in this very sorry saga.

It would now seem that the law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn have made an offer to Mrs B on behalf of MacDonald Resorts, well if you can call it an offer, it is more like an attempt at scaremongering and extortion.

To recap on the story, in 2000 Mrs B and her sister after a long and as we know high-pressure sales presentation purchased a timeshare at the Dona Lola Club, then a Barrett resort. They did use it for a couple of years but due to ill health they were unable to travel, yet for over 10 years they continued to pay their maintenance fees.

After several attempts at either selling or trying to hand it back to MacDonalds and getting nowhere, they eventually took on the services of a company who for a fee would help them get out of their timeshare.

The sisters had two timeshares, Dona Lola Club and Oasis Lanz in Tenerife, both timeshares were then transferred to a gentleman with an address in Berkshire. According to the electoral register, the gentleman does exist, we also have his passport number and also his Spanish NIE. All this information is on a legal notarised document showing the transfer according to Spanish law.

There has been no problem from Oasis Lanz, however, MacDonalds is a different story. They have failed to recognise the transfer and are continually bombarding Mrs B with maintenance demands.

At no time was Mrs B informed by MacDonald Resorts that they did not recognise any transfer made by the company they employed, that they do not recognise any transfer unless it is done by themselves. Now surely it is down to the resorts to inform members of their policy and the fact they will not recognise any transfer or termination by a third party company.

So we now come to the present, Mrs B has been informed that the law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn will be taking the case to court unless the matter is settled. The latest “offer” to settle the matter out of court is for Mrs B to pay over £6000 in arrears plus a further 4 years maintenance fee bringing the total payable to over £10,000 and MacDonalds will end the matter and terminate their contract!

Hang on a minute, they only paid £7000 for the timeshare originally, plus the almost 20 years of maintenance fees, now they want over £10,000 to allow them to “get out” of their timeshare which legally they no longer own. If that is not extortion I don’t know what is.

How true!

But there is a brighter light on the near horizon, on Wednesday 4 November the BBC Radio 4 program You and Yours will be highlighting the story of Mrs B. This program has highlighted timeshare problems in the past and after speaking with the Assistant Producer Julia Paul she and her producer believe that this is a very important story, especially considering the program the previous week on the “maintenance fee heist”.

Hopefully the publicity this program will bring may just make MacDonald Resorts think again, their reputation is not the best in the world of timeshare and stories like this are not going to improve that reputation.

Radio 4 You and Yours is broadcast live between 12 pm and 1 pm, it will also be available on catchup. At the moment we are not sure at what time slot this particular piece will be broadcast but Inside Timeshare will be listening live.

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  • William White

    November 3, 2020

    This horror story could be happening here in the United States.
    It probably is.


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