Mid Week Report: Some Interesting News

Over the past months Inside Timeshare has been receiving many enquiries regarding ABC Legal and Mark Rowe. Most of the enquiries have revolved around the so-called “exit” which this company has promised to do for a fee, as we already know many of those who took up this service have found they are still liable for maintenance fees and have not been extracted from their timeshare contracts. In all the cases Inside Timeshare has received the client’s timeshare company has informed them that they are still members and that they have never received any correspondence from ABC Legal.

Yesterday Inside Timeshare received news which will obviously be of interest and possibly of great benefit to clients of ABC Legal. On 2 January 2020, ECC announced the completion of the acquisition of assets from Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL, which is the parent company of the many formerly owned by Mark Rowe.

ECC who along with their appointed firm of lawyers M1 Legal, believe that they will be able to help the many clients of all the companies which are part of Advanced Business Consultants and bring their cases to conclusion. They have already set up a dedicated email address for those clients of the many ABC companies to make contact with ECC to discuss what they will be able to do for them. [email protected]

For the full press release please open the PDF link below.

We now move to another very disturbing matter, this time it involves a Tenerife company called Centaurus Mediations SL.

Inside Timeshare received an enquiry from a concerned reader who just returned from Tenerife and had a meeting with Centaurus. According to Centaurus Mediations, they will be able to “extricate” them from their timeshare contract and pursue a “compensation” claim for them, all for the cost of £6000.

Sounds good, there is only one problem with this, the reader sold his timeshare over nine years ago and has not paid any maintenance since then and has never received a maintenance bill since.

So the question is how the hell can this company “extricate” and claim “compensation” for a timeshare this client has not owned for over nine years?

Obviously, they can’t, it is just an exercise to part this person with their hard-earned cash!

Once again this highlights the lengths some of these companies will go to just to line their own pockets.

As we always remind our readers, doing you due diligence and homework will save you from losing thousands.

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  • Debbie Hawken

    February 29, 2020

    My husband and myself have just found out we have been scammed by Mark Rowe.

    We have experienced exactly the same as what you have written in this article.

    I have approached Action fraud and will be speaking to Dorset police force asap
    Mr & Mrs G Hawken


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