Mid Week Report

So far this has proved to be a very busy week with many emails and lots of research to get on with, so Inside Timeshare apologises for the lack of an article yesterday. Only recently Inside Timeshare reported that ECC/M1 Legal has taken over many assets and clients of various Mark Rowe companies such as ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers. We have received many emails from clients regarding yet two more Mark Rowe companies being taken over, but what will this mean for the clients?

We begin with Lansdown Financial Limited, as we all know this is the (Rowe) arm which ABC passed clients to make a claim against their timeshares on a no win no fee basis. But as we know they had to have their contracts cancelled first.

Inside Timeshare has never had any reports of any client ever receiving the promised “compensation” and the question has always been how will they be claiming this “compensation”?

As we have not had any reports this is a very difficult question to answer, all we can guess is that no claims were ever processed or just failed under “no grounds” for a claim. Your guess is as good as mine.

Well, it now seems that there may be a glimmer of hope for clients who have been passed to Lansdown by ABC, a law firm based in Manchester has now taken over the assets and clients of Lansdown Financial.

The law firm is Mellor Solicitors Ltd, they are a duly registered company and as a law firm are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, with the SRA Registration 639178. Their address is:

Mellor Solicitors Ltd, 8 Church Lane, Oldham, Lancashire, OL1 3AP

Their website: www.LansdownFinancial.co.uk

Hopefully, this should be good news for those clients as Mellor Solicitors have a proven track record in the field of compensation claims, we certainly hope so.

The next one is rather interesting, this concerns yet another Mark Rowe company and product called Jive Hippo, as you are all aware this product or club replaced the very discredited Monster Credits and Monster Rewards which came before.

The company which has taken over Jive Hippo members is called Gr8stays, which is also a club based travel company offering discounted prices on accommodation flights and a host of other products. All we can say is that once again we hope that those members of Jive Hippo who felt cheated may now get the deals they were promised originally.

As always time will tell.

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