Making up the News?

Just recently President Trump made very huge faux pas, announcing there had been a terrorist outrage, in of all places, Sweden. It was laughed at around the world with accusations of “fake news” and making up stories to enhance his views.

Well President Trump is not the only one to do this, on 8 August 2014 the RDO published a statement by Silverpoint. They made a big thing of how Silverpoint had appealed to the High Court and had the lower court rulings overturned. The article also stated that these rulings were not being published. Thereby implying that clients were being deceived, well that is the pot calling the kettle black!

Since then, the Supreme Court has overturned many of the judgments of the Tenerife High Court, that there were indeed breaches of the timeshare laws, with many more apparently in the pipeline. The Supreme Court is the end of the line, it is the Highest Court in Spain there is no where else to go!!

Another assertion (we use that term loosely) was that all cases would be lost, warning clients they would be liable for all costs and Silverpoint would pursue them for it. Well have they updated their views? It would seem not. No update that Silverpoint have lost in the Supreme Court, no update that they have been found to have usurped the timeshare laws, no update that it is they who have to pay clients costs and return the money paid. Sorry, these cases never happened. It’s “fake” news is the impression we all get.

One of the most long running cases is that of Mrs Shirley Wilson, who brought a case against the then Resort Properties, then Silverpoint, over the way she was sold multiple timeshare weeks. The case was originally won at the Court of First Instance, this was appealed at the High Court and overturned. Silverpoint claimed that the clients were “investors” therefore did not come under timeshare law.

This news is fact not fiction, as others would have you believe.

The case eventually went to the Supreme Court, it was overturned, with the Highest Court in Spain declaring that the clients were “Consumers” not “investors” and as such had the full protection of the timeshare laws. This has not been made up, unless the Supreme Court doesn’t actually exist in real life!

Only last week Mrs Wilson attended the offices of Canarian Legal Alliance, one of the so-called “scam exit companies” as the RDO put it in their 19 August 2016 news post. Mrs Wilson also attended a dinner to thank the lawyers and legal team for their efforts and hard work, this was attended by several State Prosecutors. Again this is not “fake news”, it actually happened.

Look we even have photos of the lawyers and a client who don’t exist!

The Canarian Legal Alliance Legal Team
Eva Gutiérrez (lawyer), Csilla Nazali Mrs Wilson and Miguel Rodriguez Ceballos (lawyer).

I wonder if the following quote by Mahatma Gandhi is rather appropriate here:

“Truth Never Damages a Cause that is Just”

Or even this quote from Joseph Goebbels:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

One day, the “fake” news will be replaced by the truth, the truth is starting here, Inside Timeshare will publish the facts. Inside Timeshare will publish what you the consumer needs to know about the timeshare industry. For too long this industry has ruled you, now it is time for you to rule them.


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