Litigious Abogados: The Plot Gets Thicker

There seems no end to the lengths some will go to fleece innocent and elderly people of their hard earned cash, we thought we had seen it all, then this.

In a new twist which we have never seen before, another “scam” has appeared, it is actually quite audacious. The client who had previously been informed their case had been won and a cheque was about to be issued, upon payment of certain taxes, receives a letter from the court.


Court Document 01
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Attached to the letter is a cheque, unfortunately, the cheque is missing, the envelope was delivered open, all there is left is a staple and a torn piece paper where the cheque should be.

Next, they receive a series of letters stating that the cheque had been stolen and cashed by a gang of “Rumanians”. One of these is from Manuel Valentins Asesoria, who state they have been officially appointed by the Court of First Instance Number 6 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

As they will be dealing with the recovery of the misappropriated funds a 10% payment is required for them to act on the client’s behalf, in this case 718.80 Euros. Off course this in in advance, but will be fully recovered from the clearing bank and added to the original amount awarded by the court.

Another twist to this sorry tale is at the end of the letter, they state: “It is showing on the system that you have a refund of tax from Hacienda the Tax office for the amount of; 1,509.48 Euros and we shall also follow up on that for you”.

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page-002 page-003

Again this is designed to give the impression of authenticity.

It must be remembered that when an award of this nature is made by a court, they do not send out cheques, especially on Banesto cheques, who were taken over by Santander many years ago and no longer exist. The payments would be made by wire transfer direct to the client’s account, the courts do not use cheques.

This particular scheme, from the start with letters of a pending case through to sentence, backed up with fake court documents, right through to the latest twist are a very sophisticated operation. The standard of English in the letters suggest a relatively high level of education and from a native English speaking person.

All the documents are very well put together and certainly would look genuine to those who don’t know.

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