Litigious Abogados: New Update


Further to the articles published on Litigious Abogados and the two other companies, Litigar Abogados and Abogacia Española, Inside Timeshare has recently noticed that Abogacia Española is also the name of the register where you can check the validity of registered lawyers:


So if you were to conduct a search for Abogacia Española you would in fact come up with that website heading the page. This would give you the confidence to believe that they were in fact a legitimate law firm.


As we have stated before in our articles, there are many ways in which “bogus” operations will attempt to confuse you, using actual or similar names to legitimate companies, including using their website names albeit with different domains for example .com,, .me, etc.

The more that we look into this operation the more it becomes apparent that it is very sophisticated indeed. From very genuine looking court documents to the letters and copies of the cheques that clients receive.

Court Sentence (Right click to enlarge)

Along with the fact that all three websites are the same except for the names of the so-called lawyers, none who appear on the official Abogacia Española register, is proof enough that this is setup to fleece you of your hard earn cash.

Following is a list of all websites associated with these companies:

Names appearing on emails:

Luisa Ernas Fernandez Departamento Legal

Layla Lavame Fernandez Departamento Legal

Layla Lavame Carita Departamento Legal

Maria Sanchez Gotera Departamento Legal

Madelena Huele Aflores Departamento Legal

If you have received any call or email from any of these or similar firms purporting to be lawyers claiming against your timeshare company or resort, Inside Timeshare would like to hear from you. We will also help you to make official complaints to the relavent authorities, this may not help to get any money paid back into your account, but it will help to have operations such as this closed down. Remember any payment made by any other means than a credit card, that money is almost certainly lost.

If you are unsure as to the legitimacy of any company, Inside Timeshare will do its utmost to find the truth for you.

As we always say it pays to do your homework, it will save you money and a lot lot of heartache.


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