Light Hearted end to the Week.

Over the past few weeks the articles published here on Inside Timeshare have been of a somewhat serious nature, so to end this first week of November Inside Timeshare is taking a light hearted view of the industry. Following are some of the timeshare and sales jokes you can find on the internet, some have been used in previous articles. Enjoy.


We start off with the usual beginning of any timeshare tour, you are picked up by the OPC (kid on the street with scratch cards),

'Excuse me, sir. Can I interest you in a timeshare property?'












so you go to pick up your prizes and told it will only take 90 mins, but have you seen the sales reps after?




Then during the presentation you are told all the benefits of owning a timeshare,             5

Do you remember the finacial logic part of the pitch?

tj1      Somehow they actually made it look as though you would save loads of money.


But after a while you wanted to go, only time has flown by and you then realise how long you have been there!                                           tj04










Or have you been one of those with the in-house reps, you go on holiday using the timeshare you already own and you get the knock on the door the day after you arrive, how do you feel!


Or do you break down and get you credit card out?    tj6       tj02

But don´t feel sorry for the rep when you say I need to think about it, you will leave him waiting as a be-back!



Its when you get home you realise what you have done!


But don´t forget the sales force is very well trained, they know what they are doing,   tj8

Maybe this wasn´t the timeshare for you!


so just to finish here are a few more       timeshare-salesmen

And if you ever think about buying remember this,

tj01                               tj06


11                                Hope this has given you a little chuckle, remember you can´t be serious all the time. Have a great weekend.

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