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On 9th March 2016 the TCA posted a piece by Harriet Cooke of The Sun newspaper, her article from February 2016 was about Sell My Timeshare, a resale website. In the article it stated that 2,250 timeshares had been sold or cancelled by them in 2015.


This to me seems very odd, as many people I have spoken to in the past have informed me that they had contacted this company when trying to rid themselves of their timeshares. What then has happened is a meeting has been set up with Glenmore Consultants at one of their offices; Bournemouth, York or Stratford upon Avon.


At this meeting the client is then pitched to purchase Monster Credits in order to be rid of their timeshare. These credits can then be used for future holidays, with no time limit, some have even been told they are able to sell the unused credits for a small profit.


So in order to be rid of the timeshare the client pays Monster Travel a hefty sum of money in return for credits. This is not a timeshare resale. It reminds me of the ILG DWVC and Club Class meetings.


Monster Travel is a registered business, it is part of Hollywood Marketing SLU based in Tenerife. Although according to their web site, from the 3rd March 2016 they have been renamed Monster Group (Travel) SLU.

Tenerife Advice Centre

CC Fanabe Plaza 338, Avenida Bruselas, 38660, Adeje, Tenerife


Bournemouth Advice Centre

5th Floor Waverley House, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth BH8 8DY


York Advice Centre

Apollo House, Eboracum Way Off, Heworth Green, York, YO31 7RE



Suite 5, Arden Court, Arden Street, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 6NT


Tenerife – 0034 922 099 171

Bournemouth – 01202 935 012

York – 01904 211 108

Stradford-Upon-Avon – 01789 548 044


Name & Registered Office:

Hollywood Marketing SLU

Capecan Business Centre, Golf del Sur, Tenerife

Spanish Company No: B76539022


It must also be noted that they are registered with ATOL and ABTA


ATOL Holder Details

Company Name: Hollywood Marketing SLU

ATOL Number: 10829

Trading Names: Cheap Holidays Tenerife Monster Travel Tenerife Bargains


MonsterGroup (Travel) SL Costa Adeje

TYPE: Head Office

ABTA NUMBER: P6977, Y6342

ATOL: 10829

Also trading as Tenerife Bargains, Travel Promotions, Monster Travel, Cheap Holidays Tenerife.


Monster Travel Costa Adeje

TYPE: Trading Name

ABTA NUMBER: P6977, Y6342

ATOL: 10829


This company is no stranger to publicity, they have been the subject to attacks in the past from Alberto Garcia and Mindtimeshare. This in itself is not surprising as they are not RDO members.


Andrew Penman of the Daily Mirror also did a piece about them on 20th January 2014. (See link below)


In October 2015 they were also subject to an order from the Direct Marketing Commission. It recommended their membership to the Direct Marketing Association be terminated. (See link below)


This seems to have been brought about by Kiwkchex Timeshare Business Check and the Timeshare Task Force. Again the self appointed “POLICEMEN” of The RDO.


In the end what they are doing is not illegal, it may be misleading. The fact they say they will sell your timeshare, but then sell you another product is unethical to say the least. But then that is the choice of you the consumer, after all you can say no to their offer.


Also is it right that the RDO and its mouth pieces Kwikchex, Timeshare Task Force and Mindtimeshare be allowed to attack them, just because they do not belong to the Old Boys Club. Personally I do not. As long as you the consumer know the facts then it is your choice not the RDO´s whether you do business with them or not. Again it is the fact the timeshare industry does not want to lose its valuable cash making members.

timeshare salesmen


  • Elaine Kesterson

    April 19, 2016

    The “senior advisers” who do these presentations are very experienced salesmen with an excellent script. Your average O.A.P. with only a basic knowledge of time share is no match. The advisers are very good, but they do not sell your time share. The first thing they tell you is that nobody is buying time share any more. The best way forward is relinquishment. Since you are not able to go directly to the legal companies (you have to be introduced) you have to use companies like Sell my Time Share. Of course there is a fee involved (fair enough) but included in that fee are Monster Rewards.( You have never heard of them) which are very simple to use ( you can even use them at Sainsburys) and in 14 months time if you haven’t used them all up on amazingly cheap holidays, you can sell them and get most of your money back. All the companies involved are UK based and come under UK law so there is nothing to worry about. So you hum and ha a bit but desperate to get rid of that perpetuity you bite the bullet and sign up. After all, this company,( unlike the other three or four that have tried to cheat you out of your hard earned cash) advertises on the TV and has proper brochures and offices. It has all the bling, so it must be okay. When you get your paperwork back you notice the money you handed over went straight to Tenerife, the legal fees have turned into 100% Monster rewards and you have signed away your right to a 14 day cooling off period.( Leisure credits are not covered under consumer law). There is no paperwork to say that you have paid legal fees to exit your time share. Your legal fees have turned into Monster rewards.
    So my question is , under circumstances such as these how can misleading and unethical not be considered illegal ?
    Surely deliberately misleading , misrepresenting and omitting vital information is illegal?
    So they do not sell your time share, they do not have their own legal department who deal with the disposal, they just hand you over to a paralegal company . I suppose “middle men” comes to mind,
    NOTE. When I contacted the legal company involved, turns out you CAN go directly to them. You don’t have to go through a third party and the cost was a few thousand pounds less. Don’t need the Monster rewards after all.
    Myself and I am sure thousands like me do not always know the facts but who can you trust for advice? Someone like you who is obviously very familiar with time share and all it entails probably finds this difficult to understand. I am learning a bit now but otherwise all I knew really was when to pay the maintenance fee and bank the week with I.I.

    • Timeshare Insider

      April 21, 2016

      Hi, thank you for your comments. You like many others believe that because a company advertises on TV or has offices in the UK does not make it totally legit. Most of these companies are usaully based in Tenerife or one of the major centres in mainland Spain, setting up UK registered companies. This site has been set up with the aim of giving information on how to check them out, there is very little chance of actually selling a timeshare, just look at ebay, so the chances are you will be offered another product but then find in a couple of years time the timeshare is still yours. Beware of the companies that offer relinquishments, many again will be selling another product or even charge extortionate amounts. For impartial advice contact Inside Timeshare.

  • Elaine Kesterson

    April 21, 2016

    I appreciate what you are saying, but so many time share owners, like myself had or have no idea that sites like yours exist. We bought our time share over 25 years ago. Things were simple then. A fixed week, pay the maintenance and bank it. I had no idea that all these other schemes and choices had come into being. The main reasons we want out is our age and the perpetuity clause. We knew it was unlikey to sell and went to the meeting with Sell my time share. Tv quite prepared to have to pay to exit. We were lucky and after a bit of tussle got our money back, but only because there had been a glitch at their office. Others have not been so lucky. The other worrying matter is that Sell my time share.TV is not acting alone. The legal company must know exactly what is going on. I.E. if you go directly to the legal company they ,by law, have to give you a 14 day cooling off period. If they source business through Sell my T.S., that obligation disappears. Its a win win situation for both companies. However, I believe that they have now parted company. I wonder what sort of impact that has had on recent clients who have no written proof that they have paid over monies for legal fees. Perhaps the legal company will accept Monster rewards in lieu. So Sell my TS have now found themselves a new partner. Will they carry on in the same way or think of something new. Try and find out will you and keep all us poor victimised consumers informed. And don’t mind me saying, but you did not answer my question, Is ” misleading and unethical” illegal if they taking money off people under false pretences?”

    • Timeshare Insider

      April 22, 2016

      Misleading is illegal, unethical is a matter of opinion, what my seem to be unethical to one person may be ethical to another. When they are taking money under false pretences that is a matter of fraud. So to answer your question yes it is illegal. Sell my timeshare is still doing the same old thing, and still operating for Monster. Sell my timeshare are what is known as a Lead Generating Company, they are the providers of clients to either holiday clubs or bogus claims companies. They are always on the look out for new partnerships, but normally the new partner is the same people under a new name. These companies come and go like there is no tomorrow. I hope that your concerns have been answered. if not please contact me again.


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