Holiday Club Letter to Members

It has just come to our attention that Holiday Club is sending a letter to its members. It informs them about so-called ongoing investigations into companies offering legal services to obtain refunds for their purchases of timeshare.


It states that these companies are using recent Supreme Court judgements which have stated perpetuity contracts are illegal. In this letter Holiday Club states that this is not the case and the contracts in perpetuity schemes are valid.


Having done a lot of research into this, we have found this to be a blatant untruth as the following link shows.


Spanish Supreme Court’s decision declaring Timeshare Contracts in Perpetuity NULL & VOID


It also goes on to say that very few cases have been won and that if you take out any litigation and lose, it will cost you thousands in legal fees to cover the defence costs.

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So one has to ask the question is the Managing Director Calvin Lucock who signs the letter perpetuating this blatant lie?


It would appear that they are trying to scare the members who feel they have a case, out of pursuing any action. Is this because they know these contracts are illegal and know if these cases are taken to court it will cost the company not thousands but possibly millions in compensation. The following links show that Holiday Club has been found guilty of breaking the timeshare laws as laid out in the Supreme Court Judgements.




So far I have found 5 cases where this company has been ordered to pay back clients for illegal contracts in one form or another. The total payout on these alone is 208,128.68€ this does not include legal fees or interest.


This is a substantial amount and it is not surprising that Holiday Club does not want its members taking action against them. Imagine if a fraction of their members take action, this would prove very costly to them.

The letter also has at the foot of the page contact information to three organisations for members to contact; Mindtimeshare, RDO & TATOC. These are supposedly the watchdogs for the industry and only serve their members not you the timeshare owner.


Remember Mindtimeshare is funded by the RDO along with TATOC the alleged owners committee.


If these organisations were proper watchdogs then they would ensure that their members abide by the laws which are there to protect the consumer (you), then litigation would not be an issue.


If you feel that your contract is illegal or that you were missold, then do not let these bullying tactics put you off. There are law firms out there who will help and ensure that you get justice. It is time the timeshare industry puts its house in order and follows the legislation put into place to protect the consumer.

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  • Kevin

    March 16, 2016

    Interesting article: I’ve seen so many conflicting stories on the net, so it’s nice to see a clear, concise rendering of the facts.

    It’s very sad that the timeshare/holiday club companies are resorting to subterfuge instead of “manning up” and taking responsibility for their actions!

    Please keep up the good work!


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