I have spoken to a gentleman today who has received a strange call. He was informed that the Courts in Malaga had dealt with a case involving a resale company he dealt with around 15 years ago, which he lost a considerable amount of money and his timeshare.

In this call the person gave the name James Hodkins along with the telephone number  0034603152281 which is a Spanish Mobile. He told the gentleman that the court had a considerable payout waiting for him and that a tax had to be paid before the money could be released.

Shortly after he received yet another call from Anthony West, who claimed he was from Customs & Excise in London. The number given was 0845 9615544 the code is UK but the 961 belongs to the Valencia area. In this call it appeared to back up the previous call that money was in fact being held.

Thankfully the gentleman in question thought that something was amiss and contacted me for clarification. He has reported this to Action Fraud and has the crime number if they call again. He is also passing on the telephone number to the police to trace. In Spain to buy a mobile a passport or ID card has to be shown as all phones are registered. Hopefully they will be traced and put out of action.

Remember if you have been taken in the past, the chances are this could well happen to you. The courts do not operate in this way.

If you have any information similar please let us know so we can publish it to warn other. If you need any advice contact us through our comments section.

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