End of the Week Review.

We started this week with Irene’s article on Consumer Protection Week in the US, we end with another.

While in Europe and especially Spain, we have seen more news coming from the Supreme Court. At the start of the week it was announced that Silverpoint formerly Resort Properties, have been ordered to pay back 169,000€. This was announced in the Spanish newspaper El Diario (see link), the Spanish press have been very fast to publicise these rulings, which have gone virtually unnoticed in the UK press.


In another case, the Supreme Court ruled against the same company for infringements of the timeshare laws for a German client. In this particular case the court again stated that the client was a consumer not an investor as Silverpoint had claimed. The client’s contract was declared null and void and awarded over 30,000€.

These cases have been brought by the Canarian law firm Canarian Legal Alliance, who so far since the first Supreme Court ruling 2 years ago, have secured over 3 million euros for their clients, with over 1.2 million euros already in the accounts of the clients.

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To celebrate the 2nd birthday of the first ruling, the Norwegian lady who made legal history visited the lawyers who fought her case. Mrs Tove Grimsbo, had an epic battle which lasted several years, her case was highlighted extensively in the Scandinavian press, but through the perseverance of her lawyers she eventually won through.



So on to Irene Parker’s End of Consumer Protection Week article.
End of Consumer Protection Week March 5 – 11

By Irene Parker


Consumer Protection Week ends today. Here are some tips on purchasing and owning a timeshare. Timeshare is a good product for some but it does not work for everyone.

“Buyer Beware!”  The psychological methods used by some timeshare companies and agents are designed to wear the consumer down – difficult to overcome even by the strongest individual. “My personal opinion, working as a sales agent for Diamond Resorts and Hyatt, convinced me that greed and making the sale at any cost is the corporate culture. I saw manipulation, threats, deceit and fraud used to make sales. When you have a good product, these methods are not necessary to make the sale,” reported one former timeshare sales agent.

Do your homework. Few will buy a house or car without some comparison shopping. Contact a member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association to compare developer versus secondary market prices and benefit or lack of benefits when buying a “used” timeshare.


Ask yourself if the “FREE GIFT” is really worth signing a perpetual contract, accompanied by perpetual maintenance fees, in a same day sale, with little or no secondary market.  Most timeshare companies do not offer buy-back programs and voluntary surrenders are not guaranteed.

If you are a timeshare owner who feels you were lied to or deceived in your timeshare purchase, and if resolution is not achieved after contacting your resort:

File a complaint with the Attorneys General of the state where you signed your contract, where you live, and where the resort is domiciled.


File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the mortgage option (even if no mortgage).


In some states the standard of fraud is as simple as dealing honestly and fairly. In such states, if you were lied to, the contract is fraudulent.

We should begin now planning for Consumer Protection Week 2018. Consumer Protection Week should provide a benchmark as we set goals today that can be measured next year. Goals that can determine where and how timeshare business practices have improved.

As Irene said, do your homework, anything to do with timeshare is a minefield, from first purchase, to resale companies and then to all the so-called legal and claims companies that are now proliferating, especially in Europe following the rulings made by the Spanish Supreme Court.

There are so many companies jumping on that particular band wagon, some are very sophisticated operations, such as Litigious Abogados (see link for the last article, or search Litigious Abogados in the search box for all articles).


Another facebook group has also got off to a flying start (see link below), it is a closed group but welcomes new members. It is a forum for dialogue and debate, taking a different approach to many of these groups that use social media, by encouraging opposing views. They have even welcomed a Diamond sales agent, who has even agreed with some of the owners views on sales practices. This is what is needed if timeshare is to change.


So there we have it, thank you to Irene and all the contributors in the US, also to the readers who have supplied information on some of the companies we have researched. It is your information that is helping others to negotiate this murky world of timeshare. Have a good weekend.



  • Steve Lloyd

    March 10, 2017

    Charles – as you know I am a recently former Diamond member who left without penalty, but with the loss of £6k invested in Fractional Ownership I feel that, in the UK (where all of my contracts were signed)I am surrounded by scammers and charlatans when trying to find legal representation for timeshare litigation. The UK legislation seems to be so weak that no legitimate lawyer seems to want to take on these timeshare cases. So it is left to people like yourself and Irene Parker to offer knowledgeable support and advice. UK regulatory bodies that might have responsibility for quality and compliance in the industry seem to be weak and completely disinterested in the subject I wonder if you and other readers have any thoughts on how this can be addressed?

  • charles

    March 10, 2017

    Hi Steve, the only way that I can see is through owners / members working together and petitioning their local MP. The industry has done a very good job in lobbying the commons and House of Lordsin watering down timeshare law when it was being debated. The late Sandy Grey produced many reports for the House of Lords, he attended committees and also submitted them to the EU. Unfortunately the Industry had the money, he was but a lone voice and so was not heard.

    It will not be an easy road, it will take a long time and effort. But I do believe that it will one day turn round and owners / members will be heard.

    • Steve Lloyd

      March 10, 2017

      I really hope so!

  • varsha

    April 19, 2017

    Me and my husband were promised by Mr Fairclough of Meredith Pritchard in Chester to settle our Marriott timeshare- Majorca;however he was insisting on £6000 to be pain in on same day and was getting quite aggressive. We asked him some thinking time but Mr Fairclough appeared rude and impolite. He was threatening and till date not returned our original deeds papers. It is such a shame that such fraudulent people are still able to function well.


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