End the Week: Torcaz Abogados Update

Welcome to the last day of the week, here on the Canary Islands we are just waiting for the official announcement that the Cabildo (government) of the islands will be the first province in Spain to end the “state of emergency”. This will be good news for many as it may just mean a return to some form of normality, the return of the tourists perhaps?

Today we bring you an update of the “fake” law firm Torcaz Abogados which we know is part of the ongoing “fraud” perpetrated by a series of “fakes” dubbed the Litigious Abogados Family.

One of our regular readers has once again received an email from Torcaz Abogados, this was sent by Fernando Olawza Garcia using this email [email protected] which as we know @consultant.com is a free email provider. The email itself is signed by Urena Afeldan Dordasa from Departamento Legal.

Once again the email along with the “fake” court documents is attempting to convince our reader that they are genuine and that he has been misinformed that they are not a genuine law firm. The email begins:


Following Mr XXXXXXXX recent telephone conversation with Mr Ricardo Lunkmand from our liaison office, it very much disappoints us to hear that you have doubts in our establishment.”

“Primarily, we are sorry you might have had bad experiences in the past.”

“Secondly we would like to reassure you that our company noted as Torcaz Abogados S.A is a very well established law firm founded in registered in Spain and the Canary Islands.”

Yes, I bet they are very disappointed that our reader doesn’t trust them, no money going their way!

Image being used for Ricardo Lunkmand on the Torcaz website

The email also goes on to list various organisations that they claim to be members of such as “Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations and regulated by (the Spanish Consumer Protection Act), Legislativo 1 de 16/11/2007.”

They also claim to be registered along with all their lawyers with the Colegio de Abogados (bar association) of Madrid, Malaga and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. They even quote “Our Spanish SRA numbers are; 1197, 5945, 2653. DNI: Q3863001H”, along with their fake Nacional Security Number 68776329 L.

Having checked the lawyers register using the numbers provided did not show up any lawyers using those numbers or associated with this firm.

The next point is the court date, the case is to be heard on Thursday 18 June 2020 at 10:40 at the Court of First Instance Number 5 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. They also give the following details of case number etc:

Número de Procedimiento: EX1824567 /2020

NIG: 3800642120120008975

Demanda Número. BOE/S/2020/158

The thing is these do not correspond to the numbers on the “fake” court document, (see PDF). They also show a number (demanda) with the prefix BOE, This is nothing to do with the courts or the case a BOE is the bulletin for official announcements, a little like the Gazette in the UK. It is also a fact that although the courts are returning to work at present no trials are being heard and it is unlikely that by next week they will be.

In a further attempt to convince our reader that they are genuine they also include the following:

Número de Seguro de Indemnización de Profesionales.

TACRC (Tesoro Abogados Comercios Reintegro Contrato)

TACRC 1081/2015.

That is our Indemnity Insurance number for the TACRC (Treasury for Commercial Lawyers for Refunds on Contracts).

Any payment you make as per our instructions is covered to up to 60,000.

Obviously another attempt to put our reader at ease, unfortunately for them, he is still not convinced and will not be paying them.

If you have been contacted by Torcaz Abogados or something very similar, please do your homework first, if you need help then use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

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