End the Week: New Cold Caller

Inside Timeshare has recently warned our readers of the increase in new companies cold calling owners, this is always in regards to “Relinquishments and Claims”. Today we publish the name of another new “marketing company” which has recently begun a campaign to contact timeshare owners. The new company is called J Foster Associates.

J Foster Associates does have a website:


The website was only registered on 17 August 2020 and is registered for two years set to expire on 17 August 2022. As usual, the name of the actual owner of the website is hidden using the privacy protect account.

The website itself is the usual, the home page goes on about mis-selling of timeshare, what constitutes an illegal contract, throwing in a few EU directives to give credibility. Other than that the website actually gives no information as to the company or who they work with.

According to information received from our readers they claim to be based in the UK with offices in Majorca and Tenerife. So far there is no record of any company registered in the UK or Spain going by J Foster Associates. There is however a J Foster Associates Ltd registered with UK Company House, but I think we can discount that one as they have been registered since 2003 and their field is employment agency.

We have, however, thanks to the quick thinking of one of our Inside Timeshare Group, we have been given a CIF Number, this is the fiscal number assigned to a business and is also the company registration number.


Problem is, running this number through a search, nothing comes up. Searching directly on infocif.es, brings up nothing. The CIF Number is either a fake or the register has not yet been updated, which I very much doubt.

On their contact page they show absolutely nothing apart from a telephone number and an email address:

+34 971 228 089 the prefix 971 is for Mallorca.

[email protected]

They don’t even show an address for their office.

The rest of the contact page is just the usual contact form to fill in and submit.

Inside Timeshare has also received from a reader a copy of the email they received after their call, it also had this number:

+34 922 099 170 Prefix 922 is for Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This is located at the foot of the letter giving the office opening hours, yet again there is no address for the office or any sign of the Company Registration or CIF Number.

As you can see from the letter, it confirms that a meeting has been arranged via Zoom, it also gives instructions on how they will be connected. They will be called before the scheduled meeting and they will be talked through setting up Zoom.

They will receive a personal code and also they are given the prefix 0034 971, which is the Mallorca office who is making the call.

Well is the number actually in Mallorca and is the prefix 922 actually in Tenerife?

Your guess is as good as mine, after all, anybody can purchase a telephone number and pretend they are in any country in the world. All this is easily done on the internet, it’s not rocket science.

Inside Timeshare would like to thank all readers and members of our group for all the snippets of information they provide on all the companies we feature. It is with your information and help that we can prevent others from possibly being scammed.

Have a good weekend and join us again next week.

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