End the Week: Another New Fake Law Firm Rears Its Ugly Head!

Yes, it’s Friday and the end of another week, today we publish a warning about the latest “FAKE” law firm to rear its ugly head and take unsuspecting “victims” for thousands. Unfortunately, the ones that have been in touch with Inside Timeshare are all elderly. This week we also brought you news on the situation in Gran Canaria and one of the timeshare resorts being used to house refugees, this has stimulated quite a debate, next week we’ll be publishing one conversation via email between Inside Timeshare and one member. We also published the article on the success of two law firms and an independent lawyer in timeshare cases, so yes there are genuine law firms out there.

We begin with the “FAKE” law firm Martin and Perez, which has only just reared its ugly head and has already scammed thousands of pounds from unsuspecting victims. All have been contacted with the same story, following a court case against a timeshare scam, the courts have appointed them to contact victims of these “scammers” with the great news that a substantial amount of money is now sitting in the court waiting for them.

One reader was contacted and told that a company that he had dealt with back in 2011, Key Properties Town Advisory, based in Fuengirola. This was also part of the “fake” law firms set up by our very old friends Ramirez and Ramirez.

According to the caller, Judge Juan Miguel Hernandez had ruled that “his (victim) civil rights had been deliberately deprived”, the Judge then awarded over 28,000€. This was to be settled immediately following the “civil action” at the court in Madrid on 29 June 2020. So far Inside Timeshare has not seen any case such as this in Madrid for that date on any official website which lists all cases and judgement.

Unfortunately, our reader has already paid a lawyers fee for them to commence release of the funds from the court, he did not disclose the amount but we suspect from the other readers we have heard from it is going to be at least £2,500. This will have been paid by bank transfer into a named account of a private individual.

Further payments are now being demanded to complete the release of funds, probably some kind of “tax” along with a fake tax form, the same as all the court documents are fake.

In another email received on this “fake” law firm, our reader wrote to us on behalf of a friend who is 83 years old, he has paid them £2,600. He is currently being groomed to pay more, so out of desperation to get him to see that it is a scam.

He was originally contacted by David Hargreaves who convinced him that his case had been heard by the Madrid Courts and he had been awarded a huge amount of money. Obviously, the story was the same as all the others, they had been appointed by the court to trace and contact victims.

Well, we do know that this is not true, the courts do not contract or appoint third party firms to do this work.

So what do we know about Martin and Perez apart from the “scam”, well, not a lot yet, but it does not look good.

There is no company registered with this name and there are no company details on their website which you would expect if they were genuine.

The website


Was only registered on 24 July 2020 and is due to expire on 24 July 2021, so we have a “law firm” which claims to be genuine and operating for years with no company registration, only just getting a website which is only registered for 1 year!

Not very convincing so far.

We then also found on the website that at the bottom the name of yet another “fake” law firm we first highlighted back in July when they first came to light, Suarez and Simpson. So we can safely assume that they are linked along with yet another “fake law firm” using the same methods Morales and Maxwell.

The address they give is:

Paseo de la Castellana 257 28046 Madrid Spain

Now, this address is a huge office block in Madrid and it shows no office number or even what floor it is on.

Telephone: 0034 911 231 165


[email protected]

[email protected]

Once again, we have a “FAKE” law firm cold calling mainly elderly victims of past timeshare frauds, which also leads us to believe that it is the same people as in the past (Ramirez and Ramirez for instance) of the client details have been sold to new crooks.

These stories show how careful you must be when dealing with calls such as these, it also shows that you need to be vigilant especially if your own family are in this vulnerable group.

If you have been contacted by this or any other “law firm” with a similar story or you just want to know if they are genuine before engaging with them, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Have a great weekend and remember


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