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Welcome to the end of another week with Inside Timeshare, this week we published news regarding the liquidation of Azure Services and Azure Resorts. FNTC (First National Trustee Company), has now set up a new company registered in Malta to take over the management role for members at Golden Sands Resort. This may well be good news for those members. We then published the story of the latest incarnation of the Litigious Abogados Family, Paloma Abogados. For those who have been following this particular series will remember that over the past four years these fake law firms have been setting up new websites and “law firms” every few months or so. Once again the story is a familiar one, your timeshare company is being taken to court and you can be part of the case for a fee. We then gave an update on JSD Group which again is cold calling ex-Club Class members.

We begin today with an update on Sim Legal who have featured on our pages before (see links below).

Jeroen Martijn Brussel, Director Sim Legal

According to our Belgian reader, he has received a cold call from Sim Legal regarding his timeshare with Diamond Resorts purchased in Greece. According to Sim Legal, they can help him get his money back and also have his contract cancelled, obviously, there is a fee to be paid first this amounts to just over 2000€.

From the information received, this fee is to cancel the contract and then make a claim. Our question is, how are they going to make a claim in Greece or even make a claim once the contract is cancelled if it does get cancelled.

As we know Diamond have their own exit program and will not deal with any third-party company, so it looks like the old scenario of taking the money and running!



We now move to some of the latest news from the courts, with cases against Anfi and Silverpoint.

On Monday a sentence was issued by the Court of First Instance San Bartelomé de Tirajana. The case involving an English client is rather interesting as the court decided that no trial was required. This case is one of the quickest we have seen and took only 9 months to conclude.

The clients contract was declared null and void with the return of over 44,000€ plus legal interest. The judge also condemned Anfi for the illegal taking of deposits within the statutory cooling-off period.

The case was brought on behalf of the client by Canarian Legal Alliance with Jake Kaiser being the Claims Consultant and the Lawyer Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez.

The 14 July a double sentence was issued by the Court of First Instance of SBT, again both against Anfi. These cases were brought on behalf of the Norwegian client by Canarian Legal Alliance.

Both contracts were declared null and void with the court awarding in total over 43,000€ plus legal interest.

Once again the court decided that there was no need for a trial and both cases were concluded within 9 months. The courts are obviously adhering to the rulings made by the Supreme Court which no number 130.

The Claims Consultant was Michael Gadman with the Lawyer representing both clients being Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez.

On 16 July, it was announced that the High Court of Las Palmas (appeals), two appeals lodged by Anfi have been dismissed with the original sentences from the Court of First Instance being upheld.

In total, the clients have been awarded over 35,000€ with both contracts being declared null and void. So we have two more very happy English clients.

Again the case was brought by Canarian Legal Alliance with Jake Kaiser being the Claims Consultant and the Lawyer Eva Gutierrez.

We now move to a case at the Court of First Instance of Arona, Tenerife against Silverpoint Vacations SL:

In this case, brought on behalf of a Dutch client by Canarian Legal Alliance, the court again declared the contract null and void with the order that Silverpoint repays the client over 16,000€ plus legal Interest.

This case is now being submitted to the Mercantile Court for the recovery of the funds.

The Claims Consultant for the client was Michael Gadman with the Lawyer representing the client being Eduardo Alamo.

All in all, it has been a very successful week for CLA and some very happy timeshare free clients.

Have a great weekend and remember to always do your homework before engaging with any company that makes contact or one you have found on the internet.

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