Club La Costa: Timeshare versus Independent Booking

Over the weeks Inside Timeshare has published several articles on the subject of value for money when it comes to timeshare and booking the same resorts using various booking platforms. So far we have highlighted Anfi Resorts, Diamond Resorts and Marriott, all have shown the same results, these can be booked using sites such as, and many more, the costs have also been considerably less than the average maintenance fees. Plus there is no huge outlay when originally purchasing. Today we have a look at one of the largest timeshare companies on the Costa del Sol, Club La Costa.

As we know Club La Costa is a large timeshare concern with around 21 resorts from the Aegean Coast, Austria, Costa del Sol, Tenerife, the United Kingdom and two resorts in Orlando Florida. The cost to join the Club La Costa Vacation Club is just like all timeshare and vacation club memberships, its not cheap. For enough points for a basic week in a studio you would be looking to pay at least £15,000, the more points the higher the price. For the “Fractional” which is just timeshare and not an investment which is also points based the costs can be well over £40,000

Then we have to consider the annual maintenance fees, again the average “member” will be paying well over £1,200 (1,300€) per year, remember, the more points you own the higher the maintenance charge.

We should also consider the one recurring complaint, “availability”!

It is a fact that the points and floating weeks systems are illegal under Spanish timeshare law, the reason is they lack any substance, you do not own anything, you are a member of a vacation club with only a right of use subject to availability.

Making a very quick search we found several apartments from studios to two-bedroom apartments, such as this one at Select Marina Park sleeping at least five. This apartment contains the following:

2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Living room, Kitchen, 4 beds plus a sofa bed.

All this for only 580€ for 7 nights with all charges and taxes included. Not a bad price, well below the annual maintenance fees.

We then see two studios at Marina Park, one with at 252€ for 2 people for 7 nights and 376€ with

Once again well below the annual maintenance fees members are likely to to be paying.

We then found the CLC Monterey in Tenerife on Apartments4u, this is for a 1 bedroom apartment sleeping 4, staying 7 nights, only 553.79€ or just 19.77€ per person per night.

As we have pointed out in previous articles you will not even find a Travelodge with prices per person per night that low, plus unlike the resorts, all you get is a room.

So once again we see a major timeshare operator with members complaining about the lack of availability and the ever-increasing annual fees, advertising resorts on independent websites to non-members considerably cheaper.

The only reason we can think of as to why these weeks are cheaper is marketing. We expect that these people booking through these websites will also end up having to attend a “presentation” with one of the “in-house” reps and be given the hard sell to become members. This will mean more members and even more problems with availability. Seems to be never-ending.

We have to leave you the reader to decide if owning a timeshare or booking independently is better value for your money?

We certainly believe booking independently is better value.

Are you fed up with increasing maintenance fees, are you fed up with no availability and then seeing non-members using your resort cheaper?

If you can say yes to these questions and would like to know what your legal rights and options are, then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you with the answers.

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