Club La Costa Pays Out to British Couple

Today Inside Timeshare reports on a British couple who purchased a Fractional with Club La Costa in 2012, they received the court awarded payout of 16,076.75€ just in time for Christmas. This is yet another blow to the timeshare industry which has seen many cases against the major developers over the past few years.

Like many other couples, Mr & Mrs Bradshaw believed that they were purchasing a “fraction of a property” which would then be sold in back to Club La Costa 19 years and that it would be a sound investment. Unfortunately, they eventually found out that this was not the case.

As Mrs Bradshaw stated:

“When we found out what they had told us was not true, we felt trapped having discovered the fractional ownership was unsalable there being no resale market.”

The fact that there is no resale market other problems began mounting up, a problem which faces many other owners. Along with the fact that there would not be any resale Mr & Mrs Bradshaw now felt that their liabilities with this timeshare purchase were mounting up:

  • Management fee increases were much higher than inflation;
  • Booking holidays was always a problem and they had to compromise to get dates, location and property size;
  • Every time they booked a holiday there was a reservation fee;
  • To pile on the agony, every time they holidayed with CLC, shortly after arriving there would be constant knocks on the door to attend a sales presentation which were high pressured and intimidating.

These are common complaints from the many owners who have contacted Inside Timeshare regardless of which timeshare they purchased.

Mr & Mrs Bradshaw. Photo courtesy of ECC & M1 Legal

The Bradshaws had now had enough and in August 2016 met with a consultant from ECC to begin the process of legal action against Paradise Trading SL who were the sales and marketing arm of Club La Costa World. This company also belonged to Club La Costa World along with many other companies involved with the selling of timeshares.

Basis of their case was the contract did not specify any end date which is required under Spanish law as the maximum allowed is 50 years. There was also no registration for the accommodation in the land registry, another requirement of Spanish Law.

The case was then passed in early 2017 to M1 Legal based on the Costa del Sol who then prepared the case for court.

M1 Legal are processing over 1,500 timeshare cases, with over 900 already being filed with the courts, the total value of these claims is in excess of £21 million. M1 Legal has also achieved 191 judgements in favour of their clients.

In a final comment Mrs & Mrs Bradshaw stated:

“We received €16,076 just in time for Christmas,” said the Bradshaws. “This was like a big cloud over us and now that it has been lifted we don’t need to worry about family being lumbered with unwanted timeshare bills. We sincerely thank ECC and M1 Legal teams for their efforts.”

For the full story please follow the link below.

Once again we see the courts are enforcing the timeshare laws to the letter and thanks to the efforts of the lawyers at M1 Legal another happy couple are timeshare free and no longer liable for the ever-increasing maintenance fees.

If you would like to know if your timeshare contract is illegal under Spanish law, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

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