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It’s Friday and the End of Another Week: Another MacDonalds Horror Story Surfaces

Here we are again, the end of another week and almost at the end of our second week of “house arrest”, which has now been extended for a further 15 days. Even with the current situation Inside Timeshare is still receiving emails from concerned owners, one email has certainly made tempers flare. This involves MacDonald Hotels and Resorts, who we already know from the ongoing story of Mrs B are one of the most disgusting timeshare companies in the world. Inside Timeshare is sure that our readers will also be disgusted with the latest story of intimidation and greed from MacDonalds.

Link to one Mrs B story

Yesterday afternoon, Inside Timeshare received an email from a gentleman who is trying to help an elderly and vulnerable friend regarding her two timeshares with MacDonalds, he is at a total loss as to what to do.

The details so far.

This lady is in her late 80’s, she and her husband own two timeshares with MacDonalds at different resorts and have owned them for many years. They have always paid their annual maintenance fees even when unable to use.

Her husband is now suffering from dementia and other illnesses, she receives help at home but this is not free and costs a lot of money for his daily care. It is now coming to the stage where he will have to go into a care home and we all know how much that costs.

She wants to give up the timeshares as they are no longer being used and the annual maintenance is now a financial burden which could be used for the care of her husband. MacDonalds refuse to allow her to hand it back without paying them £5000 for each of the timeshares, a total of £10,000 which as you the readers will agree would be better spent on health care.

In all my time doing this work I have never come across a timeshare company that treats people in this manner, I even think that the Mafia would be disgusted!

This is a blatant example of EXTORTION by MacDonalds, I use the term EXTORTION as that is what it is and if MacDonalds don’t like it then take me to court!

Another report has just been published in the press on the “liquidation” of Hermanos Santana Cazorla SL, the golden shareholders of Anfi.

This has been published in the German publication Info Canarias (see link).

PDF of translation

Once again this article highlights that the liquidation has been brought by Isla Marina SL with a debt of around 47 million euros. It is also reported that IFA Canarias is also owed around 9.3 million euros.

Hermanos Santana Cazorla SL is certainly in trouble, the question now is what will happen to Anfi once the Cazorla’s company has been liquidated?

The only positive point in all of this is the fact that IFA Canarias owns the other 50% of Anfi and this may be a very good opportunity for them to take total control of the Anfi Group.

More on this subject as and when information becomes available.

Staying with Anfi, they have just published the following video and text on their Facebook page.

Santana Cazorla

What makes it a complete joke is the opening line, “The Anfi Group is and always will be a great family”. Yet as Inside Timeshare has been publishing, this is not borne out by their behaviour towards clients who have had to cancel bookings during the current situation. The charging for cancelling bookings, the charges to re-book at a later date. This along with the demand that the only way to receive the “accommodation voucher” in order to save the week is to sign the “new contract” is nothing short of “blackmail”.

Text of the Anfi Group post:

Anfi Group

The Anfi Group is and will always be a great family .

A week ago, half of it, our members & clients, had to leave the resort, forced by the quick coronavirus spreading all over the world and the emergency measures ordered by the Government of Spain. Today, because of these overwhelming times we are now facing, we are very sad to have to say “see you soon” to a substantial part of our #Anfiteam. This situation, as extraordinary as it is temporary , is nothing more than a stone in our path, which we will definitely overcome together . THANK YOU so much team! You are simply the heart of Anfi. Be assured soon we will open our doors together again, will welcome our Members and guests with our arms open , a warm smile , our hard work, which will translate in superb and unforgettable holidays at Anfi.

Meanwhile, we will keep your “home-away-from-home” spotless and, reiterate that, both Anfi Vacation Club and Customer Services department teams are, as always, at your service, for any assistance you may require in the regular work days and timetables.

#StaySafe #StayAtHome and remember: “There was never a night that could stop the sun to rise and never ever a problem could silence and beat hope” See you soon!

#AnfiGroup #AnfidelMar #iloveanfi #GreatDestination #GranCanaria #HolidaysInTheSun See less

The link to the Facebook video.

So there we have it, two examples of the lengths these unscrupulous timeshare companies will go to screw their own members, both of these examples show that you the member/owner mean absolutely nothing to them apart from how much they can squeeze out of you.

Have you had problems with MacDonald Hotels and Resorts and trying to exit?

If so, use our contact page and tell us your story, Inside Timeshare, is working with a freelance journalist who is investigating the timeshare industry and has already been informed of this latest case. He has told Inside Timeshare that he has already started his research and will do all he can to ensure this gets the widest publicity possible.

As for Anfi, no matter what you think of the resort itself and we do have to agree that it is a great resort, it is the way in which members are being treated which is the problem. If you are disgusted with the methods used by Anfi and would like to know your rights and legal options, once again use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Have a great weekend even if you are on “house arrest” and stay safe.

Maintenance To Pay or Not to Pay?

One of the recurring themes in the emails Inside Timeshare receives from readers is about maintenance fees, should they just stop paying them to get out of the timeshare? Well, as we have seen from some of the “exit” companies scams this is one of the tools they use to get owners desperate to be rid of their timeshare to pay their extortionate fees. So what is the truth behind this?

When you first purchased your timeshare you signed a contract with the resort that you would be responsible for and pay the annual maintenance or management fees. You are obliged to keep these payments up to date as you have signed and agreed to this in the contract. Failure to do so places you in breach of contract.

We have seen this subject discussed on many forums and there is a very marked difference of opinion, you will always find there is at least one who boldly states that is what they did and they have never been taken to court. Well, one thing is certain they have either been very lucky or they had a timeshare which just “repossess” after 2 or 3 years of arrears and puts it back on the inventory to be resold as new.

But there are many who have fallen foul of this, with many of them being told to stop paying by the “exit” company they paid to extricate themselves from the maintenance burden. It is usually around the 3rd year that the demands start to get stronger with the threat of legal action. The “debt” is then sold to a debt collection agency and it is now their debt.

Once this debt has been “passed over” that is when the real problems begin, high interest starts to accrue, late payment charges and of course the legal fees for the debt collection agency. If this is not paid either in full or agreed on instalments then the next stage is the County Court.

This brings us to yet another regular comment on the various forums, why have we never seen anyone comment that they went to court and received a County Court Judgement (CCJ)?

I think the answer to that is very simple, who is going to publicise the fact they have just received a CCJ for not paying their timeshare maintenance?

As far as the County Courts are concerned all they see is a debt which has not been paid and is subject to a signed contract. They are not interested whether it was mis-sold, illegal in Spain or any other reason for that matter, all they see is a contracted debt.

In most cases which Inside Timeshare has been in touch with readers, they have tended to pay it, rather than have a CCJ hanging around their necks.

It is a fact that timeshare companies do pursue unpaid maintenance, some more vigorously than others. Ona Group, for instance, has been issuing court proceedings for past owners of Cala Pi Resort in Mallorca. Several of these have been in touch with Inside Timeshare with the same story.

In all cases, they had handed back their timeshare weeks to the resort around 10 years ago and in one case 15 years ago. They have never had any demands for maintenance until Ona Group came along. Ona took over the management rights to Cala Pi some time ago, it then began to issue demands for all the arrears in maintenance fees. When questioned about this by those ex-owners they were told there is no record of them handing the timeshare back, the arrears stand and if not paid then court proceedings will follow.

Shall I make them an offer they can’t refuse Don?

The thing is the proceedings are being dealt with in a Barcelona court, once the court rules the debt will then be passed to a UK based law firm to enforce payment through the county court. This itself is going to add significant amounts to the final bill.

So, the answer is never just to stop paying your maintenance fees, if any company tells you once you go with them to stop paying, then that needs to be questioned. The advice of Inside Timeshare is to contact your timeshare company especially if you have been told to stop paying, they may have a very good surrender policy and other procedures in place for financial or medical problems.

Once again never take at face value what you are told by any company that calls you, do your homework first.

Late News on Tuesday

Yes, Inside Timeshare is a little late with today’s article due to other matters which had to be dealt with, so this will be a short one. Today we update on a “law” firm we have highlighted before, Litigation Services SL and the latest emails to Eze Group clients. We also report on the latest from the courts regarding cases against Anfi.

We begin with yet another email received by one of our readers, this came from [email protected]

Which we know is used by Litigation Services from a previous email received by another of our readers and was signed by one Sarah Palmer.

This latest one is using the same email address is from Legal Services and Property Re-claim Specialists, giving their address on the email as 

Calle Miraflores 29016 Bristol United Kingdom.

Very strange indeed, using the first part of a Spanish address but then stating they are in Bristol. Not looking too good so far!

The email which is very long-winded begins with an introduction from Jennifer Diaz:

My name is Jennifer Dias.

I work for “Litigation Abogados Services” or “Litigation Lawyer Services”we are a claims management company who provide legal services and specialize in complexclaims, normally involving freehold or timeshare properties.

Now, we have tried to trace the names of the law firm and also the name for Legal Services and Property Re-claim Specialists and yes, you have guessed it, nothing!

Once again the email which is targeting Eze Group clients goes on to give the story of the O’Reilly’s and their court case in Birmingham, it then states what we know to be false that they have got their information from the courts:

The vast majority of the work that we do is for for the High Court, This is how we have your contact details you were listed as an Eze Group Member.

We work directly for the Courts and so have certain guidelines which we must follow.

In order to claim your refund your photo ID will be required and your membership/subscription number which you would have received when you purchased with Eze Group.

As we have said before the courts do not work in this way.

It then goes on to state:

We realize you have probably received Countless other offers & calls regarding claiming against EZE Group:…PLEASE BE WARNED – whilst some of these calls may be genuine we do know there are a number of Fictitious companies preying on Eze Group members with the sole intention of cheating people out of their money…so please be aware and be vigilant!

Then it introduces their “lawyer”:

*Litigation Abogados Services* is a totally legal company founded by Maria Gonzalez, in 1964 and is now owned by Jose Gonzalez Lawyer no.C2=BA 2959 of the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga with NIE NUMBER 33367739-Y

Once again we have not been able to trace this lawyer.

Now, this paragraph is the one that really got everyone laughing, it is a warning from the scammers to be vigilant of scammers!



Well as we always say, you don’t need better proof of a scam than this email from this lot.

It looks like the lawyers at Canarian Legal Alliance have been hammering Anfi with the courts yet again.

This morning 4 sentences have been received from the High Court of Las Palmas, with all contracts being declared null and void and the repayment of over 204,800€

Then came the news from the Courts of First Instance of San Bartelomé de Tirajana, with 5 sentences being issued. The total value is over 143,783€ with all contracts being declared null and void.

So in all, Tuesday has been a bit of a black one for Anfi to the tune of over 348,583€

That is all for today and remember that doing your homework will prevent the scammers from getting your money.