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End of a Dismal Week for Anfi

It’s Friday and it is the end of another very expensive week for Anfi. We ended last week with the news which came in after publication that the courts awarded over 213,000€ against Anfi del Mar for seven clients. This week has not been any better for Anfi Sales SL and Anfi Resorts SL, with even bigger awards being made by the courts along with all contracts being declared null and void.

On Monday 20 January, six sentences were issued against Anfi with over 174,885.56€ going back to clients. Once again contracts containing floating weeks, contracts of more than 50 years and the taking of deposits within the statutory cooling-off period being deemed illegal under Spanish law.

Wednesday saw another five sentences being issued by the courts against Anfi with over 235,440.75€ being awarded to these clients. The courts also declared all contracts null and void for contravening Spanish Law.

All eleven of these clients were represented by the very able legal team of Canarian Legal Alliance.

The Lawyers of CLA with Judith 2nd from right and Cristina 4th from right.

In total, this week alone has added a further 410,326.31€ to the debts that Anfi are now incurring due to these judgements, the question is how long can they actually sustain these huge amounts?

In further news, the specialized court enforcement and execution of sentence team consisting of Judith Diaz Pascual and Cristina Batista have made yet another client happy with their dedicated hard work.

The German client has now received 14,712.66€ into his bank account, this is the balance of his total claim which amounted to 50,737,59€. There is unfortunately still an outstanding amount to be paid to the client. This consists of legal interest and his legal costs, these will be subject to yet another enforcement action by the specialist team.

It must also be noted that this particular payout was made voluntarily by Anfi as a result of the huge legal pressure from the execution and enforcement team, so is very good news for clients of CLA.

To end this week Inside Timeshare issues a further warning to timeshare owners especially clients of Eze Group. More emails are being received from readers desperate to find out if the claims they have received in calls regarding a court case in Malága against Eze Group and Regency Shores SL are genuine.

By far the most prolific are those from Platinum Services and Administration SL, followed closely by  01C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL. both are claiming that cases have been filed against the companies in the Malága courts. As we know a case against Eze Group was held at Birmingham Crown Court in 2017, where Dominic O’Reilly and his daughter Stephanie O’Reilly pleaded guilty. They were sentenced in January 2019 with Dominic receiving a custodial sentence and Stephenie having hers suspended.

At this trial, no money was set aside by the courts for victims of Eze Group, but the courts did order an investigation under the Proceeds of Crime Act. This particular investigation is ongoing and is not likely to be concluded in the near future.

As for Regency Shores SL, Inside Timeshare has no information that any cases are filed or even being filed with the courts in Malága, in fact, any cases against this branch of the company must be heard in Tenerife which is where the company is registered and where the sales took place.

These are just two of the companies that have joined the bandwagon of “scam” operations preying on Eze Group clients who are desperate to get their money back. If you have had a call with the good news of a case from any of these or any other company then please do get in touch with Inside Timeshare, it is your information that is vital to help others.

That is all for this week if you require any further information on any article published or would like to know your legal position with your timeshare contract, please use our contact page and get in touch.

Have a great weekend and remember to do your homework.

More Consumer Warnings

Today Inside Timeshare issues warning to timeshare owners on two companies, one of these we have highlighted before, the second is one that has come up on the radar but as yet Inside Timeshare has not published anything about them. Today we rectify that as our research now shows them for what they are. Both of these “companies” are targeting EZE Group members with stories of court cases being brought in Málaga.

We start first with 01C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL, this company was registered on 25 February 2019, so it is just one year old. The company registration number is (CIF) B93672269, with the registered address:

Paseo del Generalife  Local 16 17 29639 Benalmádena Málaga

But the website shows the working address as:

Edificio Zalacain 2D Avenida Ramon Y Cajal 2 Fuengirola 29640 Málaga

Telephone numbers given are:

General Enquiries


Relinquishment and Membership


 With the email:

[email protected]

The website

was registered on 18 January 2019 and is due to expire on 18 Jan 2021, so this looks like a short term setup. The registrant or person who owns the site is once again hidden.

Now we come to why this company is being considered as a scam, first we know that there are no cases being brought at present in any Spanish court against Eze Group or Regency Shores SL. For one any case against Regency would have to be held in Tenerife as that is where they operated from. As for Eze Group Europe that is also under the jurisdiction of UK courts.

The second telling point is one of the named administrators of the company, one is a new name and not associated with any other company, Dawn Patricia Kiernan, she is listed as company secretary.

But it is the company director which interests us.

His name is Jose Miguel Muñoz Cañas and he certainly has been around for some time being associated with some of the biggest scams going.

As you will see from the record from company registrations there are several companies which have come up in various blogs and forums over the years. The main one is Greenges 2005 SL, this was a very active company in the past and was also part of the Ramirez and Ramirez set up which has fleeced thousands of people over the years

If you are contacted by this company do let us know and extreme caution should be exercised.

The second is one that we have highlighted before Platinum Services and Administration SL which is also linked to Litigation Services SL, see link below.

It now appears they must be desperate to get “clients” to pay up, one of our readers received an email stating that if they did not pay then their case will be archived as they are running out of time. The case is almost ready to be heard against Eze Group and Regency Shores SL in the Málaga courts.


Re: Eze Group Europe/Regency Shores S.L.

Claim amount: £XXXX.XXX


We have yet to hear from you with regards to reregistering your claim as a civil claim, at the Malaga Court, against the above-mentioned companies.

Should you wish to proceed, please contact me on 0034 951122320 or send an email for my attention and I will call for payment. [email protected] 

If you have any queries at all regarding your claim, our company or our lawyers, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We would need to be in receipt of the costs, being £289.19 including IVA (VAT), by 31/01/20 or your file will be archived.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Amelia Reynolds

Senior Claims Advisor

Well, we don’t know about you but it certainly looks as though they are desperate.

As you will see from the link to the previous article they do name a lawyer, but as yet Inside Timeshare has not had any confirmation or denial that the named lawyer is working for them or if his name and details are just being used. Either way, this company and their associate company (same owner), should be avoided at all costs.

These examples are another stark reminder of how important it is for you the timeshare owners to ensure that you do your homework before engaging with any company that is promising termination or compensation.

If you have been contacted by these or any other company please use our contact page and give us all the details that you have, Inside Timeshare will do the research for you and confirm or deny if they are scams or not. Please be safe and never pay any money especially via bank transfer or through companies such as PayXpert. Bank transfers once paid are basically lost, especially to a named individual and not a company. Using third party payments using your credit card nullifies any claim under Section 75 of the Credit Consumer Act 1974. If they cannot accept credit cards directly and it must be in the company name of who you are dealing with, then ask yourself the question, Why do they not have credit facilities?


Marriott: More Evidence to Circumvent Spanish Law

Recently Inside Timeshare published the article “Marriott Contracts Circumvent Spanish Laws”, today we reveal another example of this practice by one of the world’s major timeshare developers. Many operators have tried to get around the very strict timeshare laws which Spain enacted on 5 January 1999, by using various methods such as UK limited companies and the inclusion in the contracts of the clause that the contract is bound by and under the jurisdiction of UK laws and courts. This practice did work for a time as judges in the Courts of First Instance did not accept the case as they believed that UK jurisdiction did take precedence over Spanish Jurisdiction.

Last  September Inside Timeshare published the ruling of the High Court of Malaga. This court ruled that although the contract did clearly state UK law and jurisdiction with the sales agents being a UK limited company, they ruled that Spanish Courts did indeed have jurisdiction. The fact the purchase was made in Spain brings the sale directly under Spanish timeshare law.

Inside Timeshare has now received information from yet another reader of Marriott using this practice of selling products from their sales office at Marbella Beach Club but showing the sale as being elsewhere.

Back in 2005, this reader was on holiday around Marbella and was invited to attend a presentation at the Marriott Beach Club Resort, which they duly attended. After a fairly lengthy presentation, which we all know is all too common, our reader signed up for membership.

The presentation was conducted by the sales staff of MVCI Holidays SL, a Spanish entity registered at Marbella Beach Club based in Marbella. The purchase was for membership to Marriott Vacation Club International with the home resort being the Phuket Beach Club in Thailand. Well, this is not really a problem, after all, there are the internal exchanges as well as membership to Interval International which did give them, in theory, plenty of choices worldwide.

Marriott Mai Khao Beach Club Phukett

It is now that the problems come to light, this readers circumstance have now changed, the timeshare is no longer needed or being used. They were then contacted by several “claims” companies with the promise of using the Spanish legal system to recoup the purchase price and have the contract declared null and void as it was illegal under Spanish timeshare law.

They were told they had a very good case and were asked for a sizable amount for legal fees, they decided to investigate further as the company they were talking to had not even asked to see their documents. The whole process was done over the phone.

It is a good job they did decide to look into this, after contacting Inside Timeshare they emailed copies of their documents. We checked the documents with a leading law firm who informed us that there was not a case which could be brought in Spain using Spanish timeshare laws.

Although the presentation was made in Marbella the documentation is signed by a representative of Mai Kao Development Limited a Thai registered company and not of MVCI SL (Marbella).

The seller and sponsor being:

Maikhao Vacation Villas Limited.

The seller’s Agent:

MVCI (Thailand) Limited.

Marriott Ownership Resorts Inc Orlando Florida.

The only reference to Spain is the fact the presentation was made by MVCI SL, this according to the lawyers precluded any case from being filed in a Spanish court.

When we consider the last article where the purchaser who thought they had a membership with Marbella Beach Club but in fact with a resort in Virginia, this does now look like Marriott knew exactly what they were doing. We also have to remember that this is only 6 years after the enactment of the new timeshare laws which prohibited the sale of any timeshare in Spain with a contract of more than 50 years or which included points or floating weeks systems.

Was this a very deliberate and premeditated attempt to circumvent the laws of one country by using entities not associated or registered with it?

We leave you the reader to decide, Inside Timeshare believes it was.

Have you purchased your timeshare with Marriott, have you been contacted and told you do have a valid case?

Do you want to know if what you have been told is true?

If so, please use our contact page and get in touch, Inside Timeshare will get back to you and point you in the right direction.

Link to previous Marriott article.