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End of Week

End the Week: The Friday Review

The end of another week and halfway through the first month of the year, unfortunately, we have not started as we would have hoped with many more restrictions being put into place on travel. This is having a profound effect on the holiday and tourism industry, hotels are closing again and timeshare resorts are also announcing reduced capacity or remaining closed. The question is, how are the timeshare resorts going to deal with the problem of maintenance fees, the members’ loss of last year’s weeks and the potential loss of many weeks this year? This is a story we will be watching as it unfolds over the next month or so.

Although Inside Timeshare began a day late this week, we started on Tuesday with an article about Anfi and Airtours. The Anfi section is actually pertinent to the question posed above.

This story revolves around the Anfi attempt to force or as we prefer to call it “blackmail” members into signing their new contracts. For those members who lost last year’s weeks due to various lockdowns and travel bans, in order to save those weeks and receive an “accommodation voucher”, they have to sign the new contracts first.

This is already a question many members are asking on the various members’ forums and Fb groups.

Could this be an indication of how they will behave this year?

The rest of the article was about a recent case in the Courts of Las Palmas involving Airtours, they lost at the Court of First Instance and unlike our friends at Anfi, immediately accepted the court’s ruling.

They did not lodge an appeal but complied with the court and voluntarily paid out the ordered sums. So there was no need for counter appeals, lodging enforcement action or placing embargoes.

Well done Airtours.

On Wednesday, we published Timeshare Sales, Barclay Partner Finance & The FCA

This story is following one that began in 2017/18 and follows the validation order granted by the Financial Conduct Authority to Barclays Partner Finance to “legalise and make enforceable” loan agreements brokered by Azure Service Ltd. This timeshare sales company was not authorised to broker the agreements.

This is an ongoing story which has had a very severe impact on many many people, after all, the number affected by this decision alone is well over 1,400!

We will keep you updated on events as they unfold.

Happy Clients Get Their Cash

Yesterday’s article once again focused on payouts, these also involved Anfi and Airtours.

In the two Anfi cases, the clients received their payments, but only after lengthy court hearings and appeals. Eventually, due to some very clever detective work from the lawyers, they found out Anfi was due to be paid a “tax rebate” and petitioned the court to embargo the accounts.

This was done and several clients have received their money back quicker than expected.

The last case was against Airtours, and as with the previous case, they voluntarily paid what was ordered. Once again saving the courts time, the clients a lot of stress and most importantly, it has saved Airtours a lot of money in legal fees and sanctions.

Again we have to ask Anfi why are you continuing with these constant appeals, knowing that you are going to lose in every case, the courts are now wise to your tactics!

That is all for this week, on Monday we will be publishing another story in our Nightmare on Timeshare Street series.

It is written by one of our readers, who is acting as executor of her late Brothers estate, this includes the Azure purchased Golden Sands financed by a Barclays Partner Finance loan agreement.

Everything in the article is fact and they have all supporting documents, correspondence and other material to back it up. The only thing that has been changed are their names, this has been done at their request.

For those who have followed the various “Nightmare on Timeshare Street” stories over the past few years and are familiar with the horrendous behaviour of sales reps and timeshare companies, this story ranks as one of the worst we have published. Although there is a moment where some justice and compassion was given.

Join us on Monday and have a great weekend despite all the restrictions we all have to live with.

End the Week Roundup and the Latest on the CLC Liquidations

Welcome to the end of the first full week of 2021, although the news coming from around the world does not look good with increased restrictions on travel and more lockdowns, it doesn’t stop in the world of the timeshare scammers. In fact, judging by the number of emails received along with the comments posted on the various Fb groups, the number of calls seems to be increasing. Many are those which we have already highlighted, some are new, but, they do all have one thing in common, the scare tactics and misinformation. In today’s article Inside Timeshare once again warns Club la Costa members to be on their guard and to seek advice before engaging with any company that calls. First, we have a quick look at what we covered this week.

We began the week with yet another appeal by Anfi being rejected and dismissed by the High Court. This was the last sentence issued by the court just before Christmas, so it was very welcome news for that particular client.

On Tuesday we had a quick look at our old friends at Mindtimeshare who began publishing again a few weeks ago. Although much of what they posted was out of date, it does serve as a reminder of how careful timeshare owners must be.

We also published the latest information on the Financial Conduct Authority and their validation of the loan agreements brokered by Azure through Barclay Partner Finance. In these articles, we published a link to the Fb Group, Azure Malta Action and Support Group who are gathering other victims for a concerted effort to have the validation order overturned.

In another case surrounding the subject of jurisdiction, this time it was the turn of Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd. Once again the Court of First Instance Number 1 of Fuengirola ruled in accordance with all rulings from various High Courts that Spanish Law and Courts do have jurisdiction and the timeshare companies operating from Spain must comply with the law.

Yesterday, in another ruling made by the same Court of First Instance in Fuengirola, ruled in the case of Continental Resort Services SLU, which is a Spanish registered company Club la Costa sales branch, also claimed that their contracts were subject to the Jurisdiction of UK Law and UK Courts.

The judge ruled in accordance with all previous rulings and declared the contract null and void with the client being awarded over 41,000€ plus legal interest and costs.

This case was brought before the courts on behalf of a German client by Canarian Legal Alliance.

Staying with Club la Costa, as we have published previously, there are several Club la Costa sales companies which have now filed for liquidation. We have already been informed that this is being used by some unscrupulous callers to scare CLC members into signing up for relinquishments and claims.

They are claiming that members are going to lose everything due to the liquidations, what we can tell you is these liquidations will have no effect on your membership. It does, however, affect any member looking at making a claim against the sales company which sold them the product.

The companies which are now going into administration are:

Paradise Trading SL;

Club la Costa (UK) PLC  sucursal en España;

Continental Resort Services SL;

California Beach Hotel, S.A.U.

PDF copies of the Official Bulletin Announcements.

If you already have a case in the courts, having a case prepared our advice is to contact your law firm or lawyer for clear and precise advice to check if this affects you and your case.

If you are contemplating legal action against CLC then ensure that you are being told the correct information. If you would like any further information on this or any other timeshare matter, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Have a good weekend and join us again next week for more on the murky world of timeshare.

End the Week

Here we are again at the end of yet another week where we identified two new companies, one which has just begun a cold calling campaign and the other a new website for timeshare exit. We also brought the news of the Supreme Court rejecting an appeal by our old friends Anfi, who lost at the Court of First Instance and then in their appeal to the High Court. The Supreme Court confirmed the sentence which declared the contract null and void with the return of over 120,000€. We then published the article on “Cold Calling Campaigns” and what to look for when being contacted with some rather outrageous claims. This was followed by more news from the courts with further wins over Anfi and Club la Costa.

First to recap on the new “companies” that have been identified.

On Monday we reported on cold calls being received from Timeshare Registry Office, these calls appear to be targeting one group of timeshare members, those of Club Paradiso.

So far we have found no website, company registration or any other information on the internet, it is if they just don’t exist!

We also pointed out that there is no such thing as a Timeshare Register of owners or members, each timeshare company is responsible for their own member’s data and this is subject to very strict rules regarding “data protection”. But we do know that members contact information and ownership details are stolen on a regular basis by unscrupulous employees, after all, it can be quite valuable data.

The second company we have come across is a website for Parslow Collingwood, once again there are no company details on the website and so far we have not found any company registration for them.

Their website was only registered in June of last year, yet they claim to have helped people out of their timeshares for years, the 3 testimonials they show even prove that point with dates before the website was registered. Now that is a great feat to get clients without any company or website even in existence!

All we can surmise is these are very dubious “companies” indeed and should not be trusted.

It has been a pretty good week in the courts with more rulings against the main timeshare companies, not just in the Courts of First Instance but also the High Courts and the Supreme Court. These rulings have certainly dented the accounts of those involved and made some ex-timeshare owners very happy indeed.

We end this week with yet another ruling which has just been announced against Anfi.

The case involving an English member of Anfi was originally heard at the Court of First Instance Number 1 of San Bartelomé de Tirajana, where the Judge declared the Anfi contract null and void plus the return of 10,352€.

Immediately after the case, the client’s lawyers from Canarian Legal Alliance requested the court for a “provisional” execution order, which would then secure the payment for the client. The reason is very simple, the lawyers knew that Anfi would launch an appeal with the High Court of Las Palmas.

As expected, Anfi did appeal, once again the High Court dismissed the appeal, confirmed the ruling and returned the case for execution of sentence. The funds were then released and are now safely in the personal account of the client.

The lawyer representing the clients was Eva Gutierrez with Claims Consultant Jake Kaiser liaising with the client.

That is all for this week, as next week is the runup to Christmas, Inside Timeshare, will be slowing down until the New Year. We will however publish any news that comes in that is of importance.

Have a great weekend.