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Start the Week: Anfi continues to Upset Members

Welcome to the start of another week with Inside Timeshare and the start of our second week of “lockdown” or as we prefer “House Arrest”. Here on Gran Canaria and the rest of Spain, the authorities have started to clamp down on movement and unnecessary journeys, they have said that the first week was a period of “adjustment” giving people time to get used to the rules. The military is now out on the streets in support of the police and here on GC, they have been stopping those from the north travelling to their holiday homes in the south. All hotels and tourist accommodation have now been closed with severe restrictions on entry to the islands. Yet we still see many complaints on the many forums regarding the Anfi response to members or as they like to call them “family”.

Last week Inside Timeshare published the article Anfi Members Complain about Anfi Attitude which looked at some of the complaints from Anfi members having to cancel during the current crisis. It highlighted the cancellation charge and the rebooking charge with Anfi offering a “voucher” for accommodation, as long as the member signs the “new contract”, as we said that sounds like “blackmail”.

We know that for the past two years or so Anfi has been attempting to convince “members” to change to the “new contracts” without much success, after all, it has been shown this is just a ploy to stem the tide of legal action against them in the courts.

Yet even in the light of the news published on Friday giving the official notification of the closure of all tourist accommodation throughout Spain, Anfi is still using the same tactics against their members.

The latest letter to be passed to Inside Timeshare is signed by yet another Anfi Customer Services employee doing the bidding of their employers. In this letter to our reader who has had to cancel their booking due to the situation with flights cancelled and many countries going into self-isolation or lockdown, Anfi is still treating members with contempt.

They have told members that unless the cancellation is made “14 days prior to the arrival date”, the member will lose their points as they will not be able to be refunded.

Yet in the next long-winded paragraphs the same use of coercion or “blackmail” is being used, sign the new contract and we will give you a voucher to redeem the lost points!

We all know that the controlling shareholders Hermanos Santana Cazorla SL has a liquidation process underway in the Mercantile Court, published 6 March, (link below). This liquidation has been brought by creditors of the Cazorla company and could have very serious repercussions for the Group and their control of Anfi.

End of the Week and Another Fake Firm Emerges

In the light of the financial problems of the Cazorla’s, it is fair to surmise that the Cazorla Group are just trying to make as much as possible before they lose it all. It also brings the question of how the IFA Group, considering they have no control over Anfi, view this blatant abuse of members?

The full email is published below:


Thank you for contacting us and I hope this e-mail finds you well.

The latest a booking can be cancelled is 14 days prior the arrival date, from there that your points cannot be refunded.

We would like to take this opportunity to advise you that at the moment and to update our database, we are offering the option to make amendments (remove/add new holders, transfer the membership to your children, or simply update the agreement under the new terms & conditions) free of charge. This way we will be able to give you an accommodation voucher, to at least recover this week.

If you wish to take this option, We will proceed in sending you an updated contract for Club Gran Anfi, for you to then sign and send back. There will be no cost for this at all. Depending on your request, we will have to advise you on the documents required.

Following the new legalisation, the physical apartments and weeks behind the floating weeks will appear on the updated contract, which is what was provided to the Trustee on the day of signing. There is also a new system in place which allows for the floating member to recuperate the fixed inventory behind the floating week, if they so wished, after five years. Obviously there is no obligation to do this and if no notification is made, the weeks automatically continue to be used as up and until now.

I hope this can be of some interest to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you and please keep safe.


Fátima Camejo

Anfi Group

Customer Service Department

Phone: +34 928152990/ Ext: 5685

Fax: +34 928736422

anfi-group-footer Sep 2019

This message is intended exclusively for its addressee and may contain information that is CONFIDENTIAL and protected by legal privilege or whose disclosure is prohibited by law. If this message has been received in error, please immediately notify us via e-mail or by telephone (+34 928 152990) and delete it. Please note that Internet e-mail neither guarantees the confidentiality nor the proper receipt of the message sent. If the Addressee of this message does not consent to the use of Internet e-mail, please communicate it to us immediately.

This letter is very clear unless you the member “signs the new contract” you will lose your weeks/points where you have had to cancel bookings, regardless that there are no incoming flights and the fact the resort has to legally close Anfi do not see this as a valid reason to curtail the normal cancellation rules.

So far, Inside Timeshare has not received or found any similar complaints about any other timeshare resorts on this matter, it seems that Anfi is the only one that is not treating their members with the respect that they deserve.

This situation is now beginning to change the attitudes of members who were loyal to Anfi giving them the reasons to now seriously look at ending their contracts and recouping their purchase price through the courts. Anfi has only scored a home goal with their attitude.

Have you had enough of being treated with contempt after years of loyal membership?

Would you like to know where you stand legally with your contract?

If you answer yes to these questions and would like further information, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Inside Timeshare wishes you all the very best and stay safe.

Some News on Day 5 of Lockdown

Welcome to day 5 of the Spanish lockdown or “house arrest” as we prefer to call it, with plenty of videos being posted on social media of the main tourist areas with not a soul about. At least now the tourists who were ignoring the lockdown have finally realised that the police are not messing about and are staying in their hotels. In one video a woman who defied the rules and used the hotel pool (which was cordoned off) was arrested by National Police, she even had the audacity to ignore their orders to vacate the pool. But enough of that, today we report on a couple of news items that have filtered down from the courts, more comments and complaints from Anfi members.

Even with the courts suspending trials there still is some news filtering through, the latest was against Anfi. The case involving British clients was held at the Court of First Instance of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, where their contract was declared null and void. They were also awarded over £8,000 further details to be released.

Moving on to the Court of First Instance of Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, this court has just rejected a “declinatoria” by Diamond Resorts.

The Declinatoria is a legal writ in which the resort petitions the court to reject the case on the basis that the court does not have jurisdiction to try the case as the contract does not fall within the jurisdiction of Spanish law.

In this case, the court in Fuengirola ruled that the Diamond contracts did, in fact, fall under Spanish jurisdiction and therefore are subject to the terms of Spanish Timeshare Law 42/98.

This particular move by Diamond and many other resorts is a common one with the sole intention of avoiding litigation under Spanish law. This ruling sends the message that the courts are now taking this matter seriously.

Both of these cases were brought on behalf of the clients by Canarian Legal Alliance.

Yesterday we published a report regarding Anfi and the policy of charging extortionate amounts per night for those members whose holidays are over, yet are stranded in Gran Canaria due to the “State of Alarm” which is in place. The latest are regarding the cancellation of bookings.

Today we publish some more comments and complaints from members on this subject.

The first is not so much a full-blown complaint but shows the concern this situation is causing to members. This reader has seen information that Anfi is to close yet there is no information or help from them forthcoming.

They are that concerned as they do not know what this means for them, they do not know what to do, even to the point of asking if they will end up “on the street”!

The next two complaints are very similar in nature, they are regarding the cancellation of bookings during the current crisis.

One reader asks “why do they have to pay 80€ to cancel their booking”, considering the situation and the fact that they may not even be able to get a flight, Inside Timeshare has to agree with them.

The second is what one reader has been told by Anfi regarding the cancellation of their booking, they will have to pay a cancellation fee, which is not given, plus they would be able to deposit their week for future use. This must be done by email before September 2020.

They are told that there is no charge to deposit the week, but, there is always a but, they will have to pay a fee of 91€ to re-book that deposited week. Although it will be valid until the end of 2021.

So even with the current situation of lockdown and the termination of many flights, Anfi seems determined to screw their members for every cent they can, this is not what people who have spent thousands to purchase this “exclusive” club membership deserve. At least in the current situation, these charges should be wavered and the costs per night should be reduced dramatically or even no charge at all.

As for the views of Inside Timeshare, this is what we have come to expect from Anfi so it is no surprise to us, customer and members service and care is obviously non-existent at Anfi.

In the end, they have screwed the members with the selling of illegal contracts over the years, they go out of their way to avoid paying what the courts have ordered and done all they can to prolong the legal process. So the question Inside Timeshare asks is do you really want to be members of this club knowing that they have no respect or regard for their members?

For further information on your legal rights and options please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Anfi Members Complain about Anfi Attitude

Welcome to Inside Timeshare and day four of the CoronaVirus lockdown or as I prefer to call it “house arrest” in Spain. So far boredom has not yet set in, but it is just like being a kid again and being grounded, keep looking for ways to escape and find reasons for going out for a walk, never been to the local shop as much. Putting that aside, Inside Timeshare has been keeping an eye on the many forums online and has also been receiving some rather disturbing emails from some very disgruntled Anfi owners.

One of the first complaints received involved Anfi members who at the end of their stay found that their flight home had been cancelled and they were stuck in Gran Canaria. On approaching Anfi about staying on they were told it would cost 100€ per night for a room.

Is this any way to treat members especially in this time of crises?

Another email was from a Norwegian member, they had been in touch with Anfi about their booking as Gran Canaria is in lockdown, They were actually shocked to be told that Anfi is not closed and open as usual.

Well, who would want to go on holiday when you are going to be confined to the resort with the pools closed, all the bars and restaurants closed and nowhere to go?

In a post from one of the forums, that was sent in by yet another reader, the author of the post appeared very angry at the Anfi attitude regarding people who have been stranded at the end of their holiday. They cited the long-running Anfi statement that they care about their members as though they were a family.

They called for Anfi to step up to the mark and put their words about “caring for their family” into practice and actually help these people in this time of crisis and utilise the apartments that will remain empty. Instead, they appear to be doing nothing other than cashing in on these peoples misery.

In another post sent in by a very concerned reader, it involves a message for help from a lady who is staying at Anfi and has an apartment which receives no direct sunlight at all. It appears this lady has a serious medical condition and needs to get as much sunlight as possible. Obviously with the lockdown and the grounds being out of bounds she is confined to her apartment.

Anfi has refused to move her, even though they do have empty apartments which would do her very well. Again is this any way to treat members who are regarded as “family”.

The most shocking revelation is the newsletter sent to members (“family”), The entire letter is published below. It does not make for very good reading.

This unexpected situation is causing lots of last minute cancellation which we are trying to handle in the best possible manner.

We can see that the reservation you had was for  xx-MAR-2020. Unfortunately it is too late to cancel the reservations with the Anfi Vacation Club, however we can see an option to solve this sudden situation by providing you one accommodation vouchers of 1bedroom unit type of to be used up to 01.11.2021. This voucher will be released if and when your agreement number ……….. is updated as per the adaptation of the Timeshare Law.

As per the adaptation of the Timeshare Law, we have included a new change in the agreement therefore the adjustments you will see on the updated contract will be the following:

Following the new legislation, the physical apartment and week behind every floating week will appear on the updated contracts, which means that you will see which apartment/week was provided to the Trustee on the day you signed. There is also a new system in place (please keep in mind that there is no commitment to take up on this option whatsoever), which allows the floating member to have their week turned into the fixed week they have been allocated ´behind the scenes´ if they so wished, after five years. Obviously there is no obligation to do this and if no notification is made, the week automatically continues to be deposited in the floating system as it has done up and until now.

You can also take this opportunity to update your membership by adding family members into the agreement at no cost.

This is an easy process that we send an updated contract to your home address so you can read, sign and return to us.

Please let me know if I can be of any other assistance and looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards and please stay all safe at home.

María Hidalgo

Grupo Anfi


Customer Services

Tel: (+34) 928 152 970 / Ext. 5675

Fax: (+34) 928 736 422

Mobile: (+34) 696 932 636

As you can see from the first paragraph Anfi will not cancel any reservations as it is too late, (hang on, is there not a serious medical crisis going on?), but they will issue a voucher which can be used up to 1 November 2021.

That does not sound too bad until you see the next line:

This voucher will be released if and when your agreement number ……….. is updated as per the adaptation of the Timeshare Law.”

Is this “blackmail”, unless they agree to have their original contract changed to comply with the current timeshare laws which as we know is the basis of all legal claims against Anfi contracts. Remember that the reason for the “new” contracts is an attempt to deflect any further litigation through the courts.

But there is a problem here, according to Anfi the “the physical apartment and week behind every floating week will appear on the updated contracts”.

If “floating week” owners have a physical apartment and week appears on their contracts is it now a fixed week or still floating? If it is a fixed week how do they appoint an apartment and a week to all “floating week” members, after all, there are more members than weeks and apartments, surely they will be allocating the same apartment and week to several members.

We know that over the past couple of years Anfi has been trying to get members to “switch” to the new contracts without much success, this is now an attempt to force them to do so. Once again Anfi is treating their “family” with contempt.

Anfi members are not required to accept the change in contracts from their original purchase to the new one, Anfi cannot do it without your signature.

The Court of First Instance San Bartolomé de Tirajana, where many cases against Anfi are being won.

If you have had problems with Anfi or are just disgusted at how they operate and would like to know where you stand legally and what options are open to you, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

That is all for today, stay safe and don’t get too bored if you are in lockdown!