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Slaley Hall Lodges: UK Timeshare Owners Up in Arms

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Inside Timeshare, today we bring you news from the UK and a shocking move by Seasons Holidays Plc. In this article which has been written in partnership with our friends from the TCA, we have a quick look at what is happening and how it is going to affect owners. This move by Seasons has been on the cards for quite some time, beginning with a scheme for owners to “relinquish” their membership, but all is not as it seems.

Around a year ago the TCA and Inside Timeshare became aware of a scheme hatched by Seasons for lodge owners to relinquish their ownership in exchange for a sum ranging from £7,000 to £10,000, on the surface, it looks like it could be a good offer, but, there is always a but, Seasons were not offering to pay this sum to the owners, quite the reverse, lodge owners had to pay this sum! In exchange, all future maintenance fees were waived and “free” holidays over a limited period.

Well, I’m not sure about you but why should the “owners” pay, just to relinquish, get all future maintenance waived and “FREE” holidays for a “LIMITED” period?

Sounds like a bit of a rip-off to me.

Slaley Hall Lodges

Apparently from the information that has been received since that “offer” was made, Seasons have reduced this sum to £1000, this shows how desperate they are to “get rid” of the timeshare owners. Why not just offer to “buy back” the weeks from the owners, after all, they are the ones who paid thousands in the first place and years of maintenance fees to keep the resort running.

So what is all this about I hear you ask?

Pure and simple, the directors of Seasons Holidays Plc, Barry and Shirley Hurley, are proposing to wind up the club, this means all those owners who paid thousands for the “right” to holiday at Slaley Hall lose everything. Their contracts for their timeshare are cancelled at the drop of a hat. Now that is strange, try handing back any timeshare and they don’t want it, you can’t get out!

As with most timeshares, the club has a committee and a constitution, this was created to “protect” lodge owners, Helen Knight who is on the committee as an independent member explains:

“There are seven voting members on the committee,” clarifies Helen 62, a retired teacher from Lancashire. “Deliberately an odd number to protect owners. The constitution allows Seasons to control three of the seven committee positions with four for independent owners. This balance is designed to safeguard owners’ interests from nefarious tactics by management companies or other entities.”

“However, Barry and Sharon Hurley, directors of Seasons Holidays PLC, appear to have got around this by their son, Jack Hurley, becoming a lodge owner. Seasons then used the timeshare weeks it owns to block vote Jack onto the committee as one of the 4 ‘independent’ owners.  After that, they installed him as chairman of the committee. And now Seasons has announced that it is motioning to dissolve the owners club and its constitution. It has also advised that if this is carried, then all lodge assets will be liquidated.”

Helen continues,

“basically, if Jack Hurley votes the way we assume he will (in his parents’ interest), then the club will be terminated and everyone who paid tens of thousands of pounds for a lifetime of holidays will be left with nothing.”

“Seasons has not organised the club AGM (Annual General Meeting) as is required in the constitution. Instead they have requisitioned an SGM (Special General Meeting) instead”.

“The last AGM in November 2020, which Seasons organised by itself, was by Zoom with all lodge owners muted, including the committee members, so nobody could speak out.”

“My father bought the lease of our lodge just before he died, for myself and my siblings, so that we could have somewhere to meet up once a year and remember both my parents and past happy times. Reminiscence is good for the soul,”

Aerial view of Slaley Hall Lodges, with the beautiful backdrop of Northumberland

It is a fact of “timeshare ownership” that although owners have rights of voting in the running of the club, it is unusual for owners to actually have any control, everything, as we have seen from the example above, it is all stacked in favour of the “management”. Inside Timeshare did run an article back in March 2016, which highlighted this very important problem.

Manipulation of votes by resorts and resort owners

This is not the first time this has happened and we doubt if it will be the last, timeshare in Europe is changing. It is no longer the “very lucrative” trade it once was. Sales have been declining for years, hence the closing of many sales decks over the past 3 to 4 years. The number of owners/members is declining, most are now elderly and there appears to be no “new blood” to take up the decline in income from these fees.

Yet we still see the timeshare companies and management treating those who have kept them in business for many years, being treated as if they are nothing more than a bank account to be milked! (Timeshare owners are known as “cash cows”).

This story is still developing, below is a PDF of the letter sent by The Trustees of the lodges, followed by a link to the TCA article published on My News Desk.

Would you like to know where you stand with your timeshare, did you purchase in Spain after January 1999, is your Spanish contract legal or illegal?

If you would like further information, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Termination Scam?

Inside Timeshare has consistently published warnings on timeshare termination “scams”, how they work and what you can expect. Today we bring you further information received from our readers, along with the threats of legal action.

At this point, we are unable to publish the name of the company as there are legal proceedings being prepared in counter to their own threats.

As we have come to expect, it all began with a cold call, our readers were promised a “relinquishment” or termination of their contract with their respective timeshare resorts. Along with this would be a claim for “compensation”.

The “clients” duly signed up and paid their initial fees, they were informed that if they received any communication from their timeshare resort or demands for unpaid maintenance fees, to just ignore them and send them to the “company”. Well, they were told to stop paying anything and that they would deal with it.

Eventually, they received a letter from the said company which basically said “In our opinion, your timeshare contract has been terminated”. Apparently, As they had not received any reply from the timeshare resort, (if they wrote to them in the first place), that was the end of the matter.

It also needs to be noted that our readers had never received any notice of their “membership” being terminated. In fact, they continued to receive their maintenance demands. OK, we do know that quite often demands are sent out to cancelled members, but this is usually because they are automated and the system may have not been updated.

To cut a long story short, our readers did eventually contact their timeshare, yes, you have guessed it, they are still responsible for the maintenance, their contracts have not been cancelled. The timeshare company categorically denies that they ever received “Notice of Termination” from this company.

In most cases, the timeshare company will not deal with any termination/claims company, only direct with the owner/member.

Now, these readers are receiving demands for the balance for the “termination” to be paid, or they will instigate legal proceedings for non-payment of debt.

Obviously, they believe this will “scare” the “client” into paying, in most cases it would probably work. But we know that they have now formed up and are going to fight this all the way. After all, the work has not been done, the proof has come from the timeshare company themselves and THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN TERMINATE THE CONTRACT.

This once again shows how careful you must be when dealing with anything regarding timeshare, these companies invest a lot of time and effort into presenting themselves as legal and above board. They research the laws and will twist them to suit their needs in convincing the client they are “professional”. After all, are you likely to know about all the various laws they spout?

We hope to be able to publish the company name and associates in due course.

If you have had an experience such as this or are worried that you may be a victim of the “Termination Scam”, then please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

Fake Law Firms Over The Years

Our apologies for not publishing anything yesterday, the schedule was somewhat disrupted for urgent research, the results of this will be published in due course. During the searching of our archives for information required, we came across a few lists. These contained the names of the fake law firms, procurators, notaries and others who have appeared on our pages over the past years. By far the most prolific were those associated with The Litigious Abogados Family.

Some of these have only appeared on our numerous warning lists due to their associations, others had articles running for weeks. Our first selection covers 31 fakes, 24 associated with The Litigious Abogados Family, 5 with no record and 2 with articles of their own.

We begin with B Olmo Associados, they first graced our pages in December 2018 and were apparently based in Madrid. They used the address:

Calle Gonzalo de Córdoba 11 28010 Madrid

Their website which is no longer available was:

If you needed any proof these were fakes then this is it, unfortunately, this does not help those who did not heed the warnings and believed them. One reader who brought them to our attention did pass on our findings of them and the reply they received was published on 24 April 2020. This reply was further proof of the scam.

It seems that you embed us in the same category as those of others who cheat money essential methods of cajoling people who do not understand what it is about. We can not and must not accept this.

We are a serious recognized law firm whose registered holder of the Bar of Madrid, which you yourself have been able to ascertain.

We can not and must not accept that you give us guidelines how the transfer must be done to thy favors.

First because the contract for transfer is given by the Court and not by us. Second, the Court will this contract in any case give without payment of the 9.2% legal fees he had received.

If you really want to be 100% sure that it will be transferred to you allocated amount of EUR 49152.98 to you is, as you already knew, the only way to pay the statutory 9.2% amounting to 4522.07 euros in the Escrow Holding Court.

In case you do not want to do this, we owe it to the Court to indicate that YOU (clients name) to perform this payment after the Court Your file will be closed and you thereby further has no rights to use your timeshare and other recoveries.

Today after 16:00 we will contact you by phone you (if you want to be as polite phone recording)

and we will ask your any further explanation.



Very polite letter don’t you think?

This FAKE Law firm is also another that used the name of an unsuspecting genuine lawyer, the registration details they gave on the website linked to a female lawyer whose name was only very partially similar. Again more proof of fraud in the making.

Banco de España. The genuine one.

The next one which appeared was Banco de España, unfortunately, it is not or will not be the last time the name of the Bank of Spain is used.

Now, this particular Fake did not have a website, but they did communicate via email and also gave out a telephone number. The email was 

[email protected]

A Gmail account for a national Bank, come on, that is a bit too obvious!

Then the telephone number:


Yes it is Spanish, but it is a mobile number and I very much doubt that any “official” for the Bank of Spain would be communicating via mobile.

The scam involved supposed court cases against a large list of companies, many of them were at the time in the news after extensive police raids. The full list is:

European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half Moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Timeshare Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Iberian Dream Homes, Holiday Rentals Direct, Breakaway Vacation, CMC Accounts, Selling Time, Timeshare Resale, Emerald Rock Holdings, Blue Chip, Blue Diamond, Fast Line, etc”.

The more their email went on the more you could see it was a scam, quoting “laws” which don’t exist, tax payments required before the compensation can be paid out to non-Spanish residents and a whole host more.

They even had the cheek to warn about giving credit card details away or doing bank transfers, yet they would be requiring payment very shortly.

The other point which really hit home that it was a scam was their long tirade against Alberto Garcia formerly of Mindtimeshare. This really did make many laugh, OK, Inside Timeshare was no fan of his, but the accusations were so childish.

List of just some of The Litigious Abogados Family


Abogados Abel Garcia

Abogacia Española

Procuradores Tabreul – Abel Deraza Tabreul

Abogados AG – Armando Gonzalez Areca 

Abogados Amable Garcia

Abogados El Palomo

Abogados Las Alas

Abogados Litigacion España

Alberto Diendro Nabalez – Litigacion España

Alberto Rogalvera

Alejandro Omross Procuradores

Amador Ganeca – Amador Juandoz Ganeca

Amador Ganeca

Amador Galeca Abogados

Amador Malodan Galeca

Angel Alarcon Prieto Notario

Auxiliar Lawyers

Auxiliares Lawyers

Auxilium SA

Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria

Carlos Igraim Procurador                                                        

Carlos Ingramo Procuradores                                                

Carlos Imgran Procuraduria   

On the list with no research or article

Abogados Halcón

Abogados Litigation

Abogados Imdenise Procurares

Antonio Delgado Raimo Procuradores

Ayuda Legal Abogados Madrid

Canti Abogados

Some of the above are suspected of being linked to The Litigious Abogados Family, but little about them could be found at the time, so they were archived.

These may have disappeared, but the people behind them are still perpetrating their scams, they have changed their names and sometimes their methods, as we have constantly seen with The Litigious Abogados Family. Just from the short list above we have seen 24 different incarnations of their fake lawyers, procuradores and notaries.

Looking at these names from the past should remind you all of how careful you have to be when it comes to cold callers, unsolicited emails and texts. Don’t take what they say for granted, do your own checking or get in touch with Inside Timeshare.

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