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Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Latest Eze Group Scam

Just as we thought we have seen everything another new SCAM has been identified, once again it is the clients of Eze Group who are being targeted. The strange thing about this SCAM is that it is purportedly from the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and refers to a “recent class-action lawsuit against various opportunist entities alike who chose to unlawfully, deceive their unsuspecting clients”.

According to the emails sent using this email address: [email protected] by Panagiotis Chatzitheofanos, Stavros Mpotsari and Nicola Stern, our reader is part of this “large lawsuit”.

Dear Sir and Madam,

We trust this email finds you well.

We kindly ask you to refer to the file attached; this file contains details of the case that is currently being heard.

You are receiving this email in respect of the recent case heard in our illustrious Supreme Court of Cassation Areios Pagos.

Your case was heard here as a part of a large “Class Action Lawsuit” against various opportunist entities alike whom chose to unlawfully, deceive their unsuspecting clients.

Should you require any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact your representative Nicola Stern on 01305300239.

Yours faithfully,

Stavros Mpotsari

Σημείωση: Οι πληροφορίες που περιέχονται σε αυτό το email επικοινωνίας μπορεί να είναι εμπιστευτικές. Αν δεν είστε ο προβλεπόμενος αποδέκτης αυτού του email επικοινωνίας, παρακαλούμε ενημερώστε τον αποστολέα και, στη συνέχεια, να καταστρέψει οποιαδήποτε ηλεκτρονικά ή έντυπα αντίγραφα του παρόντος μηνύματος

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice Transparency and Human Rights was initially established as the State Justice Secretariat in April 1833.

It is entrusted with the management of judicial function, which is one of the three State functions. The Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights supervises the administration of justice, namely organisational issues of the courts and infrastructure as well as economic and administrative support and guarantees the personal and operational independence of judges in accordance with the Constitutional requirements.

At the same time, the Ministry is charged with the development of legislative initiative in basic justice sectors, in which is included the harmonization of internal law with the rules of international law. Additionally, this initiative includes development of institutional actions that widens and strengthens individual rights and freedoms and empowers the function of the democratic institutions in general.

The Land Registries and Real Estate Offices are also under the Ministry’s supervision, as well as all the associations of employees in the justice sector.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights is entrusted with the planning and application of the general national correctional policy.

The Presidential Decree 36/2000 (Official Government Gazette 29/17.2.2000) determines the state policy of the Ministry as well as the organisation, the responsibilities and the staffing of its services.

As you can see from the above email there is very little information but a lot of explanation and history of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights which was established in 1833, wow, that does go back a long way.

In the following document on the second page, there is also a history of the Court of Cassation in Athens, namely Areios Pagos, which was renamed the Supreme Court in 1834 (according to them). This “history again goes into great depth and even goes back to the year 462BC.  Well, all we can say is they certainly have a flair for the dramatic and not getting to the point of the case, apart from wanting money that is! (See the remaining documents at the end of the article).

The only thing that is genuine about these documents is the address that is given on one:

Λεωφόρος Αλεξάνδρας 121 Αθήνα 115 22, Ελλάδα

Which when translated from Greek is:

Alexandra Avenue 121 Athens 115 22 Greece

This does happen to be the actual address for the Supreme Court of Greece.

According to the documents provided the following companies are all being prosecuted for fraud:

Eze Group Europe Ltd, Regency Shores SL (registered in Spain), Everywhere Travel Ltd, Dreamland Breaks, La Pinta, Club Class SL, Timeshare Information Centre (TIC), Timeshare Advice Bureau (TAB) MONSTER TRAVEL SL

It just makes Inside Timeshare wonder how the Greek Courts are prosecuting companies that are based in Spain and the UK and have had no dealings that we know of in Greece.

Our reader according to the correspondence received has been awarded over 21,000€, with costs and compound interest being awarded at a later date. But in order to release this money, they must first pay the tax which amounts to 2,935.02€.

Another name has also come up with this particular scam which Inside Timeshare is familiar with, Jose Lara Cabello. As we know this is a duly registered lawyer with the  Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Malaga with the registration number 6956. This lawyer has also been linked with two companies based in Malaga which are also perpetrating a similar scam. (see the following link)

Inside Timeshare has tried to make contact with this lawyer to check if he is aware his name and registration number is being used, needless to say Inside Timeshare has never received a reply or had our telephone calls answered. This leads us to the conclusion that this lawyer is not what he seems! We leave you the reader to draw your own conclusions and come up with the right word to describe him.

Once again, this proves that without doing your homework and making a thorough investigation into companies that contact you out of the blue, you the unsuspecting timeshare owner is set to lose yet more money.

Have you been contacted by these people or any other company which claims that your timeshare company is in court and you have been awarded huge sums of money?

If you please use our contact page and let us know as much as possible, Inside Timeshare will then research and publish any warnings to consumers, if you need help in determining if any company that has made contact is genuine then again please use our contact page and we will point you in the right direction.

Remember do your homework, you won’t regret it in the end!

PDF’s of the documents received.

Mid Week Report: Some Interesting News

Over the past months Inside Timeshare has been receiving many enquiries regarding ABC Legal and Mark Rowe. Most of the enquiries have revolved around the so-called “exit” which this company has promised to do for a fee, as we already know many of those who took up this service have found they are still liable for maintenance fees and have not been extracted from their timeshare contracts. In all the cases Inside Timeshare has received the client’s timeshare company has informed them that they are still members and that they have never received any correspondence from ABC Legal.

Yesterday Inside Timeshare received news which will obviously be of interest and possibly of great benefit to clients of ABC Legal. On 2 January 2020, ECC announced the completion of the acquisition of assets from Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL, which is the parent company of the many formerly owned by Mark Rowe.

ECC who along with their appointed firm of lawyers M1 Legal, believe that they will be able to help the many clients of all the companies which are part of Advanced Business Consultants and bring their cases to conclusion. They have already set up a dedicated email address for those clients of the many ABC companies to make contact with ECC to discuss what they will be able to do for them. [email protected]

For the full press release please open the PDF link below.

We now move to another very disturbing matter, this time it involves a Tenerife company called Centaurus Mediations SL.

Inside Timeshare received an enquiry from a concerned reader who just returned from Tenerife and had a meeting with Centaurus. According to Centaurus Mediations, they will be able to “extricate” them from their timeshare contract and pursue a “compensation” claim for them, all for the cost of £6000.

Sounds good, there is only one problem with this, the reader sold his timeshare over nine years ago and has not paid any maintenance since then and has never received a maintenance bill since.

So the question is how the hell can this company “extricate” and claim “compensation” for a timeshare this client has not owned for over nine years?

Obviously, they can’t, it is just an exercise to part this person with their hard-earned cash!

Once again this highlights the lengths some of these companies will go to just to line their own pockets.

As we always remind our readers, doing you due diligence and homework will save you from losing thousands.

Start the Week: Spain is Still on Holiday but the Scammers are Not

Welcome back to Inside Timeshare after our rather long Christmas and New Year break, although here in Spain it is still holiday time with today being Dia de Los Reyes or Three Kings Day. Traditionally it is the time when children receive their “Christmas” presents, with the celebrations beginning the night before with processions in most towns and villages featuring the Three Kings. Although Spain may still be on holiday we can be assured that the many scam companies operating from here will still be contacting timeshare owners.

Even though Inside Timeshare has not been publishing, the emails from readers have not stopped. Over the past few weeks, we have still been receiving many enquiries regarding the many cold calls owners receive. One particular company that has been highlighted here on many occasions and was the subject of our last article appears to be continuing with their underhand practices.

As we reported on 16 December 2019, ABC Legal, a Mark Rowe companies are still threatening legal action for so-called debts from clients. This “debt” is for the payment of the fees charged for cancelling a timeshare contract, yet in all the cases Inside Timeshare has received not one has actually been cancelled.

All the client has ever received is a “certificate of cancellation” which is issued by ABC Legal and is not even worth the paper it is printed on. Not in one single case has the client received any official notification from their timeshare resort to indicate they are no longer members. In fact, all our readers who have contacted Inside Timeshare have all told us the same thing, they are still receiving demands for maintenance fees and in many cases demands for arrears.

Mark Rowe

In every single operation regarding the “cancellation” of a timeshare contract by the many different Mark Rowe companies, which also includes those who “traded in” their timeshare for one of Rowe’s other products such as Monster Credits. In all cases, they have been told to just stop paying their maintenance fees. It is not until 2 to 3 years later that the client then finds out they are still “members” and now owe substantial amounts in arrears. This, in turn, leads to threats by the timeshare companies to pass the “debt” over to a collection agency along with the threat of County Court action to recover it.

Now ABC Legal and Mark Rowe are using a debt collection agency to intimidate their own clients into paying the fees for a service that was never carried out. Considering that ABC Legal and ABC Lawyers are both in the process of liquidation it is obvious that the whole thing is to ensure that Mark Rowe does not lose financially.

Over the years Inside Timeshare has highlighted Mark Rowe and his many companies revealing how he has been “ripping off” timeshare owners over many years. We must also not forget that Rowe himself was at one time a senior sales manager with a major timeshare company in Tenerife until he began building his own “scamming empire”.

We have also reported on the many investigations being conducted by the authorities in Spain and the UK, most notably the investigation by the Regional Organised Crime Unit of Somerset and Avon Police.

Below are links to some of the previous articles on Mark Rowe and his companies.

If you have had any dealings with any Mark Rowe company especially ABC Legal or ABC Lawyers and find that you are still liable for your timeshare maintenance fees then contact Inside Timeshare through our contact page.

Remember, do your homework before engaging with any company that contacts you regarding relinquishing your timeshare or making a claim. The vast majority of these “companies” are not what they make themselves out to be!