Breaking News: Courts Order More Embargoes on Silverpoint

Yesterday we received the news of a further 6 properties which have embargoes placed on them by the courts against Silverpoint, this morning we have been informed that another 5 embargoes have been placed. This comes as a result of Canarian Legal Alliance placing enforcement orders on behalf of their clients.

One page from the court embargo

The total value is estimated to be around 3 million euros, which now secures the payments to clients awarded reimbursement by the courts for the purchase of illegal contracts by Silverpoint. We have only recently published articles on the reasons why Silverpoint have not paid out these clients as ordered. This latest move certainly sends a clear and precise message to Silverpoint and any other timeshare company that the courts will not tolerate tactics designed to avoid payments.

Beverly Hills Club

This is obviously very good news for all Silverpoint clients of CLA, they can now be assured that their lawyers are doing their utmost to ensure that they receive the justice they so rightly deserve.


Inside Timeshare will keep you posted on further developments on this subject as and when they come in. If you have any questions on your own purchase then please use our contact page and we will get back to you.

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