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CUC Abogados Update and New Websites Found

Welcome back to Inside Timeshare, we do apologise for the break this was due to personal reasons but Inside Timeshare is back. Today we highlight new websites and Facebook pages with some very dubious looking companies targeting timeshare owners plus an update on our old friends CUC Abogados.

We start with a new website and Facebook page for Timeshare Watchdog International, this actually looks like it is a lead generator but as yet we have no idea who for. The website shows a telephone number +44 20 8190 0402 yet no address. The contact page is just a short form asking for name, telephone number and email address, none of the usual questions such as what and where do you own.

The website itself was registered on 19 September 2019 and is due to expire on 19 September 2020. Once again with most of these websites, the registrant is hidden by privacy protect. There are no company details and so far there has been no trace of any company using the name Timeshare Watchdog International.

The claims they make on their website do lead us to believe that they are not genuine, over 700 hundred cases served and over £100,000 earned for clients. Must admit this does seem a little far fetched considering the website is only just 3 months old.

The next new website is for yet another “fake” law firm, this time it is based in Granada, Suarez Aleman. It was registered on 12 July 2018 and is due to expire on 12 July 2020, again the registrant is hidden by privacy protect but is registered in London.

The website itself shows no company registration number but the address: 

Gran Via de Colón 33 18001 Granada

Email: [email protected]

Telephone number: +34 611 213 153 This number is a Spanish Mobile number.

Inside Timeshare suspects that this “fake” law firm is also associated with another that surfaced several months ago, Salas Perez. The Modus Operandi is very similar with the websites almost identical and the supposed Fiduciary Officer to whom the bank transfer is made is a name that came up at the time Louiza Ochan.

Now for an update on CUC Abogados and Solutions SL, Inside Timeshare has received many emails from readers regarding this group of “fake” lawyers.

The one factor that has surprised us is that all the readers have been awarded the exact same amount 32,000€ and they all have been sent “tax forms” showing the tax they need to pay to have the money released. The other point is they have also all received a “copy” of the cheque made out on a La Caixa Cheque.

When checking the IBAN Number ES62 7302 4576 6613 1346 4329 the following information comes up:

This IBAN has the correct length for this country (Spain).
Bankleitzahl (bank code) 7302: This Bankleitzahl (bank code) does not exist.
Account number 1313464329: The checksum in the account number is incorrect.
IBAN ES6273024576661313464329: The IBAN contains an incorrect checksum.

So this IBAN Number is just as “FAKE” as the court documents and everything else these fraudsters are sending out.

Do not pay these people anything, you have not been awarded the amount they say, there is no “TAX” to pay and the copy of the cheque they send is fake. This is an out and out fraud.

If you have been contacted by any of the companies highlighted here or by any company with a similar story then use our contact page and let us know.

Remember do your homework, it will save you a lot of money and stress.

Start the Week

Welcome to the start of another week, we begin this week with the article published in the Norwegian Business Magazine, Kapital This paper has already in the past focused on many cases regarding timeshare and especially Anfi. Back in 2016, this very same paper published the story of Mrs Grimsbo and her case against Anfi, which was conducted by Canarian Legal Alliance. Now Kapital has picked up on the news about Anfi being investigated for fraud.

As we already know the news that the State Prosecutor in Gran Canaria has instigated a criminal investigation around the movement of funds was published only recently in El Diario, El Dia and also Inside Timeshare. It was also the subject of a news item in Spanish National Television new TVE1.

Inside Timeshare will not go into detail today but the links below will give you the full story in excellent detail.

Kapital article in English

Kapital article in Norwegian

We stick with Anfi for our next snippet, at the end of October Anfi had another bad Tuesday in the courts. At the High Court in Las Palmas another timeshare owner is now Anfi free, the court declared their contract null and void also awarding them 161,598€ plus all their legal fees.

The case was brought on behalf of the client by Canarian Legal Alliance.

CLA also issued their end of October review of the performance of their legal department.

  • There were 60 New Trials and Hearings.
  • 40 sentences from the Courts of First Instance and the High Courts.
  • In all CLA recovered around 1,600,000€ on behalf of their clients.
  • There were 35 new claims delivered to the Spanish Courts.
  • They also worked on 96 appeals cases for cases they originally won in July and September.
  • On the executions and enforcements of sentences, the instituted 26 provision enforcement orders.

It certainly looks as though the CLA lawyers and staff have been very busy.

Over the weekend Inside Timeshare has received many more enquiries regarding claims companies and law firms making contact with owners. Unfortunately, most of them have appeared on our pages with many warnings, such as Solutions SL, CUC Abogados, SG Abogados, Litigation Service SL and Platinum Service and Administration SL.

All have a very similar story, the courts have appointed them to help you the consumer to retrieve money being held by the courts after dealing with various other companies and timeshare. We have said this before, these are all scams to get hold of your hard-earned cash.

If you are contacted by any company and want to know if they are genuine, then use our contact page and we will help find out. It costs nothing to ask and better safe than sorry.

End of the Month Review

Welcome to the end of the month and our review of the articles and news for October. It was a month which saw the emergence of several new “fake” law firms and claims companies, some of which are reincarnations of ones we have reported over the past few years. October began with the story entitled Welcome to Cockroach City and ended with an update of our old friends the Litigious Abogados Family.

Welcome to Cockroach City was a horrific account of a families stay at their “5 Star” penthouse apartment in San Augustin Gran Canaria. They originally purchased the penthouse around 20 years ago at Airtours Beach Club now known as Bluebay.

Our readers provided many photographs of the disgusting state of the place, it is no longer “5 Star” but more of a “slum”.

On the 3rd October, we published an article based on the reports from El Diario and the Spanish television news TVE1 focusing on Anfi and Silverpoint. It focused on the attempts by both of these companies to avoid paying court-ordered payments to clients by shifting funds between bank accounts.

We then brought you an update on the latest incarnation of the Litigious Abogados Family, SG Abogados. This is just one of many fake law firms which Inside Timeshare has been following for the past 3 years, enticing timeshare owners with fake documents showing that their timeshare company has been taken to court and they have been awarded many thousands in compensation. The only problem is they must first pay a substantial amount to have the money released by the court.

Then on October 9th, we published yet another report from El Diario in which they reported that the Prosecutors Office in Tenerife had ordered an investigation into the movement of funds to avoid court-ordered payments. It was also reported that criminal charges for the “Crime of Obstruction of Justice and Frustration of Execution of Sentences”.

Our next article issued a warning on yet another two “scams” in the making, A Spanish Life and Litigation Services SL.

A Spanish Life began sending unsolicited emails contrary to the General Data Protection Regulations which forbid the sending of emails which are unsolicited. Their aim was to act as a lead generator for what we can only suspect is a “fake” law firm or claims company.

Litigation Services SL which we know is linked to another “fake” claims company Platinum Services & Administration SL. They claimed to be appointed by the courts to trace clients of EZE Group to help them retrieve the money which is being held by the courts. As we know, courts do not appoint private companies to do this and also they are not holding any money from EZE Group.

We then published yet another article on our friends Nordic Consulting, with a photograph of “The Team” outside their new offices. This did not go down well with some of those in the photo who emailed Inside Timeshare wanting it removed. They stated that they did not give permission for this to be published, but, after consulting with our legal team it was decided to keep the photo in place as it was already in the public domain and could be easily found on google.

Then on October 17th, we broke the news of more embargoes on 6 properties at the Beverly Hills Club and as the article was being prepared news came in of another 5 properties being embargoed. The reason, Silverpoint again was trying to avoid paying what the courts had ordered.

It was again time to report on the “fake” law firms, this time information that an old company called Solutions SL had teamed up with SG Abogados. Again this was to illicit payments from clients of closed down companies which they claimed was being held by the courts and they were appointed to help the clients retrieve.

Towards the end of the month Inside Timeshare published yet another article on our old friends in Tenerife Nordic Consulting and Viking Real Estate. This particular article focused more on Viking and the fact that their “Privacy Policy” statement showed that they had “cut and pasted” items belonging to a legitimate law firm. Obviously, their IT department is not as clever as they think they are.

On the last couple of days of the month Inside Timeshare published a warning about another new website which is targeting timeshare owners O-YOO. This is the trading name of a company called Consumer Contract Resolutions (UK) Ltd, but is actually operating from Southern Spain.

Then on the following day, we published an update on one of the controlling minds of the company Trevor McClintock. It transpired that he had been found guilty of fraud back in 2015 and was also barred from being a company director for three years. This did prove the point that the chance of this company and website is a fraudulent operation and timeshare owners should avoid them like the plague.

So that was October, there were many more articles than we have highlighted here, but you the reader can always select October from the menu and read them again for yourselves.

Now it November and we will be seeing even more dodgy companies contacting timeshare owners, after all, it is the time for the annual maintenance bills to be hitting the doormat.

As usual, Inside Timeshare issues, the warning