Another Warning to Timeshare Owners

It has just come to the attention of Inside Timeshare of yet another bogus company. This has come from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

and can be found at the following link.

It concerns a company cold calling timeshare owners going by the name of Malaga International Services, claiming to be translators for the Malaga Courts. The call comes from a Grace Stead, who claims that a substantial amount has been awarded by the courts to timeshare owners. They claim this follows a case in which their timeshare company has been prosecuted for fraud and found guilty. In order to claim this money, the person needs to deposit 10% of the awarded amount into a bank account, in order to pay the courts, then the money will be released.

Beware this is not how the courts or the system operates, if you have not instigated any legal proceedings yourself, or if you have not been informed by any official channels then there is no money being awarded.

Luckily the lady who received this call was advised by her husband to contact Citizens Advice Bureau Spain, before she went to the bank.

Further information will be forthcoming about this, I am waiting for information from this organisation who do have the telephone numbers and bank account details. Watch this space.

If you have had any calls such as this by this company or any other Inside Timeshare would like to hear from you. We will look into it for you and publish our findings to warn others.

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