Another Fake Law Firm from Madrid

Yet another “fake” law firm has been identified operating out of Madrid, once again the story is the same, contacting timeshare owners with the news that their timeshare company, in this case, Club la Costa is due in court. The case is cut and dried and within days the news comes in that the timeshare owner has been awarded a substantial amount. Yes, you’ve guessed it, there is a “fee or tax” to be paid amounting to 9.2% of the awarded amount.

The name of this “fake” law firm is Olmos Abogados, with the address according to their website: Calle de Ayala 130 28006 Madrid

Telephone: 0034 611253309


[email protected]

The address is genuine but it is actually for Adams Formación, a training academy offering courses from physiotherapy to teaching. The telephone number is a Spanish mobile, so once again that is a very good indication that this is just another fraud.

The website, was registered 21 September 2019 and is due to expire on 21 September 2021, with the registrant hidden, plus according to their website, they have been established since 2003. Although they do start with “Welcome to our new website” if this law firm were genuine, why only register the website for 1 year?

It should also be pointed out that the website is only in English, now, for a Spanish “law firm” we find this rather strange, surely, they would have it in Spanish with translation buttons for English and in the case of our reader in Dutch. These are very clear indications of a “fake” and “fraudulent” law firm.

The caller identified himself as Water de Vree and at the moment it looks like they are targeting Dutch timeshare owners. According to the caller, Olmos Abogados will be claiming back all the money paid for the timeshare and all the maintenance fees paid throughout the contract.

They also name “their lawyer” Beatriz Olmos Sere, Colegio de Abogados de Madrid registration number 56040. This is a genuine registered lawyer who was registered in 1995, this lawyer is also the proprietor of  Hidalgo Olmos Asesores SL, CIF Number B83646737, with the address:

Gonzalo de Córdoba nº 11 28010 MADRID

Telephone: 91 549 55 64

 Fax: 91 549 89 72


Email: [email protected]

This company is 17 years old and according to their website they specialise in accounting and tax advice, employment law and advise along with wills and inheritance problems among other things. There is no mention of any activity involving timeshare and timeshare litigation.

It is obvious that the “fake” firm Olmos Abogados just like many of the others we have highlighted in the past has just “stolen” the genuine lawyer’s identity and Colegio registration number. This way, if you do just happen to know how to check a lawyer’s registration you will find it, giving credibility to the “fake” law firms and “claims” companies.

Again this is a great example of why you need to make sure that you do thorough checks before engaging with and paying these “companies” first. If you have been contacted by Olmos Abogados or anything similar please use our contact page and let us know, we will get back to you.


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