Anfi in the News Yet Again plus the Latest News from the Courts

Yesterday Inside Timeshare published the news of yet another “FAKE” law firm to emerge from the Costa del Sol, Suarez and Simpson. This new “firm” we believe is linked to and may just be the same people as Morales Maxwell. Below we publish the latest information. Today we take a look at another press article published in Canariavisen , a Norwegian internet news site on Anfi. We also publish the latest court victories against Anfi from the Court of First Instance of San Bartelomé de Tirajana and what a result that is.

We begin first with an update on the latest information received regarding Suarez and Simpson.

Today we received an email from The Timeshare Consumer Association, more commonly known as TCA. This email was very interesting as their own research after reading our article has found that the Suarez & Simpson website has been cloned from a genuine law firm.

The genuine law firm is called Carbray Abogados, this law firm was founded in Barcelona in 2007 by Damián Carmona and is duly registered as a company with CIF: B65367575.

The TCA has already informed Damián of their findings and we will publish the response once we have it. So thank you TCA.

We now move to the article published by Canariavisen , by Leo Lunde which was published on 17 July. In this article which follows one Leo published on 14 July entitled Anfi drowns in debt after timeshare judgments. 

In this article, Leo publishes the claim by Anfi Club Norway that members’ shares are safe. It appears that the day after the first article was published, Anfi Club Norway emailed all their members to “reassure” them that their “shares are safe”.

According to this email published by Canariavisen , Anfi Club Norway claims that

“Our timeshare weeks are not a party to these claims and our timeshare weeks with our rights are thus not directly affected.”

Now, this does appear to be a very strange stance for Anfi Club Norway, considering that a great deal of the timeshares sold are in fact illegal contracts. So for Anfi Club Norway to claim that they are not subject to these court cases is in our opinion ludicrous.

Please see the links below for the full articles.

Original Norwegian

English translation

Original Norwegian

English translation

Court of First Instance, San Barteloméde Tirajana

We now move on to the latest victories against Anfi.

Last Friday 17 July, two sentences were issued by the Court of First Instance against Anfi, the clients, one Norwegian the other English were represented by Canarian Legal Alliance.

Both had their contracts declared null and void and that deposits taken illegally within the statutory 14 days cooling-off period being paid back double, with a total of 48,994.75€ plus legal interest.

These cases have been dealt with in record time with both being submitted to the court only 9 months ago. Now considering the state of alarm due to the Covid19 and the lockdown the cases have been dealt within just 6 months.

The reason is the judge in both cases determined that there was no need for a full trial and issued his ruling at the pre-trial stage. This seems to now becoming the norm for cases at this particular court and hopefully, more cases will be heard in this way bringing a speedier conclusion for the clients involved.

It is now very clear the Court of First Instance and the High Court there are no grey areas and no uncertainties in the ruling of the Supreme Court. These are now being consistently and strongly applied.

The clients were assisted by the consultants Jasmin Erhard and Michael Gadman with the CLA lawyer Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez preparing the cases and representing the clients in court.

So it is congratulations to the clients and the whole legal team at CLA.

If you would like further information and would like to know if you have a valid and viable claim, please use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will get back to you.

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