Anfi: Are Maintenance Fees used for Maintenance?

Back in October 2019, Inside Timeshare published “Welcome to Cockroach City”, this article featured the disgusting state of a once well-regarded resort, Blue Bay Beach Club, formerly known as Airtours Beach Club. The article focused on the experience of one of our readers who originally purchased a “5-star” penthouse apartment at the resort and now shows the dilapidated state it has now become.

This is becoming a very common problem with many timeshare resorts, one reason that is being muted as the cause is the number of non-member rentals that these resorts are now taking in. Owners are finding that the “exclusive” members only policy has gone out the window as greed has taken over and the resorts are out to make as much money as possible. Obviously at the expense of those who paid thousands to become members.

Recently Inside Timeshare was sent the following photographs from a very concerned reader, these pictures show what greeted them when they arrived at their own resort Anfi del Mar in Gran Canaria.

What Anfi used to look like, a little different than today!

Anfi was once known as the flagship timeshare resort of Europe, originally the brainchild of Bjorn Lyng, the resort was luxury, to say the least. It certainly had the wow factor, as attested by the many owners who originally purchased, but today it seems to be a different matter.

This is not the first time Inside Timeshare has received these types of complaints, so what has brought this once excellent resort to this state?

When you consider the number of members at Anfi and the amount of money that Anfi receive each year from them in the form of high maintenance fees, it does make you wonder where this money is going, certainly not on general upkeep and maintenance.

As we have reported and what has been reported in the Spanish media regarding the movement of funds between the many accounts held by Anfi, we just wonder if the problem lies with the maintenance fees being moved as “inter-company” loans to cover the costs due to the amount that Anfi are now losing in the courts. It is a very distinct possibility, one the supplier of the pictures has also thought of.

It is such a shame that these wonderful resorts are now just becoming run of the mill and dilapidated due to the lack of investment in the apartments and furniture. It also does not help when every Tom, Dick and Harry can book into a resort that was once exclusive and treated with respect by the members, after all the members “owned” the resort!

Is your timeshare resort looking tired and dated, are you fed up with non-members renting and usually for less than your maintenance fees?

If you can answer yes to this question and would like to know if your own timeshare contract is illegal, then use our contact page and Inside Timeshare will show you what options you have.

Link to the article “Welcome to Cockroach City”.

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