Alberto Garcia steps down as director of Mindtimeshare

Fascinating news has just emerged, Mindtimeshare is no longer an association, it has now been transformed into Mindtimeshare SLU. This now makes it a Spanish Registered Company, or the equivalent of a Limited Company in the UK. This news was posted on the the web site on 7th March 2016.

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Then on 11th March 2016, The RDO (Resorts Development Organisation) which funds Mindtimeshare posted the following.

Alberto Garcia Head of RDO Enforcement and Director of Mindtimeshare had asked to stand down from these positions. Before leaving he set out his proposals for a restructuring of Mindtimeshare. The RDO also reported that Mindtimeshare had been converted into a Limited Company.

The new Director is to be Pedro Picazo Senti, of the law firm Picazo Associados of Valencia. He had been Alberto Garcia´s legal advisor for a number of years and has also represented many RDO members.

The question now arises as to why has Mr Garcia stepped down?

Could it be he has other interests to pursue, or was his position becoming untenable as he appeared to lose credibility due to actions taken by several companies through the courts.

A libel action against Alberto Garcia and Mindtimeshare was instituted in the High Court in London, by Eze Group. The high Court found in favour of Eze Group. This was publicised on 27th May 2014. (see link below)

Eze Group wins Libel action against Mind Timeshare


Another action was taken out by the law firm Canarian Legal Alliance. This action was taken as a result of the blog on in 2013 that falsely claimed the police had raided and arrested staff at ReclaimGC and CLA offices on charges of fraud. This never happened.

Canarian Legal Alliance won the case at The High Court No 5 of Las Palmas, they were ordered to rectify the false allegations and statements. This was posted on the CLA website on 27th July 2015. (see link below)

High Court 5 of Las Palmas orders mindtimeshare to rectify false statements

The next question this news poses, is what direction will Mindtimeshare SL now take?

Will they continue to pursue non RDO members, will they distance themselves from the RDO and pursue legal action against timeshare companies and resorts?

Will they still be funded by The RDO?

Questions that have yet to be answered, I for one look forward to seeing what happens next. So watch this space and if you the reader comes across any information please do pass this on so it can be published on this site to inform everyone.

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