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CUC Abogados: Latest Update & A Stark Warning

Today is the last article for this week due to personal reasons, but it was important to get this update on the latest information about the “FAKE” law firm in Tenerife, CUC Abogados. Unfortunately for this particular reader, he found our warnings too late and has gone the whole way with the “FRAUD” and has now lost a lot of money. He and Inside Timeshare have not even begun to calculate how much, but we suspect it will amount to several thousand pounds over the period he was taken in. Today we reveal the end game with the latest players.

It all began last year when our reader received a “cold call” from CUC Abogados. They informed him that his timeshare company Westgate was being taken to court for misselling and he could be part of the case. There is only one problem here which our reader did not realise, Westgate is a US company and only operates there and not in Europe, so the Spanish courts would not have had jurisdiction.

He also received a court update from Julia a very familiar name, from Solutions Ltd using the email [email protected] an email address that has been used for a number of years and was highlighted as a scam operation many years ago.

Later it turned out that the “case” involving at least 43 named individuals was against Incentive Leisure Group, DWVC and Personal Travel Group. As we know these companies no longer exist and have also been used before by not only CUC Abogados but all the previous incarnations we have named the Litigious Abogados Family.

Follow this link for all articles published over the years:

He then received an email with an attached “court sentence” showing that each person named had been awarded 32.000€. Inside Timeshare has received many of these over the past 4 years and all are very good fakes. All names have been redacted.

He then received another email with yet another attached sentence, this time only he was named. It confirmed that he had been awarded 32,000€.

Over the ensuing weeks, he received several emails with various attachments along with invoices for payment. The next point was the “tax” that was required in order to release the payment made by the court. Again he followed their instruction and transferred the requested amount. See PDF below.

At last, he was going to receive the cheque for 32,000€, an envelope duly arrived by post, but as we already know from previous readers, the envelope had been opened and the cheque was missing.

Enter the new law firm appointed by the court to investigate and recover the “stolen and cashed” cheque. Obviously another fee required which he again paid by bank transfer. Apparently as with the previous instances of the “missing cheques”, it was cashed by a gang of East Europeans, with around 16 postal workers being arrested for colluding with the gang.

Eventually, he was told the money had been lodged in an Escrow account with a UK Notary called Flanagans Notary Services. Tara Quinn Flanagan, the notary then issued an invoice for £261. This was to be paid by bank transfer to:

Bank: Revolut Ltd

Bank Address: 7 West Ferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4HD

Account Number: 43688128

Sort Code: 040075

Another invoice from Flanagans Notary Service was also received, this time the name of the account holder and bank details are different from the first one:

Account Holder: Peter Klan Flanagans

Holder´s Address: 111b, Maldin Walk, Woodford Green, Flanagans Notary, London, IG8 7HA

Bank: Lloyds Bank Bank Address: 15 Merthyr Road, Cardiff, South Glamour, CF14 1DA

Account Number: 12598468

Sort Code: 309894 

Inside Timeshare has not found any Notary in the UK using the name Flanagans Notary Services. It is also a fact that the logo on the invoice is the same logo used in the past for the “FAKE” Spanish Notaries.

There is now also a new twist to the tale, an indemnity insurance costing £139, from Brockway Insurance and Reinsurance apparently based in Cardiff. Again this was to be paid into a Nationwide account in Cardiff to a P A Brockway. The account details are:

Account Number: 07705422

Sort Code: 070806

Account Title: P. A. Brockway Account

Address: 18, Queen Street, Brockway Services, Cardiff, CF23 3BC

Again Inside Timeshare has not found any insurance company by that name in the UK.

This is a very well planned and orchestrated “FRAUD”, the documents and letters all look very genuine, especially to those who have never seen the originals

Inside Timeshare has all documents and emails received by our reader and will provide the Spanish authorities with them in due course. Our reader has also filed a full report with Action Fraud in the UK and also supplied them with all documents and emails.

It is a shame that our reader was taken in for the full “scam” before he found out the truth. It is unlikely that any of this money will ever be recovered, but we do hope that the perpetrators of this massive fraud are eventually caught and brought to justice.

This is just one person, remember that there were 43 named individuals on the first court document, how many more than this have also been taken in?

This FRAUD will have netted at least several hundreds of thousands of pounds from all the incarnations of this despicable group.

It is stories like this which enforce the need to be ever vigilant when receiving any cold calls, emails or letters regarding your timeshare, or even companies you may have found yourself on the internet.


CUC Abogados: Getting Desperate for Payment

Over the past couple of months Inside Timeshare has been highlighting the “FAKE” law firm CUC Abogados operating out of Tenerife. As we know this is just one of the latest incarnations of “FAKE” law firms which we have named as the Litigious Abogados Family. They are also operating using a company by the name of Solutions SL. Well, it seems that from further information supplied by our readers they are finding it difficult to get clients to pay “TAX” which they require to release the payment from the court.

Our reader has on several occasions told them that they think this is all a scam and in one reply, Julia from Solutions, rang our reader within minutes of receiving an email from our reader and explained that it was “organisations” such as Inside Timeshare are working in “cahoots” with the timeshare industry to besmirch the name of Solutions and CUC Abogados to stop people making claims. Well, Inside Timeshare is in “cahoots” with the industry, not bad considering we highlight many of the malpractices of the many timeshare companies that sold it to you in the first place.

Now if CUC Abogados and Solutions SL were in fact legitimate companies and what Inside Timeshare publishes is not true, why have they not instituted any legal proceedings against us?

Due to our reader being adamant that they will not pay any “tax” or “fees” upfront to receive the cheque they received a phone call, the caller said that as there was a “trust issue”, they would ask the lawyers to pay the tax and that it would be reimbursed by the client when they receive the cheque.

This was not able to be done, but they did reduce the fee and issued new tax forms for the payment of non-resident tax. As we have said before there is no tax to pay.

Our reader has also received the bank details for the account of the procurator, named as José Kinog with the address:

Calle Labarino 8 Edificio Elmar 233 S Cruz, 38002 Tenerife

This is yet another fake address.

The bank details are:

IBAN: ES77 2100 6938 8302 0011 4535                 BIC: CAIXESBBXXX

Banco: CaixaBank 

Dirección de Banco: Avda. Juan Carlos 1, Número 31, 38650,  Los Cristianos Arona Santa Cruz, Tenerife 

Beneficiario: José Mendoza Rico Kinog

When checking the IBAN it came up as false. So we have to ask will they give another bank account when people are unable to make a transfer?

The question is now will the cheque arrive or as we have seen before it will be missing from the envelope and another company, once again “appointed” by the court has been charged with tracing the missing cheque. If past experience is anything to go by they will then say it was cashed by a criminal gang (usually East European). Now for a fee which will be up to 20% of the cheque value this new company will get the money paid back by the bank.

This is a very elaborate and sophisticated fraud, not only are they taking money from unsuspecting victims they are also falsifying official court documents and bank cheques. This does make us wonder why the authorities are not taking this fraud with the seriousness that they should.

If you have been contacted by these “firms” or anything similar and you are not sure, please use our contact page and get in touch. Inside Timeshare will get back to you and point you in the right direction.

Remember before you believe what you are told or pay any money, please do your homework, once it has been paid especially by bank transfer, you will never see that money again.

CUC Abogados Update and New Websites Found

Welcome back to Inside Timeshare, we do apologise for the break this was due to personal reasons but Inside Timeshare is back. Today we highlight new websites and Facebook pages with some very dubious looking companies targeting timeshare owners plus an update on our old friends CUC Abogados.

We start with a new website and Facebook page for Timeshare Watchdog International, this actually looks like it is a lead generator but as yet we have no idea who for. The website shows a telephone number +44 20 8190 0402 yet no address. The contact page is just a short form asking for name, telephone number and email address, none of the usual questions such as what and where do you own.

The website itself was registered on 19 September 2019 and is due to expire on 19 September 2020. Once again with most of these websites, the registrant is hidden by privacy protect. There are no company details and so far there has been no trace of any company using the name Timeshare Watchdog International.

The claims they make on their website do lead us to believe that they are not genuine, over 700 hundred cases served and over £100,000 earned for clients. Must admit this does seem a little far fetched considering the website is only just 3 months old.

The next new website is for yet another “fake” law firm, this time it is based in Granada, Suarez Aleman. It was registered on 12 July 2018 and is due to expire on 12 July 2020, again the registrant is hidden by privacy protect but is registered in London.

The website itself shows no company registration number but the address: 

Gran Via de Colón 33 18001 Granada

Email: [email protected]

Telephone number: +34 611 213 153 This number is a Spanish Mobile number.

Inside Timeshare suspects that this “fake” law firm is also associated with another that surfaced several months ago, Salas Perez. The Modus Operandi is very similar with the websites almost identical and the supposed Fiduciary Officer to whom the bank transfer is made is a name that came up at the time Louiza Ochan.

Now for an update on CUC Abogados and Solutions SL, Inside Timeshare has received many emails from readers regarding this group of “fake” lawyers.

The one factor that has surprised us is that all the readers have been awarded the exact same amount 32,000€ and they all have been sent “tax forms” showing the tax they need to pay to have the money released. The other point is they have also all received a “copy” of the cheque made out on a La Caixa Cheque.

When checking the IBAN Number ES62 7302 4576 6613 1346 4329 the following information comes up:

This IBAN has the correct length for this country (Spain).
Bankleitzahl (bank code) 7302: This Bankleitzahl (bank code) does not exist.
Account number 1313464329: The checksum in the account number is incorrect.
IBAN ES6273024576661313464329: The IBAN contains an incorrect checksum.

So this IBAN Number is just as “FAKE” as the court documents and everything else these fraudsters are sending out.

Do not pay these people anything, you have not been awarded the amount they say, there is no “TAX” to pay and the copy of the cheque they send is fake. This is an out and out fraud.

If you have been contacted by any of the companies highlighted here or by any company with a similar story then use our contact page and let us know.

Remember do your homework, it will save you a lot of money and stress.