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June 2021

Friday’s Letter from America

Welcome to this week’s Letter from America, once again our thanks to Irene and our US contributors for preparing this article for publication. 

TIMESHARE TALKS with John, Wayne and Irene 

A YouTube Forum for Timeshare Members, Owners, and Industry Observers   

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By Irene Parker

June 4, 2021 

Here are some questions and answers we’re working on:

  • How do you compare timeshares? 
  • How do I do timeshare math to determine if buying a timeshare makes economic sense, considering my age and the cost?
  • How much do yearly maintenance fees increase?
  • Am I better off renting someone else’s timeshare?
  • Why is there little to no resale value? 
  • Why are there closing costs involved in the sale?
  • What’s the difference buying from the resort or from the secondary market?

TIMESHARE TALKS allows timeshare members or owners to interact with other members and owners, and with industry insiders, to make sure that buying a timeshare results in an experience that will provide your family with decades of vacation memories. It is our goal to enhance consumer awareness to prevent two consequences of product misinformation or misunderstanding:  

  • The buyer often makes a decision without adequate information. 
  • The wrong timeshare decision can be financially devastating. 

Timeshare sales and marketing costs can be 50% or more of the purchase price. This is one reason why the resale value is so much less for a timeshare than it is for a primary residence, where commissions run about 7% on average. Anyone’s life can change in an instant, so careful consideration should be given to spending large sums of money on something you may not be able to easily sell or dispose of. 

Our first Timeshare Talks discussions:  

YouTube #1 John and Irene – Introduction and Resale Market

YouTube #2 Wayne Robinson, author of Everything About Timeshares

We talked recently with Canadian residents Earl and Faith, accompanied by Earl’s Service Dog Raven. We appreciated Earl and Faith sharing their experience to warn about the pitfalls of buying a timeshare in Mexico, and also about how their loss was doubled by falling victim to an international timeshare crime ring. Earl spent 18+ years in the service of his county, serving as a Canadian Armed Forces Military Police Officer. No one is immune from deception, as volunteer Tiffany reported this past April. She reviewed AARP staff writer Doug Shadel’s book, Outsmarting the Scam Artist. Mr. Shadel explains why no one is “smart” enough to outsmart a con artist. 


John Raymond is founder and owner of Resort Reseller. His team has over 40 years of combined experience. John and his team can help you buy a timeshare or sell a timeshare, if your timeshare has value.

In addition to writing Everything About Timeshares, Before, During and After the Sale, Wayne C. Robinson wrote other self-improvement books.

Author Wayne C. Robinson

Wayne was raised an army dependent on military bases in the United States and Europe. He graduated from the Munich American High School in Germany. He has served as a U.S. Navy journalist. Wayne holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, and a Master’s degree in Tourism. He is an alumnus of the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) in San Francisco, California. Wayne authored The African American Travel Guide; How To Work in Vacation Hot Spots, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Destiny and Job Hunting Secrets They Don’t Tell You About. Wayne produced and directed the documentary The DREAMS LIVE ON THE SECRET IS OUT. Wayne has worked for some of the most popular resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, including The Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Wyndham, The Manhattan Club, Royal Resorts, and more. 

Everything About Timeshares provides a level playing field for consumers. The book should be read BEFORE attending a sales presentation. He doesn’t discourage consumers from buying a timeshare, but advises they research the timeshare and the timeshare company before signing a long term contract that may have little to no resale value.  

 “I recommend that consumers, particularly minorities and seniors, make sure that everything stated in the sales presentation is in writing. Sales teams are professionally trained to execute powerful strategies to make same day sales.”  

One of Wayne’s concerns is the plethora of travel club memberships. According to Wayne, many of these travel clubs hide behind brand name resorts.  

“Many of the companies don’t even own resorts.  They simply rent out rooms from brand name resorts and list them into exchange directories.”

Irene Parker, I’m simply someone who loved our timeshares for over 35 years until I experienced a predatory and deceptive sales presentation in 2015. Getting up in age, we no longer want to be burdened with the requirements of timeshare membership, but will continue to rely on our friends to provide us with more memories by renting their units or calling on John or my other timeshare broker friends to find us great destinations. 

If you would like to share your timeshare experience to learn more, or help others, let us know. You can talk to us about your experience, or ask questions that other timeshare members or industry experts can answer back. If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll find someone who can!

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CONTACT INFO for Wayne C. Robinson

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+016 17 411 9684 (Malaysia) 

Have a great weekend.

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