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July 2020

CUC Abogados: Latest Update & A Stark Warning

Today is the last article for this week due to personal reasons, but it was important to get this update on the latest information about the “FAKE” law firm in Tenerife, CUC Abogados. Unfortunately for this particular reader, he found our warnings too late and has gone the whole way with the “FRAUD” and has now lost a lot of money. He and Inside Timeshare have not even begun to calculate how much, but we suspect it will amount to several thousand pounds over the period he was taken in. Today we reveal the end game with the latest players.

It all began last year when our reader received a “cold call” from CUC Abogados. They informed him that his timeshare company Westgate was being taken to court for misselling and he could be part of the case. There is only one problem here which our reader did not realise, Westgate is a US company and only operates there and not in Europe, so the Spanish courts would not have had jurisdiction.

He also received a court update from Julia a very familiar name, from Solutions Ltd using the email [email protected] an email address that has been used for a number of years and was highlighted as a scam operation many years ago.

Later it turned out that the “case” involving at least 43 named individuals was against Incentive Leisure Group, DWVC and Personal Travel Group. As we know these companies no longer exist and have also been used before by not only CUC Abogados but all the previous incarnations we have named the Litigious Abogados Family.

Follow this link for all articles published over the years:

He then received an email with an attached “court sentence” showing that each person named had been awarded 32.000€. Inside Timeshare has received many of these over the past 4 years and all are very good fakes. All names have been redacted.

He then received another email with yet another attached sentence, this time only he was named. It confirmed that he had been awarded 32,000€.

Over the ensuing weeks, he received several emails with various attachments along with invoices for payment. The next point was the “tax” that was required in order to release the payment made by the court. Again he followed their instruction and transferred the requested amount. See PDF below.

At last, he was going to receive the cheque for 32,000€, an envelope duly arrived by post, but as we already know from previous readers, the envelope had been opened and the cheque was missing.

Enter the new law firm appointed by the court to investigate and recover the “stolen and cashed” cheque. Obviously another fee required which he again paid by bank transfer. Apparently as with the previous instances of the “missing cheques”, it was cashed by a gang of East Europeans, with around 16 postal workers being arrested for colluding with the gang.

Eventually, he was told the money had been lodged in an Escrow account with a UK Notary called Flanagans Notary Services. Tara Quinn Flanagan, the notary then issued an invoice for £261. This was to be paid by bank transfer to:

Bank: Revolut Ltd

Bank Address: 7 West Ferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4HD

Account Number: 43688128

Sort Code: 040075

Another invoice from Flanagans Notary Service was also received, this time the name of the account holder and bank details are different from the first one:

Account Holder: Peter Klan Flanagans

Holder´s Address: 111b, Maldin Walk, Woodford Green, Flanagans Notary, London, IG8 7HA

Bank: Lloyds Bank Bank Address: 15 Merthyr Road, Cardiff, South Glamour, CF14 1DA

Account Number: 12598468

Sort Code: 309894 

Inside Timeshare has not found any Notary in the UK using the name Flanagans Notary Services. It is also a fact that the logo on the invoice is the same logo used in the past for the “FAKE” Spanish Notaries.

There is now also a new twist to the tale, an indemnity insurance costing £139, from Brockway Insurance and Reinsurance apparently based in Cardiff. Again this was to be paid into a Nationwide account in Cardiff to a P A Brockway. The account details are:

Account Number: 07705422

Sort Code: 070806

Account Title: P. A. Brockway Account

Address: 18, Queen Street, Brockway Services, Cardiff, CF23 3BC

Again Inside Timeshare has not found any insurance company by that name in the UK.

This is a very well planned and orchestrated “FRAUD”, the documents and letters all look very genuine, especially to those who have never seen the originals

Inside Timeshare has all documents and emails received by our reader and will provide the Spanish authorities with them in due course. Our reader has also filed a full report with Action Fraud in the UK and also supplied them with all documents and emails.

It is a shame that our reader was taken in for the full “scam” before he found out the truth. It is unlikely that any of this money will ever be recovered, but we do hope that the perpetrators of this massive fraud are eventually caught and brought to justice.

This is just one person, remember that there were 43 named individuals on the first court document, how many more than this have also been taken in?

This FRAUD will have netted at least several hundreds of thousands of pounds from all the incarnations of this despicable group.

It is stories like this which enforce the need to be ever vigilant when receiving any cold calls, emails or letters regarding your timeshare, or even companies you may have found yourself on the internet.


SPS Claims: Update

Back in February Inside Timeshare published the articles (links below) about SPS Claims Ltd. Since then we have been receiving further emails from concerned readers due to the demands for more money. Apparently this is to file the cases with the Mercantile Court to get the payments “awarded by the courts”, and that the payout will be made in November! Strange how they can give that assurance.

SPS Claims Ltd is registered with Company House, but as you can see from the link below, their accounts are very much overdue, in fact, the deadline to submit them was 21 April 2020. This does not look good.

SPS Claims Ltd Company records

Previous articles on SPS Claims

The first email explains that SPS is looking for additional funds:

“Our family have been contacted by SPS Claims looking for additional funds to support the case (thats allegedly already won) against Diamond Resorts.”

“Allegedly with a Substantial windfall to come in November due to winning the court case.”

The second email again against Diamond Resorts is very similar, this one refers to the current situation regarding Covid-19, and that SPS is looking for a very substantial payment, four figures!

“SPS Claims are representing my elderly parents against Diamond Redorts International. I’m told the case was won earlier this year, but, due to COVID-19 it might take until November to receive the compensation etc.”

“SPS have requested a 4 figure payment which I don’t understand why if the court case has already been won!”

In this next email, the timeshare company is Silverpoint, no stranger to these pages, the only thing of truth is the fact that Silverpoint is in the process of liquidation and this is being done with the Mercantile Court.

This email also names the law firm and a lawyer who are supposedly representing this reader’s Father in Law.

“Do you know of D & M Lawyers based in Spain and a Mr Jose David Melion who my Father in Law seems to have instructed through SPS yet allegedly now works for Expertos Legales? My Father in Law wrote to him over a month ago for an update on his case  to which he received no reply.”

“After subsequent phone calls from SPS ( Steven?) and revealing to him that he hjad written to the lawyers he has received a reply via SPS which was allegedly by email but not directly to him saying that “the case has been transferred to the Mercantile No 1 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife” procedure of bankruptcy number 650/2019. The note goes on to say that they are “initiating the procedure for the siezure of assets from Silverpoint on your behalf” and that they are requesting the court to register an embargo on there assets in the registry to give my father in law preference over the rest of the creditors.”

“My FIL has already paid out a substantial sum of money to these SPS people who seem to be constantly changing their registered name about 2-3 years ago and they are now saying ( not in writing) that he needs to send them more to secure the embargo procedure and he’ll have his money around £80K by Christmas!”

What a windfall!

The most disturbing aspect apart from the demands for more money is the time that SPS Claims will have the money paid out, November and by Christmas. Certainly, a great time of year to receive this “windfall”!

Personally I think this is to pressurise these “clients” into paying the “requested” amounts, after all, they are all elderly, have paid substantial sums for these “cases” and will no doubt need this “windfall”.

Inside Timeshare is just waiting to see if the case number for the Mercantile Court given in the above email is genuine and if so which law firm/lawyer has filed it.

On the point of the law firm and lawyer mentioned in this last email, D & M Lawyers Group has come up before in the past, as this firm at the time did appear to be genuine no article was published.

Now it seems things have changed.

This morning Inside Timeshare researched D & M lawyers and came up with the following:

Their website could not be reached and is unavailable, it has either been removed or is just down for updating. Yet according to our search, the website is due to expire on 2 September this year.

They also have a Facebook page although nothing has been posted since 2 January 2015.

All this does seem to be very strange indeed as they do appear on this website

Now for the lawyer.

Jose David Melian, there is one entry for him on this page

According to the entry he has an email address  [email protected] which actually takes you to this website for Ravelo y Asociados

But what I find strange is that when I put his Colegio de Abogados registration number 3206 in the link below in the search and the Colegio Santa Cruz de Tenerife nothing comes up on the search. Yet the ICTAF entry shows him, the link below is the official register of lawyers for the whole of Spain. You can use the number and the colegio to search for yourself.

Melian also has a Linkedin entry

He does appear in the photo of “our legal team” on the Expert Legales website.

The other facts which do not seem to add up with all three of these readers is that none of them attended the trials, it is the right of the defendants to demand they attend. Usually, the judges agree to this unless they are unable to travel due to medical or severe financial difficulties. Even then, official doctors letters and financial reports are usually required to be submitted to the judge.

It is also a fact that none of these readers have had any official documentation or case numbers, they have not received any court sentences showing the rulings by the judge hearing the case.

We also know that most timeshare companies such as Diamond and Silverpoint always tend lodge appeals to the High Court, yet in these cases, they have not.

All this does arouse our suspicions, could it be that both D & M and Melian are either working with SPS, if they are working with them are they aware of the demands for more funds?

Or are their names just being used without their knowledge? (This is not unusual).

As Inside Timeshare receives any further information it will be published.

If you have had any dealings with SPS Claims and have also been receiving similar demands for more payments to further your case, please use our contact page and let us know.

Once again this is a stark reminder that you should


Timeshare Claims: Update New & Old

Over the past few days Inside Timeshare has been receiving many emails from concerned timeshare owners being contacted by claims companies and law firms. Some are ones we have highlighted in the past some are very new indeed. The one thing they all seem to have in common is their approach, everyone has a claim and that they can cancel the contracts. It has also come to our attention that the names of other companies are being used by cold callers which is adding to the confusion.

We now move to our old friends CUC Abogados which are just another incarnation of The Litigious Abogados Family. It would appear they are now doing all they can to get those “clients” who have actually fallen for their “scam” to pay even more money. Could this be that they are now coming to the end of their “shelf life” as all those before?

We do know that there are already two more that have begun operating with the same Modus Operandi, Torcaz Abogados and Paloma Abogados.

Unfortunately, one reader was taken in as he had been dealing with them since January and actually stated he had “no complaints with them” up to this point. But now he is having second thoughts especially after reading all the articles published on Inside Timeshare.

It now looks like CUC Abogados has changed how they operate, as we know, in the past the “money awarded” by the court was sent by cheque. This duly arrived by post, but the envelope was open and the cheque missing. This left it open for yet another company to claim they had been appointed by the court to recover the “stolen” money. The cheque was apparently stolen and cashed by a gang of East Europeans and 16 postal workers were under investigation for stealing the cheque and passing it over. Obviously, this “new” company needed payment to recover the money.

The latest ploy is that the money has been lodged with a Notary called Flanagans Notary Services, based in Canary Wharf. On checking for notaries in that area, no notary of that name has been found.

According to CUC Abogados, the awarded money is for a Westgate timeshare, as Westgate was taken to court in Tenerife and found guilty. Not bad considering that Westgate is a US timeshare company and does not sell or operate in Spain. So we have to ask how the Spanish courts could have any jurisdiction for a timeshare purchased in the United States!

If that does not convince you that this is a fraud we don’t know what will.

Our last item is a warning that you must be extremely careful on who it is that is cold calling.

We have been informed that calls are being received from Tenerife on various numbers with the caller stating that they are calling from Timeshare Support Services, one number we have been given is 0203 670 2306.

The caller insisted that the consumer had a legitimate claim and would receive “compensation”, regardless of the fact the consumer has not owned the timeshare for years.

Forum Discussion

The problem here is the name Timeshare Support Services, is also the name that is used by TESS. The consumer even asked repeatedly for his name and number to be removed, which obviously has not been done. We also know that TESS does not operate from Tenerife and if a client asks to be removed and not to be called again, we know that TESS would do so. Does this look like yet another case of using another company’s name in order to confuse?

To end today’s article we have also been receiving more emails regarding SPS Claims, a company we highlighted last year. It now seems they are getting desperate for cash and have come up with an amazing story. Tomorrow Inside Timeshare will give you the latest on this company and what they are saying.

Once again, Inside Timeshare gives you the same old warning: