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March 2016

What is a Flybuy?

Have you had a call offering a cheap holiday at a quality resort?

Did it sound tempting?

Did you think it was too good to be true?

Was it one you found on the internet?

The chances are it was a promotional holiday run by lead generating companies. These are what are known as “Flybuys”. The whole point is to provide another company such as a holiday club or timeshare with potential customers.


In order to qualify for this amazing offer you have to meet certain criteria, be between certain ages, have full time employment, have a certain income and also be either married at least 3 years or been a couple for this time.


The terms and conditions which if you actually read them are rather interesting. I have read three from different sites and they are worded almost the same, as if it is the same person writing them. As many of these companies are linked this may be true. Failure to comply with any of these terms and condition could result in the loss of the accommodation or incur severe charges.


Another condition is that you must attend a some kind of meeting. Obviously a “Sales Presentation”. Kate Palmer of the Telegraph did a piece about this in March 2015. (see link below).


These holiday offers are nothing new, Timelinx used this offer with calls to owners of timeshare, offering Bonus Weeks. Once the offer had been taken the unsuspecting owners were then pitched for the DWVC Club, with them taking the timeshare off their hands and issued with the Cashback Certificate. We all know what happened next. The cashback certificate was worthless, you then found out a few years later on receiving a maintenance bill that the timeshare was never transferred. those  great deals you were shown were never there as the small print said “Subject to availability”.


The other company using this idea was Club Class, they used the same tactics of Cashback  great discounts and being rid of your Timeshare.

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“TIMESHARE” A Dirty Word For Many.

Why does the word Timeshare have such a negative meaning among many people? After all the concept is actually a very sound one, especially in the early days. It gave people a guarantee of high standard resorts, the feeling that you were part of an exclusive club and for many it felt that it was the holiday home they always dreamed about.


So what changed?


During the 1980´s and 90´s which was a boom time for the industry, it was not very well regulated. It was full of what can be described as dubious practices and people. Many of the companies involved especially in Tenerife and Southern Spain had what you might say criminal connections.


The industry was policed in the same way as the mafia families in the USA, controlled their various activities. Using some very nasty tactics against rivals. This is not speculation or made up, many times over the years have there been articles in the press and on the news of murders and beatings of rivals.


The industry controlled the sales people and the OPC´s (Scratch card touts) with the use of security commonly known as “Clumpers”. These “Security” staff would ensure no one would work on their patch, using various means like clumping, hence the name. Anyone breaking the rules would be on the receiving end of a baseball bat at the very least.

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I have spoken to a gentleman today who has received a strange call. He was informed that the Courts in Malaga had dealt with a case involving a resale company he dealt with around 15 years ago, which he lost a considerable amount of money and his timeshare.

In this call the person gave the name James Hodkins along with the telephone number  0034603152281 which is a Spanish Mobile. He told the gentleman that the court had a considerable payout waiting for him and that a tax had to be paid before the money could be released.

Shortly after he received yet another call from Anthony West, who claimed he was from Customs & Excise in London. The number given was 0845 9615544 the code is UK but the 961 belongs to the Valencia area. In this call it appeared to back up the previous call that money was in fact being held.

Thankfully the gentleman in question thought that something was amiss and contacted me for clarification. He has reported this to Action Fraud and has the crime number if they call again. He is also passing on the telephone number to the police to trace. In Spain to buy a mobile a passport or ID card has to be shown as all phones are registered. Hopefully they will be traced and put out of action.

Remember if you have been taken in the past, the chances are this could well happen to you. The courts do not operate in this way.

If you have any information similar please let us know so we can publish it to warn other. If you need any advice contact us through our comments section.