TESS Allegations: Here are the Facts

As we mentioned yesterday, TESS and David Cox are at it again, bringing false allegations against Inside Timeshare and Canarian Legal Alliance. Using allegations made by a very dubious and discredited source called Alberto Garcia. He even uses links to the Daily Mail to corroborate his allegations, the information given to the Daily Mail was supplied by Garcia himself.

Alberto Garcia was at one time employed as head of the enforcement program for the RDO (Resorts Development Organisation), he ran a blog site purporting to be a consumer association called Mindtimeshare. This was funded by the RDO and Alberto Garcia had the task of destroying any company that was not a member of the RDO, or who threatened the industry financially.

It is well documented that Garcia himself had a personal vendetta against Eugen Kaiser and any company he had dealings with. This did culminate in a raid by the Policia Nacional on Club Puerto Atlantico and other offices in 2013. This raid was in organised and instigated by Garcia, using his old contacts at the Policia Nacional, where he was once an inspector.

Eighteen lawyers were accused of being part of a criminal gang, within days of the arrests it was up before a judge at the court in Las Palmas. This judge ruled that the warrants for the raid, which incidentally did not appear until hours after the raid took place, were illegal and so the raid, arrests and seizure of property was also illegal.

It is also fact that this judge had also sat on cases brought by the lawyers of CLA against the timeshare industry. He ordered a full investigation into the facts of the raid and Garcia disappeared. Eventually, several senior police officers faced charges for collaborating with Garcia on an illegal operation.

No charges were ever brought against Eugen Kaiser, Paula Beatson the lawyers or any of the staff that were detained. In fact they all made official denuncias against Garcia, Mindtimeshare and the authorities. Alberto Garcia was forced to step down as director of Mindtimeshare and the enforcement program in early 2017, the RDO did not renew funding for Mindtimeshare in April 2017.

As for David Cox’s allegations that all the cases are false, below are links to the Jurisprudencia website, where you will see the official sentences for 5 of the 99 Supreme Court rulings brought by lawyers of Canarian Legal Alliance on behalf of their clients: (Note: to use these links you will need to register free on the website, right click open in new window, go to Usario in top right and register, this can be done either through Google + Facebook or linkedin, you can also register with a user name and add password).

Silverpoint Supreme Court link




Puerto Calma Supreme Court link




Below are three PDF’s of sentence reports sent to the lawyers and clients from the Supreme Court.

98.2 data protected Silverpoint (sea)

99.2 data protected Silverpoint (pau)

100.2 data protected Puerto Calma (rus)

You will see the names of three lawyers on these documents:




All three can be found on the CLA website under lawyers.


By using the link below you can check on the official register of lawyers by using their ICALPA number and selecting Las Palmas as the Collegio, the press BUSCAR. This will bring up the lawyers name, by clicking on the name, you will then find address, telephone number, date of admittance to the college or Alata Colegiación and the date of renewal.


This should leave you in no doubt that David Cox’s allegations are false.

As for myself and my website Inside Timeshare, I did state yesterday that I do have a very good working relationship with Canarian Legal Alliance, in fact one of the lawyers is dealing with a legal dispute with a bank for my partner.

I do undertake work for them on behalf of their clients, this usually involves finding the information on companies they have paid to carry out services such as relinquishments, resales, fraudulent claims companies and bogus holiday clubs. This then helps them to instigate section 75 claims for their clients, on many occasions this has been done by Inside Timeshare free of any charge, not even a success fee! Can TESS say the same?

As for David Cox, well below is a PDF of all the companies he has been involved with, this has been taken from Company House Records:

David Andrew COX – Personal Appointments

It should also be remembered that when he was running the TCA, that website even recommended CLA as one of the best law firms to engage. This all went by the board the moment he asked CLA to pay him for the recommendation. It was obvious that he needed money, as the TCA website at the time was even asking people to make donations!

It is also understood he even went to Gran Canaria to meet with CLA and was put up in the Club Puerto Atlantico Hotel, as guest with no charge to himself. This meeting was to try and do a deal for TESS to pass on clients to CLA regarding claims for Spanish Timeshares. From reports by those that saw him, he seemed to spend most of the time inebriated!


Although I do personally undertake work for CLA, Inside Timeshare is an independent voice for timeshare owners, CLA has no influence on the articles published, they are either from my research or are personal opinions. All the articles published from Canada, The Philippines, Australia and most importantly from America are submitted by readers in those countries, bringing the timeshare community worldwide together.

So Mr Cox, your time is coming, my lawyer is preparing a case against you and no doubt so is CLA.

Our regular readers are those we have helped, again free of any charge, they know the truth. Inside Timeshare is still being asked for help from desperate owners not knowing who to trust, With your allegations you have shown that you and your company TESS are in the category of not to be trusted.

Hope to see you in court soon.



  • Elaine Kesterson

    April 4, 2018

    Everything you have printed regarding the ever morphing Rowe Group of companies , TESS, RDO, Timeshare Talk, Timeshare consumer Association, Mind Timeshare etc is absolutely true. I have been closely the following the antics of these companies since November 2015 after a close encounter of the horrible kind with Mark Rowe’s Sell my Timeshare.TV, alias Monster rewards .The words I would like to use to describe their “BAD” behaviour, total lack of morals or conscience are not printable here. They are like sinister versions of kids in the playground. You know how it goes!” Bickering, telling lies about what someone has done, falling in and out of friends, changing sides or gangs, protection rackets, bullying etc etc Kids tend to forgive and forget but these adult versions are toxic and ruthless. This is the first web site I have found associated with time share that I feel comfortable with. Of course this probably means the ones mentioned above will gang together to try to bring you down. WATCH YOUR BACK!
    While I am on, have you noticed the new flurry of activity on the Timeshare Talk website. It has been dead for months since Mark Rowe bought it. Now someone called Timeshare Talk and a few others are regularly posting articles. This too coincides with all the stuff about Mark Rowe disappearing from the TESS website and all the stuff about TESS disappearing from the TCA website. Am intrigued. Anyone any theories?

    • Timeshare Insider

      April 5, 2018

      Thank you Elaine, You have been a regular reader now for 2 years, you have helped with your own insights and experiences. Your comments echo those who do not wish to publish, Inside Timeshare is very well supported readers from around the world, after all we have published some of their stories. Once again thanks for your continued support.

  • GWS

    April 4, 2018

    With you all the way guys. I too am getting similiar treat from this parasitical Troll. He once tried to get us to join forces with him because he hadn’t got a clue what he was doing. David Cox is deluded, he will overstep the mark one day very soon and he will tumble like a pack of cards. The time is fast approaching, watch this space!

    Keep up the good work guys, Cox is an insignificant little fat Troll with an over active keyboard and the literacy of a 5 year old with a learning difficulty.


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