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Has Another Genuine Law Firm Had Their Identity Stolen?

We have received enquiries regarding another Law Firm that claims the client has a substantial amount of money due to be paid to them, unfortunately from our research the CIF numbers, do not match the law firms name or the companies name, neither does the address match that of a genuine law firm.

The name of the “law firm” is Cárdenas Abogados, the CIF Number given is B93597839 which is one we have come across before, it actually belongs to Victoria Services Legal SL, with the address:

C/ Centro Comercial Los Jarales Local 1, Suite  29651 (Mijas) Málaga

These are the details given on the letterhead sent to one of our readers:

Cárdenas Abogados
Calle Nuestra Señora de Gracia, 7 1C,
29602, Marbella, Malaga

Tel – 952774858

Company Reg (CIF) – B93597839

We have also found two websites

With registration details hidden when checking whois,

The other website is but unfortunately it will not link to this page.

No registration details can be found for this website either.

Both websites show no company details or registration numbers, no lawyers details or bar association numbers. Although on Google Street View there is an office which can be seen with the name of the firm and the website being visible on the window. The office is located on the first floor on the corner of Calle Alonso de Bazán and Calle Virgen del Pilar Marbella.

This may very well be a genuine law firm but the lack of details on the website does make it look suspicious.,+7,+1C,+29602+Marbella,+M%C3%A1laga/@36.5095837,-4.8905459,3a,75y,265.25h,85.36t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sgKsE4E6-BewzWAWTowkihA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0xd7327ff7fd848d5:0x415071f69d2a8859!8m2!3d36.5094418!4d-4.8907654

There is another company name and address at the foot of the letter:

Tenco Marketing SL, CIF B93374304, C/ Centro Comercial Los Jarales Local 1, Suite  122 Mijas Costa Málaga Spain.

Again both CIF Number and address do not match the company registered with that number:

Autobahn 2015 SL, C/ Veronica 9 Mijas Costa Malaga. According to company records this company is in the business of Construction and Development and has been registered for around 5 years.

We have located a law firm called Bufete Internacional Cardeñas Abogados SLP, based in Sevilla, with the CIF Number B90397662. No website for this company has yet been found.

The letter names a “lawyer” Marijo Dujmovic (not very Spanish is it?) and is also signed by him, according to this letter our reader is set to receive over £26,000 on or before 20 March. The lawyer is to charge the client over £6,000 with an advance fee of over £2,000, with the balance due 5 working days after the services have ceased.

This letter was sent via email from the following email address:

[email protected]

As you can see it is a standard free gmail service which anyone can sign up for and not linked to any website.

The following section also does not seem to make sense considering that there is a fee already quoted:

6. Lawyer will charge for all activities undertaken in providing legal services to Client under thisAgreement, including but not limited to, the following: conferences, court sessions, and depositions. Preparation and participation; correspondence and legal documents review and preparation; legal Research; and telephone conversations. When two or more of Lawyers personnel are engaged in Working on the matter at the same time, such as in conferences between them, the time of each will Be charged at his or her hourly rate.

Now the letter itself is not on any official looking headed paper, it is a word document with a picture of a gavel and scales, the picture is linked to Bing, so the image is just a standard one downloaded from the internet, so the whole thing has just been cobbled together.

Just on these finding alone we can safely assume that this is another scam, there is no money, they are not a law firm, the addresses are very familiar and the Modus Operandi is also very, very familiar, see links below for the original articles.

Once again this shows that you must be absolutely vigilant when it comes to any “firm” contacting you with news that you have been awarded substantial amount of money in “compensation”.

If you have been contacted by any of the companies named here, or are suspicious of any others that have contacted you with a similar story, then use our contact page and let us know. Inside Timeshare will help you find out if they are indeed genuine, but the chances are they are going to be an absolute scam!

Victoria Services Legal SL

Back in April Inside Timeshare reported on a new cold calling company called Ross & Harper SL, CIF B9391915 with the address C/ Centro Comercial Los Jarales – Local 1, Suite  29651 – (Mijas) – Málaga. They were calling timeshare owners and claiming the court had awarded them substantial sums of money.

At that time we also identified another company at that address, with the question could this be the next cold calling claims company?

Victoria Services Legal SL

CIF  B93597839

Email: [email protected]

This is a free email address service.

Telephone: UK  +44 203 582 7586; and Malaga +34 951 221 253

C.C. Los Jarales

Well it certainly turns out we were right, Inside Timeshare received an email from one very grateful person who decided to do a little research on this company after he received a call from a Mr Nigel Watkins, who claimed he was an employee of the Bank of Spain. Mr Watkins has a great deal of knowledge about all the dealings our reader has had in the past 6 to 10 years with various holiday club memberships. Again as we have asked before, where did they get this kind of information?

The story goes like this, the Bank of Spain had done a sweep to prosecute all the scam companies and holiday clubs, during this investigation the Bank of Spain had uncovered not only records of money due but also substantial amounts deposited in accounts owed to those cheated. Wonderful news, especially for our reader, there was over £25,000 just sitting at the Bank of Spain waiting to be claimed by him!

He was then passed to Ann Sharke (rather an appropriate name don’t you think), who explained the various methods he could claim this lovely loot, which he would receive precisely on 24 July! (Wow). These followed exactly those published in the original article, (see link at the bottom).

The first three methods were difficult, time consuming and expensive, but not to worry, luckily Ms. Sharke could find a Spanish lawyer who worked for the Bank of Spain, who could do all the work for around 8,000€ with an immediate payment of around 2,500€.

How very convenient, Ms. Sharke just happened to find Sr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez of Victoria Services Legal SL, (hang on, I thought she said he worked for the Bank of Spain). According to the agreement, apparently sent by the Bank of Spaincomunicacionbancodeesp[email protected] (not an official email address for Bank of Spain, it should be contained all that had been explained to our reader. Although the last two paragraphs left a lot to be desired, these paragraphs did actually allow for Sr. Rodriguez to cancel the contract with impunity after payment.

The bank details which the client would need to transfer the money are:

Santander Bank.  IBAN ES86-0049-5792-1725-1606-3191.  Swift/Bic BSCHESMM. Central Commercial, Valdepinos, 29649 Calahonde, Mijas, Malaga

Well thanks to this reader deciding to do some research and having found the original article which described everything he had been told, they didn’t get his money. This really does go to highlight the point that we are always making:


Never believe what you are told on the phone, never pay any money on the promise of the Courts, Bank of Spain, Tax Authorities or any other body is holding a huge amounts of money just waiting for you to claim it. There is always a catch, you either need to pay a lawyer to do the work for you, there is Tax to pay, a Procurator to pay or even bank fees to make the transfer.



So the moral of this little tale is do your due diligence, do your homework and do your research. If you are in any doubt and need help in getting the information then use our contact page and ask Inside Timeshare, that is what we are here for.

The Resurrected!

One thing that never surprises me is the number of companies that disappear for a while and then suddenly reappear. One company that seems to have been resurrected are our old friends from Fuengirola, Ramirez & Ramirez Abogados SL.


Around six years ago this company was targeting clients who had dealings with Incentive Leisure Group, purchasing the Designer Way Vacation Club membership. Their pitch at the time was reclaiming the purchase price and promoting a class action against ILG and the cashback scheme. They passed themselves off as a law firm, with a website called


This company was headed up by one Fabian Marcelo Ramirez, who was also the administrator of several sister companies in the same area peddling the same product. These were Fuengirola Servicios 2002 SL, Key Properties Town Advisory and Greenges SL. Many people had dealings with these smooth talking outfits, all losing very substantial amounts of money.


Ramirez & Ramirez began to have a field day when the ILG & DWVC operations were closed down by the Office of Fair Trading (UK) in September 2012. Clients were bombarded with calls claiming that a class action was being pursued by Ramirez & Ramirez, or that there were substantial amounts of money being held by the Courts in Malaga which were waiting to be paid out to them.


One Genuine Law Firm in Malaga had many dealing with Ramirez & Ramirez, LawBird whose website highlighted them for several years, even to the extent that Antonio Flores was taken to court for liable. Ramirez lost the case with the judge actually saying in open court that it was not wrong to call Ramirez a “crook and swindler”


Then all of a sudden around June 2013, they disappeared, phone lines no longer working and the website closed down. After a few months, around October 2013, clients began receiving calls and emails from another company offering to help. These emails were signed by one Marcelo Ramirez.


Was it the same person, or one of the ex employees with the client list. Personally I think it was Marcelo himself. This didn’t last long as once again it all stopped. But the story is not over.


Just recently in the past month Ramirez & Ramirez seems to have come back from the dead. The address given is the same as before, Calle Cordoba no 35 Edif Villa Blanca 1C, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga. This time all cases they had running have been won and the money is waiting for you. Only a matter of fees to be paid and you can have it back. Oh well, I suppose old Ramirez must be a little short of cash after his holiday!


Remember the courts do not operate in this way, and if there are any fees to be paid, why not take them from the awarded amounts and send the remainder to the client. That seems to make more sense. So don’t fall for this smooth talking pitch, Ramirez did not have any cases going to court, they are not abogados / lawyers, they just have a very long track record of duping people out of their money.


If you have had any contact with this company recently Inside Timeshare would like to hear from you. Give us your story and we can warn others of any change in this companies pitch.