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We begin today with another new “Law Firm” that has made an appearance, Gospodin Associates, with the website:

The contact details on the website are:

Avenida Playa Paraíso, Edf. Gran Azul, local 21, Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

With the following telephone numbers:

Mobil: 0034-678860242 ;

Telefon: 0034-922393845 ;

Fax: 0034-922393845

They show two email addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

There are no details on who has registered the website or when it was registered, all is hidden and not disclosed. This does not bode well considering that it is supposed to be a law firm.

The website itself gives no real information, in fact the menu bar does not even take you to any of the titled pages. Although scant information is shown on the Homepage, such as a very brief outline of who they are, what they do and then a meet the team.

The meet the team show three photographs of the following persons:

Constantin Razvan Gospodin, who is allegedly a Lawyer of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Bar and the head of the Legal Department of Gospodin and Associates. So far on the register of lawyers we have not located a lawyer registered by this name.

Kleiner Lopez Hernandez: Senior associate with vast experience. He is known as tireless and dedicated professional. Although there is a lawyer going by this name, his linkedin profile shows he has his own law firm

Elena Gonzalez Gonzalez: Listed as Procuradora de los Tribunales. According to there is a procuradora by that name.

As with many of the “fake law firms and claims” websites we have encountered over the past few years, we have found many of them to just pluck names from the internet and use their photographs without their knowledge. We just wonder if the same is true for these, Inside Timeshare will be trying to make contact with these lawyers and check with them. But the website and lack of information does look to be suspicious.

The website itself looks to be a landing page and lead generator, although Inside Timeshare does know that timeshare owners have been contacted by cold call.

As we get more information on this new “Law Firm”, we will publish and keep you informed, if you have been contacted by Gospodin Associates, use our contact page and let us know.

On Wednesday 2 January 2019, we published the article

Since then Mr Reece Turner, who does not seem very happy about the article has been using social media and messenger to make threats against Inside Timeshare and Canarian Legal Alliance, albeit very badly written and atrocious spelling.

This only leads us to believe that what was published is absolute fact, although we do have it on very good authority that it is the absolute truth, we also know that a report has been submitted to the Police and a crime number has been issued. After all, if Mr Turner is adamant that it is all “false”, then why not use legal means to have the article removed and an apology issued, rather than resort to childish and to be honest “criminal” threats, these have been saved as screenshots for evidence.

Turner has also used links to some very old and inaccurate articles which have been used to smear Canarian Legal Alliance in the past, all of which have been or are subject to legal proceedings.

Canarian Legal Alliance is already in the process of issuing court proceedings against Reece Turner.

Canarian Legal Alliance has informed Inside Timeshare that if any client has had any dealings with either of these companies and Mr Turner, that if they feel they have been victims and paid any money, to contact Inside Timeshare. We will pass this on to CLA who have offered to represent you FREE OF CHARGE.

Reece Turner

Tomorrow our Tuesday Slot is by Irene Parker, it is titled The Informed Timeshare Buyer – What to Watch Out For. We think that you will find this very informative, so join us tomorrow.