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Start the Week: Is This A Joke?

At the end of last week it came to our attention from several readers, even though we did see it ourselves, the TCA published a piece about Mark Cushway (CEO Resort Properties / Silverpoint and now Signallia Marketing Distribution), is about to embark on a new course of action.

He is going to send his own clients to a claims company to sue himself!!

settlement out of court

Apparently the company he has made a deal with is Claims Solutions Group Ltd, previously Timeshare Solutions Group Ltd, of Aberfeldy in Scotland. This lot came to our attention last September, many Diamond owners were being contacted by them regarding their timeshare ownership with Diamond. At the time it was widely believed that the company was set up by ex Diamond sales staff, using their old client lists.

This particular company was registered on 13 June 2016, the name change took place 2 February 2017.

So what is this all about, the CEO who was behind the contracts now being found illegal by the courts, is now going to help all those owners that were duped into buying the non existent “investments” to get their money back. I know that we have seen some very weird goings on in the timeshare world but this one really takes the biscuit.

Firstly, this really does look like a desperate ploy to attempt to stop the ever increasing litigation Cushways companies are going through. But how are these claims going to be made?

One cannot see any of these cases going to court, after all why would Cushway take himself to court?

We can only surmise that once the claim is lodged with Claims Solutions, the client will be unable to process a claim with any other company or to file a claim with the courts. So that leaves only two choices, either Cushway will offer a pittance of a settlement or the claim will be on a Section 75 basis, which is unlikely to cost Cushaway anything. He may even offer to end the contracts, mind you that will probably mean a swap to Keys Concierge the “new” product.

So Mr Cushway, how are you going to make money out of this, surely there is a profit motive behind it, we can’t see you suddenly being the philanthropist!

All we can say to our readers is this, you were taken in once by this person, don’t let him fool you again. If you think you have a claim against any timeshare bought from the companies headed by Mark Cushway, then seek proper legal advice and take it to court. Don’t line his pockets.

The Supreme Court rulings that have been made against them since January this year, have set the law in stone, if you need any advice or guidance regarding your ownership and would like to know where you stand legally, contact Inside Timeshare. We will tell you if you do have a valid and viable claim or not, this service is given free of charge, at least then you will know where you stand, that way you will not to fall for the slick calls and claims from the “dodgy” companies.


New Company and Website Based in Scotland.

A new website and company has just been brought to our attention, Timeshare Solutions Group Limited. They have a Scottish Company registration number SC537799 and their registered address is 1 Kenmore Street, Aberfeldy, Perthshire. PH15 2BL. The registered owner and Director is Ms Melanie Simmons.


The company was registered on 13 June 2016 so is only a couple of months old. The website

Was registered on 12 February 2016, no details of who the registrar is.


According to the website they deal with timeshare claims and disposal, citing the Supreme Court ruling declaring certain aspects of timeshare to be illegal. In one piece they actually state that you might be eligible for compensation, as your week may cease to exist. This in itself does pose the question is it a scare tactic to elicit clients?


On the homepage, they also state that their team of “industry experts” will consider your case for the possibility of legal cancellation and or compensation. Nowhere on the site do they say who they are working for or what law firms they work with. The whole thing looks like it has been set up to create leads. As yet we do not know if they are cold calling.


Back in July Inside Timeshare published an article on Solutions Group from Tenerife, could this new company be linked? So far no evidence has come to light, so it is just speculation.


The important thing to consider here is very simple, this company has only been registered since June, they mention their “team of industry experts”, are these ex-timeshare sales people? If so, then one has to ask are they just getting on the bandwagon of claims? Are they ex-sales people because many of the sales sections at many timeshare resorts are laying people off? Or even are they just out to make a quick buck?


As usual, Inside Timeshare urges caution, especially when it comes to very new companies or ones that have similar names to ones with rather questionable pasts. Remember to do your homework and carry out due diligence, if you are not sure, don´t do it. If you have been in contact with this company, Inside Timeshare would like to hear from you, in this way we can keep everyone informed of any new developments.