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Hope you all had a good weekend, we also hope that all our friends in Florida are safe with the hurricane Irma wreaking havoc. Irene and Don evacuated from Venice to Orlando to escape the storm, we hope to hear from her today, although she has kept busy with new articles for this week.


Back in July we reported on a series of police raids in the Velez MalagaTorre del Mar area, these centered on several companies: Halfmoon Holdings, Excalibur Sales & Marketing, Blue Chip and Rosedale Marketing, these were highlighted in the British press.

At the time we did warn about new companies that were likely to surface with stories of being appointed to contact people about money being held by the courts to pay them back. Well as usual it is happening.

Reports have surfaced about one such company, Bias Claims Services, apparently based in Mijas, Malaga. The telephone number given does seem to point to this area +34 951 203 873.


According to the caller the case is being heard on 17 November in Madrid, which does seem strange as the raids and arrests were in Malaga. Another wonderful piece of news for the hapless victims is that the Spanish Government is covering all the costs for their legal representation. Bias Claims Services will arrange all this for you, but this will be for a cost.

As Bias Claims Services do know you had dealings with those companies involved in the raids and arrests, it would be safe to say that your details have come from those companies records. More than likely ex-employees and office managers.

It is important that if any company contacts you with a similar story, do not believe it, do your checks first, the authorities would contact you via official channels, not employ a company to do so.

In tomorrow’s article Irene Parker explains how to file a complaint, all the main points you need to get right. It also goes to explain how advocacy works and who you should file the complaint with. In this week’s Friday’s Letter from America, we welcome back Michael Kosor to our pages, in this article: Timeshare and Asset Back Security Products. This is an article that will interest many, including us in Europe as it is not something we are familiar with. So join us on Friday.

If you have been contacted by any company with an offer or claim that looks too good to be true, remember to do your homework. If you are not sure how to check them out or if they are telling the truth, contact Inside Timeshare, we will point you in the right direction. Taking time to check will ultimately save you money.


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