Keys Concierge Another Credits Based Lifestyle Company.

Another company offering Lifestyle Services has just come up on the radar, Keys Concierge, with the website:

The website was registered on 28 April 2015 with the registrant details as Identity Protection Service.

According to Company House records the company only became active on 6 August 2015, with the registered address of 1 Bedford Row, London. WC1R 4BZ. Company No: 09721639. The director is listed as Mr Franz Markus Deutsch, Director ID 917957066.





On their website they also show 2 different addresses, the first is at the bottom of the web page the other is in their contact section, both show the same telephone numbers:

Keys Concierge Limited. 42 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 5AW, U.K

+0203 8083 817

+0800 0869 044

Keys Concierge Limited.

14 Basil Street. London SW3 1AJ

Email: [email protected]

It appears that this is another credits based enterprise, where you receive so many Keys Credits when joining and then receive 0.5 credits on every pound that you then spend on their products and services.

There are several tiers to their membership, starting with Discovery, this is free and you receive 300 Keys Credits to be used on their selected products. Then there is the Explorer, which is a 1 year trial membership where you will receive 995 Keys Credits towards as they put it “your experiences with us”.

Another three tiers of membership are also available: Prime; Prestige and Elite. All offer different levels of services and benefits. The Elite level gives you: invitations to Keys Corporate events, a “little black book” of advisors for wealth management and financial planning. You will also be welcomed with 2,600 Keys Credits when you join.

Towards the bottom of the Membership section they show how you can “save” on holidays by using these Keys Credits. They show three holidays with a normal price, a member’s price and how much you pay by using so many credits towards the cost.

Each holiday also shows how many Keys Credits you will earn when you purchase them, including how much in actual money they claim you will have saved.

This all sounds very good, until you start looking at Company House records and the associated directors of Mr Franz Markus Deutsch. Low and behold, there is Mr Mark Cushway of Resort Properties and Silverpoint fame. His registered address on his director profile is the same as the registered address for Keys Concierge: 1 Bedford Row, London. WC1R 4BZ.



So the question must now be asked, is this the new product that Silverpoint will be peddling?

Only time will tell.

It must also be said that we have seen these type of credits before from different enterprises, they all look good on paper and sound fantastic when being sold, but as we have seen in the past they have amounted to nothing.

Inside Timeshare will be keeping a lookout for comments on the internet and various forums, and as more information comes in it will be published here.

If you have any information about this scheme or any other similar one, or even if you have had any dealings with them Inside Timeshare would like to hear from you. It is through your information that others can find out the truth.



  • John A Stotesbury

    February 10, 2017

    Tricky. A sloppy company, with numerous “typos” in its publicity materials, and — as we just found in Los Cristianos, Tenerife (February 2017) — the visible staff at the office are unaware of current company policy regarding the use of credit cards versus bank giros for payment of fees. Their responses to my critical questioning of details were contradictory and untrustworthy.

  • David Wilcock

    April 13, 2017

    We are currently at Beverly Hills Heights with Silverpoint and have signed up for the 1 year trial membership at £995 for 12 months. We receive 995 credits and access to multi discounts across major high street and grocery retailers. We were sold on the 6% discount all members get at Asda as we spend in access of £18,000 a year with them so the 6% almost covers them membership. I have since spoken to Asda and a few other retailers and they have denied the deal exists and have no knowledge what so ever of Keys Concierge as a business. I am now a little dubious about there offer.

  • Antony Astill

    April 19, 2017

    Was selected by keys concierge bloke where I’m stopping in Tenerife Los Christianos to come along for free breakfast and a £50 voucher along with champagne on a luxury speed boat , went to the breakfast at 9:30 was then taken and was showed around what holiday apartments I could have for that was save me a fortune, was kept until after 12 with a friend being told it was a no brainer for me to sign up to paying £13,250 it all sounds like a money making scheme for those at the top of it all , still I’m investigating further as i want to find out what about this scheme and, people being put on the spot to buy into this

    • Darren

      September 3, 2017

      I’m in the same boat and wondering if you have found anything. Sounded great to me as I’m getting married next year and would cut major honeymoon costs and we have 3 kids so it would make going on holidays a lot easier. So if you find or found any info I’d be delighted to hear from you

  • John A Stotesbury

    April 19, 2017

    Antony Astill: DON’T! That kind of sales technique is over the top and immediately suggests a scam. You will certainly NOT “save a fortune”. It’s clear from the Internet that the company has form. Although we weren’t pressurised to the same extent as you were, the Keys Concierge/Silverpoint sales people have their patter down to a psychological T (for technique). Five solid hours of patter, delivered firstly by our national rep (partly in Finnish, but largely in English), a pleasant guy. But when, after 4 hours, we made it clear that we weren’t succumbing to his talk about investing in a timeshare scheme, he fetched his British superior, a guy with a far pushier style, who attempted to sell us the Keys Concierge discount scheme for the Euro equivalent of £995. It sounded brilliant — discounts everywhere back in Finland when buying domestic commodities, holidays, travel in general — the moon! BUT: (a) he offered no substantial proof of the scheme; and (b) if there were discounts of, say, as little as 5%, that would mean achieving purchases amounting to at least £20 000 per year just to recoup the annual Keys Concierge fee. But the real clincher, we realised in time, was the Silverpoint/KC shambles over how the fee should be paid — (a) they did not know whether one could pay by credit card or via one’s own bank; and (b) they set a payment deadline of some 4 days ahead that was well short of the obligatory mind-change period of 14 days (and Silverpoint, we have since discovered, is highly reluctant to refund payments already received. Fortunately, too, their own paperwork was so sloppy that they mis-wrote the year of the payment-deadline as 2018 rather than 2017. A little bit of googling revealed a mountain of suspicious experiences, so within two days I sent an absolutely explicit email to their three visible email addresses cancelling the contract. All the UK superior could do was telephone me (on a Sunday morning), demanding angrily to know why I had cancelled. We have heard nothing since.

  • Leigh nash

    April 30, 2017

    At Hollywood mirage now they say they will buy my 1. Bed timeshare for£2000 and it will be gone no more fees then I spend £6990 to join club l am now out of silverpoint is this a good deal quoted £10000 in U.K. To get out please help with advice yours all Leigh Nash

  • wendy firmin-price

    May 27, 2017

    has anyone else had experience of this keys-concierge.

  • David Fradgley

    July 21, 2017

    The whole thing is a complete scam. Nothing they tell you in the presentation is actually true. You pay your money and actually get nothing back in return. Fortunately I only paid for the year but it’s still £1000 pound down the drain. They will order you some flowers or a box of wine but that’s about it. Trying to arrange one holiday through them and getting nowhere. I speak to a different person every time. Can’t believe I fell for it.

  • Dennis ford

    October 16, 2017

    I’ve just been offered £5000 to buy my two weeks at the Hollywood mirage if I join the lifestyle keys concierge system problem is it costs £8,950 to join up at the basic level would be nice to get out of the maintenance fees but not at that price

    • John Stotesbury

      October 17, 2017

      Keys Concierge is a typical scam company. My wife and I were almost persuaded by their five hours of “information” when we were in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, last year. But we realised in time just how negative the “benefits” would in fact be. And their paperwork was sloppy, full of errors. Avoid them, is my advice.

      • Darren

        October 17, 2017

        I may be in a little bit of bother I was in tenerife at the end of August and got into a meeting with keys lifestyle reps and went to an really got bought into it all. No money has changed hands as of yet but they had asked me to sign a contract on the grounds that if I wanted to go ahead all the paperwork was done and ready. I looked into them a bit more and didn’t like what I was hearing in feedback so I decided against in and whilst on the phone to them last week they told me that the cooling off period for the contract was out and I couldn’t pull out even tho they specifically explained they were keeping the paperwork on file for when I decide what I’m doing. What is the procedure now as I’ve been left trapped and I’m not willing to invest money under false pretenses

      • Dennis Ford

        October 17, 2017

        Thanks for your comments john, I will avoid them

      • Kevin Lee

        August 17, 2018

        I am in Tenerife right now I have been to this thing they call a no brainer money saver the first lady that we saw was very nice but she then passes us over to her manager who starts of very pleasant but when I say I won’t make a dision and I need do some research on the company the whole mood changes but I didn’t give we then got up got our voucher and walked away

  • Ian

    December 19, 2017

    I have heard it Silverpoints way of freeing up apartments at Beverley Hills as they are selling them off and owners are now surplus to requirements, I fail to see that there are any benefits in joining Keys concierge, it smells very like a scam! When I`m told its a no brainer and does not require any thought, alarm bells ring!

  • Andrew Hill

    January 20, 2018

    Check out companies house filing – the business is listed as a micro entity sized company – turnover less then 630k pa and no assets just liabilities – how many companies are there and how is turnover so low – does not add up – steer clear.

  • Mark

    April 27, 2018

    Just back from Tenerife palm beach club keys concierge where set up next to reception and told us we get 100 Euros each in coupons for excursions and 300 euros in an account to book a Holliday through them rather than use another company to book my Holliday all they asked for was 5 minutes of my time we declined at first but wondered what the catch was so later on in the holiday the keys concierge came to our room and said again 300 euros in an account as long as you book through keys not mentioning you will be asked to buy something at the end so we agreed to go met the lady 10 o’clock and where told free taxi there free taxi back to and from a shopping mall in Los Christianos where there office was there office had a different name out side I believe it’s the name of the hotel chain keys have went in to office sat with lady and was told write your email down and phone number as her I pad wasn’t working at the moment she then passed me over to a sales man who then proceaded to talk shit for most of the time there he then introduced us to his superviser Mark who then proceaded to talk shit and asked us have you been told you will be asked to buy something at the end of this all we ask is a simple yes or no Mark then left and we asked the salesman was that his boss he said he is in charge but we are all self employed ok then so after TWO AND A HALF HOURS I was getting bored wife getting agitated still no price for the product that will save me apparently £ 3000 to 5000 per year so here it is special price to join basic membership £13500 ONE OFF FEE then 189 GBP per year and it’s mine for life lol so minute he said that grabbed my hat glasses and said sorry for wasting your time mate I’m off he then pleaded with me to stay until Mark had spoke to me I said no the wife said yes so I sat back down ANOTHER 30 MINUTES stood up again to leave the wife said no sales man said they don’t like it when people just leave without being signed out sat back down Mark came over sat down asked if we liked the product I said obviously if it saves you money but I ain’t buying into it for£ 13500 THE PRICE THEN DROPPED TO £8500 and we could spread it over time so it pays for it’s self he then went back through the same shit I been listening to for 3 hours I then said sorry for wasting your time again shook there hands a this time the wife came with me and we left the office was full of people that looked as if they where buying into but and the price 13500 down to 8500 five grand commission who the hell was getting that and and we didn’t get our free taxi or 300 euros in credits so stay away

    • Timeshare Insider

      April 30, 2018

      At least it only cost you a taxi, a small price to pay considering what it would have cost. A lucky escape!

  • ann

    May 23, 2018

    mom did a questionnaire on way home from Tenerife to Birmingham stop us at gates they phoned my mom said she won a holiday for 4 for 199 pound in 6 weeks holiday bit unsure weather to go through with it would like to see what other people would say

    • Timeshare Insider

      May 25, 2018

      It’s not a holiday, it will be to a presentation where they will try to sell you a timeshare or some sort of holiday club. If you go on the holiday you will be subject to several hours of high pressure sales tactics and lies from the sales reps. If you don’t attend the presentation you may be billed for the full cost of the hotel / apartment or even thrown out. Nothing is ever for free or this cheap.

    • Harmony

      June 13, 2018

      We took advantage of the cheap holiday. The accommodation was great so we got a bargain but had to sit through the sales pitch. My husband hated it but I was curious so patiently listened. They are very skilful salespeople and I am not surprised they are successful at converting sales. We declined as research on this website put me off. I havent found any positive comments from people who have bought a package. If you are prepared to sit for hours listening to them it’s worth the bargain holiday, it’s in their best interests to look after you and give you decent accommodation.

  • Aleksandr L.

    June 7, 2018

    Hello dear users,
    I had a pleasure to bring my parents to Tenerife for a really good price in Los Cristianos Beverli Hill Heights (. At the airport we received complimentary taxi to the resort, very handy,big thanks!!!
    euros/per week 2 bedrooms apartment).Good and pleasant check in at resort,plenty useful information and offers. At the place we bought half board option for only 16.5 euro a day per person. Room were spacious,but not a great quality. I would rather call it budget type room. Clean,comfortable,practical – but some rusty marks on the door,falling paint from ceiling, and etc. – it was not a big problem,for a price we paid.Holidays start very well,on a third day we were contacted by one of a reps from “Key concierge”. We been brought to their office ( about up to 10 min walk),and spend up there around 5 hours. Conversation was productive only when I was pointing at the exact moment all the time,and if they would say everything straight and clear ,probably would be enough 1 hour. Service looked very magnetizing,good offers, reasonable savings, pleasant service. Even 185£ per year as a membership cost did not look as a big money for it. I thought I would go and try it!!!! Not a big money to loose if something goes not the way they told me. BUT – one very important moment – JOINING FEE ~£9000!!!
    For my family this is big enough money,and trough them somewhere – not a chance. Clarifying things up,I told them that this option not good for me,and I can not make decision during my holidays. They told back to my that this is only available now and in place (There was few different people coming up for a chat ( mostly owners,managers or some type VERY VIP )! No more chance after that. In a bit angry way I still told them NO, I’m not interested in spending ~£9000. Conversation were finished in mannered way,pleasant handshake and lots of sweet compliments and wishes. We left.
    When we came back home,I still was interested in KEY service,and I tried to register myself online,true key concierge website. Send enquiry!!!! Same day or day after, I received a call from same person I had a chat in Tenerife!!!!! Wualllia!!! Offer still valid even after I left Tenerife! Question: why I was pressured in office HERE AND NOW?
    For me it looks strange and not reliable profit of service. To many hidden answers and important moments.
    Finally I decide not to come back to key concierge,until they will make system clearer,brighter,easier and affordable.
    Kind regards,
    Aleksandr L.

  • Alex

    June 9, 2018

    First and foremost WOW
    The mind boggles.
    KEYS concierge 😂 joke.

    I’ve just spent 4 hours listening to Mark waffle on and tell me how he can save me thousands of pounds.


    I feel sorry for the people who bought into this scam.
    £13,995 pounds they wanted off me.

    HO MY GOD.

  • Belinda

    September 12, 2018

    I was approached by a scruffy looking woman at Tenerife airport she was wearing tatty plimsolls and a short skirt not very appealing I must say.
    She gave the impression that she was an official working at the Airport until I asked her what she was doing. She then became very rude to myself and my husband.
    She works for your company giving a false impression of who she is do you not think this is wrong !!!

    Thank you

  • Malcolm SNEESBY

    September 18, 2018

    Oh dear oh dear. Phoned and offered a cheap week at the Hollywood Mirage in Tenerife. No problem there…I am well of the obligatory sales pitch. I am also a timeshare owner at the classy Pearly Grey on the island so had no doubt that they couldn’t match it. The holiday was fine…no problem with the resort. As for the salesman…what a joke. He made it clear that he couldn’t match what I had…and after 2 hours of rambling and repeating himself…went to get his supervisor. What an idiot…his opening gambit was to tell us we were stupid if we weren’t interested before being told what they were selling! Then we were told that we could leave…and be charged the full normal cost of a week at the resort or leave the resort immediately. Prats like that should be kept away from anything to do with the public. We told him we had not refused to listen to the rest if the waffle..sorry…sales pitch and he disappeared. The salesman rambled on for another 15 minutes and then said we could leave…so we did.
    The only thing I learned from the pitch was that I could spend £14000 and that would get me a 5% discount with Asda …and A few other companies that I rarely if ever use. The benefits that I then gain must be spent within 12 months…no carryover. Hmmm…now let me think about that! Yep…SCAM.


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