How did I ever get into Timeshare?

How did I ever get taken in by the timeshare sales rep?


I have got to be stupid to have fallen for it!


Am I that stupid I fell for the smooth patter?


These are just a few of the comments many people have expressed when trying to sort out their timeshare problems. The answer I tend to give is no you´re not stupid or daft, I even know of barristers and senior police officers who have been taken in.


There are several things you have to remember, you were most likely on holiday in a foreign country, it was hot, you were relaxed and probably had a drink. The next stage, the fast talking lad or lovely young lady with the scratch card that stopped you on the street (OPC). The excitement they showed when you win the “Star Prize”, that’s infectious. If you have young children with you the scratch card may have been given to them, not to forget the free water park tickets, so you feel obliged to go so as not to upset the kids!


Next you get into a taxi with this perfect stranger and whisked away to an unknown destination, what was that we tell our kids? Don’t talk with or go with strangers! Then we go ahead and do it. All the time the non stop chatter from the OPC, how you are his first ever winner. Forget the fact everyone’s a star prize winner.


Once at the resort you meet the receptionist, the OPC introduces you as the winners, you then answer loads of questions and confirm you have credit cards. She then introduces you as this lovely family to the rep.


He takes you for a coffee and a coke for the kids, this is the warm up. Loads of hidden questions designed to find out how much you earn and as much about you as possible. The rep will tell you about himself, not always true, about his not existent wife and kids. The story will be different for every UP, (that´s what you are called). This will last about 1 hour at least.


After this the tour of the resort begins. All the amenities are pointed out, the swimming pool with attendant lifeguard, The kids play area and club with the fact it has a dedicated childrens pool, so you adults can relax in a kid free environment. Sounds great!








Then you are shown a couple of apartments. This is accompanied with your dream bedroom, your dream bathroom well let’s face it everything is the “DREAM”. After all that’s what he is trying to sell you. After all this you go to the “deck” where the fast talk takes place. Why it makes sense to purchase this scheme, or holiday ownership. Never is the word Timeshare mentioned. You have now been there for around 3 hours.


At this point you may be asked the questions, so do you like it, could you use it, etc. Then it comes down to the money.


The reps manager (T.O.) steps in, the rep introduces you, telling the T.O. what a lovely family you are, that you love the resort and would really like to stay here. This is where the hard sell comes in. Now we talk price and how you could afford it, i.e. it only equates to so much a week. It is all designed so that you do not admit you can´t afford it. After all who wants to admit that.


You may now be into you´re fifth hour. You finally give in and say yes, hand over your credit card and sign the contract. Out comes the bottle of “Bubbly” a round of applause from the other reps welcoming the new members. This helps to create an atmosphere on the deck encouraging others to buy.


Congratulations, you are the proud owners of a millstone around your neck, rising maintenance fees, possibly a linked loan and not to forget you still have to pay the credit card.







So what has happened?


The Telegraph ran an article by Michael Hewitt in August 2011 titled Sun, Sea and Shrinking Brain. In this he outlined some research which showed that our IQ will drop so many points under different circumstances. Firstly you are now in holiday mode, then the heat, coupled with maybe a bit of a hangover from the night before. Your IQ has probably drop by around 30 points. The time spent with the OPC and receptionist may have dropped it by some more, then by the time you have finished with the rep and T.O. you are in IQ terms a gibbering wreck. Perfect Timeshare Fodder.


Read the article it will open your eyes, it explains why you ended up buying something you didn´t want. So remember don´t blame yourself, these sales tactics are designed to defeat you, no matter who you are or how clever you are!

Inside Timeshare is here to help you with the information you may have been denied, if you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to get in touch via the comments section.

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