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$1billion Law Suit against Diamond Resorts International!

Spain has been at the forefront of enforcing timeshare laws in Europe, so far the Supreme Court has made 42 judgements in favour of the consumer, these are now part of law and all courts must abide by them.

It has cost the industry millions of euros in payouts with many more in the pipeline. All this because for years they have ignored the laws put into place in 1999, which are there to protect the consumer.

But this now pales into insignificance with the latest lawsuit in America.

In a class action filed in Las Vegas, Diamond are being sued for $1billion. Yes, that is correct a whopping $1billion!

Irene Parker has sent in this report on what this lawsuit is all about.  According to this document a trial by jury has been demanded, along with the law firm leading the action who have a very good reputation, it has the hallmarks of a long and fierce battle.

According to our sources this lawsuit is not just for those in the US, but it could possibly be left open for Europeans who purchased in the US to join the action, especially any purchaser who was 60 years or over when signing. We are waiting confirmation of this as there may just be statute of limitations in place.

But this could be good news for many.

Billion Dollar Lawsuit Filed against Diamond Resorts International

Law Firm: Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright

Case No. 2:17-CV-00248

Filed in Las Vegas Federal District Court

By Irene Parker:  February 1, 2017


 The law firm of Stoddard Warnick & Albright filed a billion dollar lawsuit against Diamond Resorts International January 29, 2017. The lawsuit alleges Diamond Resorts (DRI) ensnared thousands of elderly consumers in its deceptive and fraudulent scheme to sell points-based timeshare memberships.

According to the complaint, which was filed on behalf of lead plaintiffs Ilona and Lester Harding, along with thousands of other elderly consumers, buyers typically spent tens of thousands of dollars or more for upfront Membership fees and upsold Membership levels. Memberships were accompanied by hefty annual assessments that continue in perpetuity.

Several plaintiffs were named in the lawsuit. Among those named:

Of particular note to Diamond Resort Owners is the absence of any “collection” except the US collection. Other Diamond Resort collections not named in the lawsuit include Hawaii, Premier Vacation Club, California and Monarch Grand Vacations Collections.

Former CEO David Palmer served as President and/or Director (and sometimes as both) for at least six of the Defendant entities; Jared Finkelstein serves as Secretary and/or Director (and often both) for at least six of the Defendant entities; and Lilian Luu serves as Treasurer and/or Director (and sometimes both) for at least six of the Defendant entities.

The law firm Albright Stoddard Warnick & Albright is one of the oldest law firms in Nevada, in existence for 40 years. According to the firm’s website, they have represented clients in many high profile and complex bench and jury trials in Southern Nevada, in both state and federal court, representing contractors, lenders, and owners on large commercial projects. The firm successfully defended a general contractor in a bench trial, which lasted intermittently for well over a year, arising out of the construction of a major Strip hotel. At the time, it was the longest bench trial in Clark County history. Included among the firm’s numerous institutional clients are American Express, Wells Fargo and Hard Rock Café International.

According to the complaint, the lawsuit alleges the elderly were targeted because of their vulnerability and time available to travel. Elderly is defined as anyone 60 years or older at the time of purchase. The elderly were induced to purchase vacation memberships in a same day sale without being advised as to the lack of a secondary market by intentional design. Memberships were accompanied by, at times, dramatically escalating maintenance fees.

Inside Timeshare has written numerous articles supporting such claims.

cartoon IreneCartoon Charles







 Mr. Ralph Marbles, an elderly buyer diagnosed with a medical condition shortly after purchase, but denied a surrender until the television reporter contacted the company. Mr. Marbles’ maintenance fees increased from $200 a year to $684.

While Diamond Resorts boasts that 70% of sales come from existing owners, there are thousands of complaints filed by existing owners, as detailed in previous Inside Timeshare articles. In addition, existing owners are often encouraged to purchase additional points as a way to reduce maintenance fees through a non-existent buy-back program and are not told points are worth only pennies on the dollar when used to pay maintenance fees. The Saldana and Olds families are cases in point.

I have intervened on behalf of several families whose financial lives and retirement savings were decimated by their Diamond Resorts vacation plan. The Hurleys are a retired Canadian army family currently working with Diamond Resorts Consumer Advocacy in the hope of saving 40 years of retirement savings representing their entire life savings.

As a result of the Arizona Attorney General’s $800000 settlement and “Assurance of Discontinuance”, Diamond is rolling out a new Clarity (™) program that seeks to address deceptive and fraudulent business practices that the Arizona Attorney General alleges violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.

It’s not all doom and gloom though!


I have recruited, well drafted, several of those I have helped to pay it forward by becoming Appointed Special Timeshare Advocates (™) as a bridge between their vacation nightmare and resolution. We are working with the newly formed Diamond employed Consumer Advocates. Already, we have achieved positive outcomes, or at least provided straight answers, for what an owner can and cannot expect.

Not resolved are the plight of high volume owners whose accounts have been suspended or issued a “cease and desist”. For years these owners were encouraged to buy upwards of 100000 to 200000 vacation points in order to be able to rent out enough points to cover maintenance fees. In recent years points have sold from $2 to $4 per point. Changing rules and regulations and acknowledgement forms signed in an upsell have eliminated rights contained in their original contracts. Irina tells of her vacation nightmare:

That about covers the first 20 pages of the 55 page complaint. There’s only so much vacation burden a writer and reader can handle at once.

“Diamond Resorts is still looking into the facts surrounding the lawsuit; therefore, it has no comment at this time,” according to DRI Public Relations spokesperson Maya Pogoda.

Contact Inside Timeshare if you’ve had a positive or negative vacation experience you would like to share.

Would love to hear from you!   telephoneman


So there we have it, a huge battle is about to take place in the world of timeshare. This is one story we will be keeping a very close watch on, although it may be some time before the trial actually takes place. The wheels of justice are slow to turn.


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Canarian Legal Alliance has just informed Inside Timeshare of yet another Supreme Court judgement, this is against Silverpoint / Resort Properties. That makes 5, yes 5 rulings in against this company in under 2 weeks.

The British client has been awarded over £62,000 including legal fees and legal interest. We believe this ruling covers lack of information in the contract, perpetuity and once again the client is recognised as a consumer not an investor.

If you have any questions regarding any article published or about any company you may not be sure about, contact Inside Timeshare and we will be please help.




    April 20, 2017

    Is there someone in Virginia that we could reach out to? DRI bought out Gold Key and I have experienced the exact same thing here in Virginia. Help!

  • Jamie Lackie

    April 26, 2017

    My husband and I purchased a points membership from Diamond one year ago this month in Florida. We reside in Maine. It has become a nightmare. We just want out. I have spoken with Diamond and they mentioned we are bound by contract which we obviously know that but they were very deceptive in the initial presentation when we purchased. We have had three meetings since which they call different things such as “member orientation” or “member updates” but each is really just another forceful sales pitch to get us to buy more points. They have told us that we can’t vacation on the package we purchased because it is too small. We have refused to purchase more every time. This last meeting we had the salesman told us that we needed to get up to an 8500 point minimum in order to use it. I said that in that case we want out and asked about selling or giving it back. He said, “Absolutely not! You’re points package isn’t even worth anything no one will buy it from you!” I have left messages for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and The Maine Attorney General but haven’t heard back yet. Do you know of anyone I should contact for Maine Residents?

  • Janet Ortega

    May 8, 2017

    Please also pass my information on to Irene Parker as well from the previous comment,. Thank you!

    • Timeshare Insider

      May 8, 2017

      I am looking for more informationn on the above litigation by the State of Arizona as we, my husband and I, are timeshare owners of DRI. We originally owned ILX that eventually went bankrupt with DRI taking it over through the courts. They got rid of our 1 week and gave us points and doubled our maintenance fees. We resisted upgrading for a long time but eventually they got to us. They kept telling us that we could sell it if we didn’t like it. They also told us in the ILX annual meetings to just walk away from it and nothing would happen to us, no nasty letters from DRI and no hit to our credit report,. We were informed by an accountant and an attorney in our town of residence that that was no so. We weren’t willing to risk our highly regarded credit rating. We were goaded into buying more points under the ruse of going to update meetings and orientations.

      Can you give us information that might help us in this litigation with the state of Arizona? We purchased in Arizona originally and we are Arizona residents.

      Thank you for your help and most grateful for the information.


      • Bill Kronenberg.

        June 25, 2017

        We haveThe same problem. However we have more points. We would like to get out however. I’m tired of all the lies they do to get you to sign up.

    • Charles Thomas

      May 23, 2017

      EMAIL me
      I will pass on to Irene.

  • Mm

    May 23, 2017

    Am not an Arizona resident but I purchased my timeshare in Arizona. Our rates too have skyrocket. What options do we have to get out of this time share? Does DRI have a program where we can just give them back the points we purchased and cut our loses? Can we put in our will to give this time share to a non profit organization? Can we be part of the class action filing and whom do we contact? My husband is now 79 so traveling for us is limited

  • Catherine

    May 29, 2017

    Diamond Resorts in Arizona stole $149 from my credit card. I agreed to pay $49 for a promo but they went ahead and charged and additional $149. They said they can only refund me $99. Do you know who I should contact? They are being no help.

  • John and Susan Gill

    May 30, 2017

    We live in Virginia and experience DRI’s deceitful tactics. the first meeting we were told we had to convert our weeks to points. Not true as our weeks are deeded weeks and all we were doing was putting them in their point program. The salesman never mentioned that in addition to paying an assessment fee on those points, we would also have to pay a maintenance fee on those weeks, so double fees on our weeks. The second meeting we were told that the 7500 point package would cover all our maintenance fees for the rest of our lives. Not true, 7500 points amounts to about 250.00 we found out later. The third meeting was suppose to be an orientation to get us acquainted to the program. we went there hoping to get answers about the deeded weeks, whether we still owned those weeks and also to protest the second point package that was suppose to cover all our fees but did not. The salesman told us that he had been sent by the corporate office to clear up all the confusion over the selling point packages. When we told him of our two concerns, he looked at our account and said it was so messed up even he would have to take time to figure it out. But the only way he could do that was for us to buy more points. By this time we were desperate to get some answers. We tried calling the 800 number and all we were told was to call our sales department that sold us the points. We tried that but could not get any one to answer the phone, only voice mail. So we bought another package hoping to get some answers. He turned out to be of no help at all. All he said to do was to use our extra points to buy hotel reservations, air line tickets, or car rentals for our friends and family. We are not travel agents. We are senior citizens, my husband is 75 and I am 61, on a fixed income. We need to find out how to join t a law suit against this company. We had owned timeshares for over 20 years with Gold Key Resorts and have never experience these kinds of tactics.

    • Jessica E

      July 6, 2017

      I had heard about all of those things to do with the points as well. I have since retracted/rescinded on my new purchases as you can do that within a certain amount of time up until 30 days….

  • Irene Parker

    June 6, 2017

    John and Susan Gill The more formal complaints that are filed, the more it proves deception. There have been several complaints (about not having to pay maintenance fees) identical to yours worthy of filing complaints with regulatory authorities as this is the only way to (eventually) stop predatory business practices. You can find our complaint form on our member sponsored Facebook. Please consider joining. If you are not on Facebook, please email Inside Timeshare if you have not already filed formal complaints.

    • Michael DiPalma

      July 19, 2017

      We would love your help as well, Irene.

  • Nicholas Margolin

    June 10, 2017

    My parents bought with DRI multiple times over the years upgraded to allegedly to save money on maintenance Fees when actually there MF went up to over $6,700 per year with over $95,000 invested they were lied to many times over the years to sell them they are in their 80s and so disappointed.Can you contact them and help them.

    • Irene Parker

      June 21, 2017

      Nicholas Margolin Please email Inside Timeshare a brief description with your contact information or your parents contact information and they will forward your complaint to me. There are several Advocates helping other members prepare complaints or requests for relinquishment as we are receiving complaints almost on a daily basis. Diamond Resorts has been pretty understanding if the customer is over 75. Irene Parker

    • Rhana Jipson

      September 22, 2017

      I am in the same situation. My fees are $6,000 for 30,000 points. I am retired and have paid close to $85,000. I cannot continue to pay these maintenance fees either. And, yes, my retirement savings have shrunk considerably. I can’t continue to pay these maintenance fees and dues, as they are increasing to a point of being outrageous and unmanageable, and would like to know how to deal with this. My children cannot to pay these high fees either so will want to sell. I am told that we cannot sell points, only time, for pennies, of course.

  • Norberto Soriano

    June 29, 2017

    How can I participate on this lawsuit. I was a victim of Diamond Resort as well and I’m from California.

    I originally have purchased and paid off my timeshare with Monarch Grand Vacations and was just making doable HOA payments until Diamond Resort informed me that they had purchased all the sites and locations of Monarch Grand Vacations. They had invited me and my wife to a presentation while we were in Las Vegas (Cancun Resort) and there Diamond Resort basically told us that we now have to follow their point system. We have to have the minimum points requirement in order to utilize their sites and our existing locations while with Monarch Vacations or we would loose our ownership. That forced us to purchase more points and basically put us into a financial burden of not only making more monthly payments, it also doubled our HOA premiums.

    • Timeshare Insider

      June 29, 2017

      Hi Norberto,

      I have passed your details to Irene my US colleague.

      • Jessica E

        July 6, 2017

        I have rescinded, cancelled samplers, 5,000 point, 2,500 points etc. Diamond R.I. is now being scrutinized..and now recording the clients at the time of final purchase. the problem is the bait and switch. You get told a 12% interest rate on a tiered level, 13.99% and 15.99% which is why you would need a larger down payment but it is not clear which program you are being put in. Then, we are told that we can purchase airline with our points or shopping for things that we would buy anyways???? Then when the time comes in truth in lending, it is usually advised against purchasing airline as it is only 20 cents on the dollar…. not a good return on the 100 %. Then there are always restrictions and words that explain that one is getting a buy back or refund of an exchange rate….. so many words to twist the original intent.. very tricky. Then you get another person telling you to borrow from one credit card to pay another and do it with ridiculous terms like 0% for 15 months? with no points to use for maintenance when you do that trick using the Diamond resorts card??? but they don’t tell you the transfer fee…. nor get the terms right.. it is lies..

      • Kristy

        August 12, 2017

        I would like to participate in this, as my husband and I had a timeshare with GoldKey Resorts that we were signed up for when we didn’t even meet qualification requirements in the first place. We tried to back out of it within the 30 days but GoldKey would not let us. The account has been sitting in collections since 2014 and is hurting my credit and my husbands, as it is considered a mortgage and is preventing us from getting a house. I want this account deleted from all three credit bureaus. Also, GoldKey told me to contact Diamond Resorts International, which I did and they said they had no record of us ever owning a timeshare, but it is still on my credit report under GoldKey as foreclosure process initiated, but there has been no activity on the account or update from them since 2014. GoldKey would also not return our calls. We do not have money for a lawyer, and I am trying to contact all three credit bureaus. I want this off of my credit permanently and deleted for good. I found out from a customer service representative from GoldKey Resorts that they sold all of their properties to Diamond Resorts International sometime in 2014, but Diamond Resorts does not even have anything in the system for my husband or I as ever owning a timeshare. Our dilemma remains with the collection and foreclosure initiated status that GoldKey Resorts placed on our credit reports. This now becomes inaccurate information that I want removed. Experian or Equifax (I am not sure which one right now without looking at my credit report) will not remove the account. If there is no record of my husband or I ever owning a timeshare in either company’s system this is fraud on the credit reporting agency.

  • Patrice Messina

    June 30, 2017

    We bought a “Sampler” package 2 yrs ago in Sedona, Arizona after 2 1/2 hours being verbally held hostage to buy an ownership. We used it once; after another horrific “hour presentation” we did not want to use it again, but finally, rather than loose everything, paid $129.00 to extend it 3 months; made a reservation for this Aug 23-Sept 1 at a N Carolina resort. We made plane reservations and left next day on a 3 week trip. We came home and heard a message on home phone that they had cancelled it because they had no one to give the ‘presentation”!!
    They never called our cell phone, nor e-mailed us! I called them and complained but they said they now had no availability there and would get back to me in a couple of days!
    What can we do about this??

  • Isela Ferrel & Nancy Duran

    July 1, 2017

    Hi Irene me and my partner also have been deceptively joined DRI we want out. There annual fees are too high you can’t use your points an very much unless you have a massive amount of them. What is explained to you wjen they are forcefully pushy for you to agree is so different then what actually is. Shame on them. Please pass on my info i have contacted the Lawyer in Arizona and will anxiously wait to hear from someone soon.
    Thank you

  • FrustratedinFlorida

    July 11, 2017

    DRI bought our timeshare Club Navigo/Island One in Florida. MF have doubled every year and continue to rise. $1500+ a year… Anyone to contact? Thanks

  • kristin

    July 30, 2017

    I live in Oklahoma and purchased points from DRI. I am experiencing the same problems described by everyone else. How do they get away with deceiving people out of thousands of dollars? What can I do to get out?

  • Ba

    August 1, 2017

    We were also scammed by DRI sale agent at las vegas. Told us many lies about monthly payment, points to cover MF, easy exiting/ cancellation options after two year, opened credit lines under our name and only reavealed to us the very last minute after 6 hours, pushed us thru all documents within 20 mins at the end. I alrrady filed complaints with BBB and am not paying the loan with them. i will file a case with consumer finacial protection bureau and fbi Let pile up all the complaints and drag these guys to the spot light.

  • Allen

    August 2, 2017

    Ijust received a letter of intent to file a lien because I failed to maintain fee for now diamond resorts now let me make one thing clear ,….. my timeshare has been paid off ( 8 years )
    We purchased the tiime share in Florida isle of Bail in orange country. In February 21,2008 we received our deed paid in full we went in 2016
    The décor ,the furniture has not been changed and lhave. The photos to prove it
    the maintenance is $1700.00 a year we only missed one. What are you doing with our money.
    My husband is now 80 and I am 72 l want you Diamond Resorts International to buy back this
    Nightmare, hemorrhoid ,no peace timeshare please thank you



  • Irene Parker

    August 7, 2017

    Brenda My husband and I owned timeshares for 25 years. While maintenance fees increased periodically, they never increased every year automatically like they have at Diamond. Owners of legacy deeds experienced the most dramatic increases as with Monarch – 33% of owners in default on their 2016 maintenance fees, announced at a March 2017 annual meeting. The Finn Law Group has filed a lawsuit in Florida district court over Bali maintenance fees alleging Bali Condominiums, and HOA Parkway International Owners Association charged inappropriate and inflated fees including indirect corporate fees.

    Diamond does not buy back deeds but voluntary surrenders are often granted if there is no loan.

  • Jerome Castro

    August 14, 2017

    My wife and were hard sold about getting transferred from Monarch Grand Vacations to Diamond during a vacation in Cabo. We were told that our little points will only “allow to use the elevator” of Diamond Resorts so in short we were convinced to buy more points in order to be a part of DRI. Last year we found out in an owner’s update that there are several resort “collections” and we are not part of the US Collections that’s why we’re having a hard time booking other non MGV resorts. We tried hard to say no this time but they hard sell and we end up purchasing the Diamond Sampler in order to “open” more booking opportunities by being a Silver and we also were convinced to open the Diamond credit card to pay for this Sampler and at the same time “the credit card points will take care of your maintenance fees”. We didn’t quite understand it at that time but now we’re looking at this Sampler as a waste of money for us because not only it costs a lot it only gives us very limited access to resorts. We were lied to over and over again by this company and it seems there’s no way out of this nightmare.

    • Timeshare Insider

      August 15, 2017

      I have passed this on to Inside Timeshare’s US colleague.

    • Norberto Soriano

      August 15, 2017

      Same exact BS happened to me and my wife Cancun Resort in Las Vegas

  • Nancy Watson

    September 10, 2017

    I am living throw this same situation. Three hours of high pressure sales tactics wanting me to buy mire points and getting our of my Gold Key contract in VA Beach. I HAVE NEVER A SEEN a company that just wears you down and tells you are making a mistake if you don’t agree to buying out your original contract I contacted the office before the time allowed and stated I want to cancel new contract. They came up with a revised contract and I agreed to put down more money. And have been waiting two months to receive the revised contract from the Las Vegas office. I believe I have been lied to. Worst situation I have ever been in.

  • Carmen Quezada

    September 12, 2017

    How can I participate on this lawsuit? I was a victim of Diamond Resort as well and I’m from California.

    We originally were purchasing timeshare with Monarch Grand Vacations until Diamond Resort informed us that they had purchased all the sites and locations of Monarch Grand Vacations. They had invited my husband and I to a presentation while we were in Las Vegas (Cancun Resort) and there Diamond Resort basically told us that we now had to follow their point system. Several hours of high pressure sales tactics. That forced us to purchase more points and basically put us into a financial burden of not only making more monthly payments, it also doubled our HOA premiums.

    • Irene Parker

      September 16, 2017

      Carmen, Diamond has accepted many Monarch deeds back for $250. We sent a secret shopper with a Monarch deed into a presentation. They were told what you were told. After they denied the first agent, the agent brought in a second agent he said was from Apollo Global Management offering a special deal for just that day if they bought more points. The Monarch owner allowed Inside Timeshare to publish their report. Diamond reached out to the couple offering them a deed back for $250 even without the couple asking to be released. Part of it was because this couple attended the presentation in Arizona where Diamond is under an “Assurance of Discontinuance” issued by Mark Brnovich Arizona Attorney General accusing DRI of violating the AZ Consumer Fraud Act. The AOD specifically said this practice should not continue. What happened to the person reporting below two years ago is inexcusable, but Inside Timeshare continues to receive similar complaints to this day as evidenced by what you were told. Thank you for coming forward. This is the first complaint: I am at the Cancun resort in Las Vegas and went to a breakfast where they said they would simply update me about the changeover to Diamond. I was told that I should have been invited to a dinner where I would have been given options, decided by a judge in a legal ruling against Monarch due to their bankruptcy. They proceeded to show me a print out that said when my current term expires in August. I would have to pay $573 per quarter to Monarch. They said that due to the bankruptcy, I would have no equity. That was option one. Pay more, have nothing. The other option they said was to transfer into Diamond at a cost of $12,000 plus and pay a yearly maintenance fee of $1,700. Less than the $2,292 I would soon be giving Monarch. They also told me that I would then have equity of $41,000 that I could sell. I was in tears. I do not have any extra money. In fact I have been looking for ways to get out of Monarch for over a year now. They said that was not an option and that as an owner, I was now proportionally responsible for their debt. I felt trapped and signed all the papers to transfer, with no idea how I can pay. After reading the comments above I am even more scared. I am trying to start my own business and am already in severe debt. They claimed when they ran my credit though that it looked better than most and assured me I qualified for financing. I would have to pay off, basically transfer to credit cards, which I can barely make my payments on now before I could look to sell. One of the reps assured me that she would put me in touch with someone who could help me sell my points. She even gave me her cell phone number to call after the sale/transfer is finalized. I am really scared though. Please help! We have to do something. It seems as though they have no qualms about lying to and robbing people for their own benefit.

  • Jennifer

    September 22, 2017

    Please help! We want to start a new class action lawsuit for Diamond Resort Sedona. Besides the high pressure sales experience they straight LIED to us numerous times about their sampler package and are being given the round around every time I call. My husband and I couldn’t believe how much they lied about! Then they went through a copy of the contract while they said our contract was “printing” so assumed they weren’t lying when they brought the real contract to find when we got home and tag through it more they were lying about that too!! After a hour tedious sales presentation where they make you feel like your not good parents for not taking your kids on vacation we were wore down by the time we did the sampler and didn’t think legally they could lie pretending they went over the entire contract to find out we were just scammed into signing… i am sure they do this to all their sampler customers so could be proven easy with some phone calls to sampler purchasers (they also mentioned being bought out by a much larger company not too long ago but are keeping the diamond resort name).

    Please help! I am a critical care nurse and would love to vacation but not with all the lies they feed us.. too good to be true it was!! (I can go into details on all the lies with someone that can help me)

    Thank you!!

  • Heidi Hromada

    September 30, 2017


    I bought 5000 points in Sedona in 2009/2010 and live in Canada. I also ended up buying a sampler package years later after spending 4 hours listening to their spiel in Maui. I have used the sampler points up. Is there anyway a Canadian can get out of an American timeshare without it affecting their credit rating? I have wasted hours in presentations listening to Diamond Resort lies about why I should buy more points. I have heard different things from different presenters and many conflict with one another. I was not aware that this is a lifetime contract when I purchased it. Thanks in advance.

  • linette

    October 10, 2017

    me and my bf bought our time share in Vegas and tried to cancel after 5 days and we are told we cannot i don’t understand this ,pushing people to be vacationed when they don’t want , i need out , i called and this lady told me somebody will call me and nobody has called me yet .why should people have to snatch money from your pocket unwillingly like that ? what is a definition of a thief ??i just need out !! oh the lady told me “i signed you signed ” BS ….Like i dont know i did sign without even not knowing what i was signing do they read the disclosures to you? NO, do they say take it home read and agree after you have understood? NO!

  • Terri Noland

    October 10, 2017

    Please help! My parents, who are 80 and 78 years of age, have been deceptively taken by DRI on more than one occasion but most recently just this month with a meeting lasting over 5 hours in an office with a diamond rep and kept telling them “no” but ended up buying even more points because of the length of time they kept them there and all the lies they told them as to why they needed to buy even more points so they can use the diamond credit card points to pay for their maintenance fees. They were already Gold members because of high pressure sales every single time they use their points to go anywhere they are told they must attend an update meeting and cannot even begin to use those points as they cannot travel on their own. This time they were talked into buying so they could become Platinum members so that they could refinance their already burdensome loan/s for a lower interest rate. There is absolutely no way they can begin to pay this, there is no income for it. They are living with me, their daughter and my husband, and were told to put down the “total household” income, not just their income to help them get their new loan! How in the world are these people getting away with this kind of deception? I am furious with DRI as we, my parents and I, had it in their account file that my parents are not in mental capacity of understanding all this any longer and are to not able to make any financial decisions on their account without notification from me first and we even had me added to their account as manager of it. My parents went back in the very next morning and told them that they wanted to cancel this new contract and were told they could not, that they were bound to the new contract and all the fees. They understood very little if any of it! We live in Missouri and need help!

  • Janice Bacich

    October 16, 2017

    I am not sure where to begin, but would like to participate in this Class Action against DRI. I got sucked into a “Vacation Ownership” meeting and several after that. These 90 minute “Updates” are a ruse to hustle members to purchase more points. At one meeting on Maui, the DRI rep called down the VP who became adversarial and threatened to take away “gifts” that we had already paid for, even though we had already met our obligation to sit at a table with us. He revealed that the reason we have difficulty making reservations is because we don’t have enough points, but he could personally guarantee that if we work with him, we will always be able to get a reservation. I have 30,000 points that I purchased at around $4 per point, and I still have difficulty making reservations, however, if I go to Expedia, I can reserve a room at a DRI resort!! When I asked about this, the topic was skirted, and I never received a satisfactory answer, I was told if I use their credit card, I would receive points that could be used to offset my “maintenance” fees. Are you kidding me? Do you know how many points it takes to offset the $5300 in maintenance fees I have to pay by December 31st every year? I managed to decrease my annual maintenance fee by $250. It is still a mystery to me even how you try to accrue double points because it isn’t made apparent anywhere, but I believe, if you use their card at their resorts, you get double points. It was explained that I would be an investor, but I have yet to see how this “investment” gives a return. I have asked for an exit strategy and was told I could exit any time. When asked how, I was told I could will it to my children. I do not wish to saddle my children with an outrageous maintenance fee that equals my property taxes. I have recently retired and do not wish to continue with this expense. I have been deceived over and over again. When we have been able to make a reservation, we have been booked into rooms with antiquated facilities, one room had a plumbing leak over one of the bedrooms, another in Palm Springs had pieces of carpet cut out of the floor and bedding & furniture that looked like it was from the 70’s. The room was so dark, it looked like a dungeon.
    Please help me. There has to be a way out once this type of “Vacation Ownership” has lost its allure. My husband and I are aging and travel like this is becoming more difficult. Can you help me?


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